5 Best Daily Checklist Apps for Better Day Planning in 2024

Best Daily Checklist Apps

Looking to become more organized with a checklist or just collate all your tasks into checklists? This is the best place to find productivity tools and oh boy have we got plenty of daily checklist apps as part of our to-do list apps series that can help.

What is a daily checklist app?

Simple in nature a daily checklist app wants to better help you manage what tasks you have on your list and collate them all into one location. They might even not be plotted out on a task list, but the checklist helps to better align all things you need to do.

A daily checklist app has the following:

  • Great Lists: At the core, you need to be able to capture and add tasks with ease into lists. Allowing you to better manage them in one location.
  • Mobile Access: You need to be able to use all these checklist apps on the go, so with this in mind, mobile access is super important to using the app on the go.
  • Lightweight: You don't need a fully fledged project management application to manage your simple checklist for the day, so here apps like Asana and ClickUp will be useless.

5 Best Daily Checklist Apps for Daily Planning in 2024

This is a quick glance of the best daily planning checklists we've shortlisted:

  • 1. Clear - Simple to-do with a fun approach to managing lists and reminders
  • 2. Todoist - Great to-do list application with lists in list view and board view too
  • 3. Due - Easy to use reminders app with basic abilities and low price tag
  • 4. Sorted 3 - Ideal for auto-scheduling your tasks but neat for keeping a checklist
  • 5. Any.DO - Perfect for seeing your calendar and checklists in one place

1. Clear

Fantastic iOS daily checklist app

Clear Tasks App
  • Best Checklist Feature: Nested Tasks
  • Pricing: One-off $4.99 pricing

Why is Clear a great daily checklist app?

Clear brings together a simple to-do list perfect for groceries, managing small lists and setting reminders too. If you're an iOS user, Clear is one of the best of the lightweight ways to handle your lists in a fun way. It brings to life your lists with gestures allowing you to pop them open, change themes and even swipe them to be completed.

This is a perfect grocery app with a fun approach that even kids will find appealing.

2. Todoist

Ideal for checklists & beyond

Todoist - Managing Projects, Home Management
  • Best Checklist Feature: Board View
  • Pricing: $3.99 per month, priced annually

Why is Todoist a great daily checklist app?

Todoist has lists that people find really easy to use and capture new items on mobile really well, but it also has the boards function which means you can turn any of your boards into a traditional board layout, allowing you to do Kanban-like productivity.

People rave about Todoist as one of the better checklist apps for day-to-day light use and if times call for it, like a new job or a new career move - then it works great for expanding your use to a full to-do list application. If you want to hunt for best to-do apps, explore this.

3. Due App

Best for Reminders & Checklists

Due reminder tool for Mac and iPhone for persistent reminders to get things done.
  • Best Checklist Feature: Reminders
  • Pricing: $1.99 one-off pricing

Why is Due a great daily checklist app?

Due app helps people capture a checklist and set reminders for each of them making sure you will not miss any of the items you add. Whilst being limited to iOS and macOS, it works on SetApp too, allowing you a great way to manage across your Apple-devices.

Due app has a great way to capture tasks and get precise when you want to set those tasks but it a neat checklist for capturing them all into lists whether or not they have reminders set to them.

4. Sorted 3

Best for Auto-Planning Tasks

Sorted 3 on iPhone, Showing Lists and Tasks
  • Best Checklist Feature: Scheduling
  • Pricing: $24.99 one-off pricing for all device

Why is Sorted 3 a great daily checklist app?

Sorted 3 is one of the best mobile to-do apps for those who want to capture things and turn them into a listed timeline for the day ahead. This helps people to better organize their workload and see what's ahead for the day of work.

Sorted 3 uses a feature called auto-scheduling once you get the premium that organizes all your tasks so that you can view what's ahead and re-arrange if needed.

5. Any.Do

Best for Calendar & Checklists

Any Do App
  • Best Checklist Feature: Listed Tasks
  • Pricing: $2.99 per month, if billed annually.

Why is Any.DO a great daily checklist app?

A combo of your calendar and checklists makes Any.Do one of the better checklists apps if you want more of a minimla system with reminders and a solid calendar experience. People love Any.DO and it comes highly recommended by people that don't want something fully advanced like Todoist but not too simple like Google Tasks.

This is a super all-round to-do application that many people like thanks to the design.

If you're in the hunt for more to-do apps, check out our full catalog of them here.

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