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A classic task management application with tasks, projects and more - one of the best all-round task and light project management experience.

Kanban Tasks inside of Todoist for Tasks and Projects

What is Todoist and who's it best for?

Todoist is a fantastic all-round to-do list application. In fact, it's the best to-do list app to quickly get started with. Really perfect for most to all uses of task management. This is one of the task management apps you can recommend to your family and a professional at work and they both will get how it works from day one.

Todoist is a reliable, fluid way to capture and manage tasks — with some integrations for connecting to your Google Calendar. Todoist delivers a good team experience too — for “team inbox” and capturing those tasks via email too. Todoist is best known for capturing tasks with due dates, labels and natural language input — something people love from Fantastical 3.

Task Management in Todoist

Offering up boards and list views for your projects, people like the easy nature of Todoist. Todoist Boards are used to manage and organise your lists, projects, due dates and even your ideas. Users create Todoist boards to manage their projects and stay on track with tasks.

Todoist Features

Special features within Todoist you might need to know:

  • Lists — At a glance Todoist offers lists, but these lists are perfect for managing projects and can be shared with others. They can also be turned into boards, more on that in a moment. You can see your lists like “Next 7 Days” perfect for your planned tasks in Todoist including the ability in Premium to add “Filters and Labels” — a great way of creating a Getting Things Done system in Todoist.
  • Todoist Boards — Allowing you to view any of your lists (minus Today — coming soon) in a board view, this is ideal for managing your tasks in a board-like view. One for the Trello lovers out there.
  • Karma — Track your progress using “Todoist Karma” — an effective way to calculate a points score based on how productive you were for the day.
  • Templates— Smashing for building a pre-built list you use lots or commonly replicate for projects and saving it as a template.

Todoist Verdict

Capturing Tasks in Todoist with Command Bar

We'd recommend Todoist to anyone for task management. It is one of those tools that you can see your friend's mum having and your business partner too.

The wide array of use is perfect as an all-round tool that can be expanded to your needs and adapted to how advanced or basic you need it to be. We like Todoist a lot.

Todoist Alternatives

The best Todoist alternatives are the following to-do list applications.

  • TickTick - the most budget friendly alternative to Todoist
  • Things 3 - a beautiful minimal, one-off cost way to plan your tasks, no collaboration
  • Akiflow - a newer, more calendar focused experience for planning tasks


You can turn any of your projects into Todoist boards for a more traditional Kanban layout. People love turning any simple list into boards with custom view options too.


Looking for some help or motivation boosting? Todoist has karma for managing how many tasks you completed and giving you a representative score.

Task Sharing

You can invite others to collaborate on projects with you and manage tasks within lists or boards, perfect for more lightweight teams of 3-10.

What is Todoist Boards?

Inside probably the best to-do list app, you have boards. Todoist Boards offer a visual and flexible way to organize tasks. Users can create columns representing different stages of work and easily move tasks between them.

The benefits include:

  • Enhanced visualization
  • Customizable workflow
  • Drag-and-drop functionality
  • Collaborative task management
  • Seamless integration with other features
  • Accessibility across platforms.

Boards are one of the special features of Todoist, here's an overview of how they work:

Todoist: All Round To-Do App

Exploring Todoist further

Who runs Todoist?

Todoist is part of a remote parent company called Doist. Doist creates Todoist and Twist. They run a-sync and remote to help their employees cope with an every-changing schedule.

Todoist or TickTick?

Good question. TickTick is a good budget experience, but Todoist goes above this by offering solid design and well-thought out features.

Both are great all-rounder, but I'd tend to push people more towards Todoist for the general ethos as a company, but also provides better guides, resources and thought leadership in productivity too.

Does Todoist support collaboration and team projects?

Yes, Todoist offers collaboration features for teams. You can create shared projects, assign tasks to team members, set due dates, and track progress collaboratively. It helps teams stay organized and work together efficiently.

Can I access Todoist offline?

Yes, Todoist offers offline access on their mobile apps. You can view and edit your tasks even when you don't have an internet connection. Your changes will sync once you're back online.

How can Todoist boards help with task management?

With Todoist Boards, you can create customizable columns to represent different stages or categories of your workflow. This visual organization helps you track task progress, prioritize work, and easily move tasks between columns.

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