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Superlist Review (2024)

Best Features, Pricing, Alternatives & Verdict

Superlist wants to be your to-do list app and your team's to-do app. In this in-depth review, we will help you choose whether it is right for you. But is it worth the hype?

What is Superlist?

Superlist is a to-do list app for teams and individuals to manage tasks & notes.

What does Superlist do?

Inside Superlist, you can create tasks, notes, add media and manage lists in real-time.

Developed by many of the team who created the very successful Wunderlist, Superlist wants to be a base for your tasks for both yourself and your team. Tasks can be organized into team tasks and personal tasks with a simple switch.

Today View in Superlist, Superlist Review

Superlist offers integrations too allowing you to connect popular apps like Microsoft To-Do, Google Calendar, Gmail, Slack, Linear and even email forwarding - meaning you can use Superlist with all of these apps and bring in the most important tasks, so they aren't missed. An impressive set of features for launch, but how does it stack up in our review?

This software is designed for both teams and individuals, but you can use for both too.

Superlist Best Features

What's the best elements of Superlist during our reviews:

1. Fast & Speedy Performance

The performance, design and speed of Superlist is very good.

Planning Tasks in Today View, Superlist App

Everything from the interactions to the wallpapers were perfect, you can very much tell ex-Wunderlist team made this application. Everything loaded fast and this wasn't something we even expected in the beta review of this app.

Adding tasks to the today area, moving between lists, sharing things took a no time and there wasn't a mad amount of education needed to learn the application which a lot of people will like if they are overwhelmed by apps like Notion.

2. Range of Devices

You can download Superlist on a good range of devices.

To be honest, we weren't expecting Superlist to have the availability offering from day one. From day one, or at least the beta, you can download the iOS, Android, Web & macOS version which for many people is a good starting point.

Superlist, Devices to Download On

There is probably plans for Windows on the list, but for a launch plan this is good.

3. Good Integrations

More to-do list apps are adding the ability to bring in tasks from other providers.

Like Akiflow and Sunsama, you can inside of Superlist bring in tasks from Microsoft To-Do, items from Linear (Pro), Slack and even sync tasks to Google Calendar events.

Superlist, Connect to Notion, Gmail. Google Calendar, Slack, Linear

This extensive list isn't bad for the beat and there is plans to add Notion by the looks of the screenshots we've seen on social media. Superlist allows you to email forward tasks directly into your inbox and capture them using Gmail too, making it perfect for those who are on the move and want to capture everything into Superlist to process later.

All integrated apps that import tasks show the location of the import which makes it easier to get back to the original content from the Superlist task.

Superlist Cons

Some of the elements we didn't like inside of Superlist were fairly minor:

1. Project Lists

Whilst this is such a helpful feature for meeting notes, collaborating on ideas and for teams having a real-time nature to adding tasks and notes.

Inside Project lists in Superlist

The one thing we found was that the notes you create inside of a list could actually get lost inside the whirlwind list sizes you might create. Obviously this might be a productivity related things, you need to organize them, but we found that it lacked the ability to highlight important notes as much as tasks prioritized.

Naturally something that might come to mind as they launch to the world.

2. Assigning Tasks

Inside of Superlist, adding tasks means you have to give them an assignee.

Superlist, Assigning Tasks

This was a little thing, but adding a task just as a solo user, if you wanted to assign it, you needed to add yourself to each task individually. Maybe we were being silly, but the action of assigning yourself every time could get stressful if you use as a solo user.

How much does Superlist cost?

Superlist has a generous free plan, with pricing starting from $0 per user, per month.

Team pricing begins at $12 per user, per month and all those on team get Pro included.

Superlist Pricing, How Much is Superlist

Verdict: Is Superlist Worth It?

Superlist was one of the best beta experiences we've ever had in all the years.

Superlist, Overview, Review

It worked super fast out the gate with a great array of features to get started with without having to wait for anything. This is good news for the Superlist launch set for 2024.

Overall Superlist is a really exciting to-do list application which works very well for solo users who want to organize their week and tasks, but equally well for teams who want to focus on task management.

Superlist is not a project management software, more a to-do list application so it might be more suitable for a team between 5-15 users for tasks, meeting notes and collaborating on projects, with killer feature being the real-time collaboration and seeing interactions. Perfect for light project management in smaller businesses.

Best Superlist Alternatives

Superlist alternatives would include Todoist, Taskade, and Motion.


Superlist offers features that enable team collaboration, such as task assignments and the ability to share task lists.


The platform prioritises ease of use and avoids unnecessary complexity, making it accessible to users of all levels of technical expertise.


Superlist offers features like due dates, reminders, and progress tracking to help users stay on top of their tasks and meet their goals.

Your Q&A on Superlist

Managing Tasks in Superlist

When is Superlist's release date?

Superlist launched on 13th February out of beta.

Who created Superlist?

Christian Reber, Ben Kubota, and Steffen Kiedel are all founders at Superlist.

Superlist vs Todoist

Superlist and Todoist are very similar. Superlist manages personal and team tasks, but adds a layer of note-taking that your team can use from everything to meeting notes to a project plan, with tasks weaved in. Todoist doesn't have this, but specializes in other aspects.

Is Superlist a project management tool?

Yes and no. Superlist is a middle ground between being a full project management tool like Wrike, Asana or and being a MeisterTask/Todoist alternative. Superlist is a team task management tool with note-taking abilities for planning ideas, projects and tasks around those lists. A new type of tool in the productivity market.

Is Superlist free?

Yes, Superlist is free to use with a generous free plan. Upgrading will start from $10 per month and unlock specific pro features.

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