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Microsoft To-Do offers a way to handle tasks, and lists and share them with others all in the Microsoft ecosystem. Formerly Wunderlist, this is now in the 365 system.

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What is Microsoft To-Do?

Microsoft To-Do is a task management tool created by Microsoft. It allows users to access their tasks from any device, and to sync them with Outlook and other Office 365 services.

It also offers features like tags and reminders, intuitive design, and collaboration. With Microsoft To-Do, users can stay organized and on track.

It's an easy-to-use and simple to-do list application and great for those within the Microsoft Ecosystem to combine their tasks and create a better-organised system to get things done.

Who is Microsoft To-Do Best For?

Microsoft To-Do is of course best for those already within the Microsoft ecosystem since you can already have a feel for how these apps work and merge them.

However, anyone can use the Microsoft To-Do app to help with organising lists, creating to-dos and sharing lists with others.

Best Features of Microsoft To-Do

Here are all the features of Microsoft To-Do to help with creating to-do lists and reminders.

1. Microsoft 365

Microsoft To-Do, Microsoft 365 Ecosystem

You can sync your tasks with Outlook and other Office 365 services, allowing you to access all of your tasks in one place. This is super helpful and enhances your task and project management even further.

By syncing with other Outlook and Office 365 services you can link your tasks, and emails, and use all Microsoft tools together. Perfect for those already within the ecosystem.

2. List Collaboration

Microsoft to-do, list collaboration

Microsoft To-Do allows you to collaborate with other users and easily share tasks with others. When you share tasks with others inside Microsoft To-Do you can manage projects and tasks easier.

It also helps you stay connected with family, friends and colleagues.

3. Tags & Reminders

Microsoft To-Do offers the ability to use tags and reminders to help you stay organized and on track. By using tags you can easily search for tasks and create a more manageable space, especially if you have lots of tasks and to-dos to remember.

Set reminders to show up before a task so you don't forget to do it. These reminders can pop on on your device at a time you set.

Microsoft To-Do Pricing

Let's see how much Microsoft To-Do is.

How Much Does Microsoft To-Do Cost?

Microsoft To-Do is completely free. Of course, you can pay to use Microsoft 365 to fully emerge into the Microsoft ecosystem, but to just use the Microsoft To-Do app, you don't need to pay a thing.

Our Verdict on Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft To-Do App, Demo on 3 devices

This is a lightweight task management app, reserved for those with a small-medium sized expectation of their tasks list - brings an all-around well-created task management app.

Microsoft To-Do works great if you are already bought into Microsoft as an ecosystem. With themes, settings, sharing optionality and more Microsoft To-Do presents something that you can see working professionals use, but also stay-at-home dads for managing their errands and task lists.

Best Alternatives to Microsoft To-Do

Good alternatives to Microsoft To-Do include TickTick, Todoist and Things 3.

My Day

One of the best places to view all your tasks for the day is "My Day" - this is like today with some helpful features alongside too.


These paired with "My Day" help you to organize what to do on the day, using AI recommendations to pair the right tasks in your lists with no dates.


Collaborating is easy inside Microsoft To-Do with sharing task lists and managing them with whoever has a Microsoft account.

Is Microsoft To-Do Free?

Yes, Microsoft To-Do is free to use and create to-do lists with.

Microsoft Tasks and Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft Tasks allows you to create tasks from other Microsoft tools within the 356 ecosystem. You can add tasks from team messages, emails, and more. You can then use these tasks inside Microsoft To-Do to give yourself a more streamlined and easy-to-manage view of tasks that need to get done.

So, the main difference is that To-Do is for lists of tasks you need to do, which you can use with other Microsoft tools, and Microsoft Tasks gives you a base to create and collaborate on tasks with other team members in the Microsoft space.

Is Microsoft To-Do Included in Microsoft 365?

You don't have to have a paid subscription to use Microsoft to-do but you will need a Microsoft account or email to use the app for free. However, if you do use Microsoft 365 then yes, you can still use Microsoft To-Do.

Wunderlist vs Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft To-Do was born from Wunderlist after an acquisition in 2015, Microsoft To-Do very much resembles many of the core features and abilities that Wunderlist once had.

Microsoft To-Do: Microsoft's To-Do List App

Exploring Microsoft To-Do: Features & Questions

Is Wunderlist still available to download?

No, when Microsoft bought it out, they closed down Wunderlist a few years after and fully combined the Wunderlist experience into Microsoft To-Do. They are very similar.

When did Microsoft To-Do buy Wunderlist?

Microsoft acquired to-do list app Wunderlist in 2015. This was a purchase of between $100-200M and allowed them to convert Wunderlist into Microsoft To-Do.

How Fast is Microsoft To-Do?

Microsoft To-Do is fast and deemed as a lightweight to-do app, less features than say Todoist but presents a easy-to-use way to manage your task list and manage lists with others.

Can I use Microsoft To-Do at work?

Yes, you can use Microsoft To-Do with any type of Microsoft account, even education. If you're looking for something more powerful there is Microsoft Lists, or Microsoft Planner too.

Microsoft To-Do or Google Tasks?

Google Tasks offers a lightweight experience but has less features than Microsoft To-Do. Both are created by the giants that are Google and Microsoft, but come with better integrations with the ecosystems they offers. Google Tasks is good for those using Google tools or Google Workspace, and vice versa with Microsoft To-Do with Microsoft 365.

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