Todoist is one of the best to-do list applications with all-round natured features.

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Nuno Saraiva profile picture

Nuno Saraiva

4th Apr 2024

Distraction Assassin

Use: 5Y 10 / 10

Life changer for me!

Can't live without it. Tried all other different alternatives and Todoist was always the best option. No chance! It's simplicity and effectiveness is amazing. Very versatile for a lot of different setups. From my point of view, the simplest setup is always the best. Also, the team is very faithful with their customers, so congratulations to all......

Michelle Johnson profile picture

Michelle Johnson

4th Apr 2024

ELearning Instructional Design

Use: 5Y 10 / 10

Best Task Manager Out There

I've been a Pro subscriber for about 7 years and have never considered switching. Before Todoist, I hopped around every few years for various reasons. Sometimes the app got purchased and sometimes it no longer suited my needs. I have never felt the need to switch from Todoist. The natural language makes adding a new task on the fly so quick and......

Itai Handler profile picture

Itai Handler

4th Apr 2024

Zen of Zero Inbox

Use: 5Y 10 / 10

The best to do list app

I’ve been using it for the past 10 years It’s the most reliable app out there You can start as simple as you want, and create complex systems that really hone your productivity. Can’t imagine my life without it 😅 Disclaimer: Even though I use pretty much all apps and right now, and I use Notion and Akiflow the most, Todoist never leave my......

Ben Bedo profile picture

Ben Bedo

3rd Apr 2024

Deadline Whisperer

Use: 5Y 10 / 10

Literally changed my life…

I’m a sysadmin with diagnosed mild ADHD. Before finding Todoist, I struggled with staying on task and remembering to do things I was asked and/or that I promised. I suffered from completing only the most recent task I was asked, often leaving other tasks forgotten and incomplete midway. Todoist helped me overcome that by providing an easy......

Gilles Diederich profile picture

Gilles Diederich

28th Feb 2024

Workflow Wizard

Use: 5Y 8.8 / 10

Great app for organising my Tasks

I have used Todoist for 5 years and this app has transformed my task management experience. To start, it's incredibly user-friendly. You can seamlessly access your tasks from various devices. What's even more impressive is the natural language input. I love the UI and UX of Todoist. It does its job well without cluttering the app with countless......