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Due App Review

Due is a simple reminder application that works like a to-do list. It will remind you until you mark a task complete.

What is Due App?

Due works on iOS and Mac as a reminder application for getting things done and boosting productivity. It works like a to-do or tasks list with the added persistent reminders until you have completed a task.

You can choose to snooze tasks, set your own times and use timers for running errands inside Due. It's a simple and easy-to-use tool that helps you tick off your to-do list.

Due is also available to download on SetApp to add to your workflow of apps on your Mac.

Due Features

Here are some of the best features of Due.

  • Quick add - Quickly add tasks, due dates and times to your app so you dont forget or miss an important task or event.
  • Snooze - You can choose to snooze or un-snooze reminders especially if you cannot complete a task just yet.
  • Persistent - Due is a persistent reminder tool, you will keep on being reminded throughout the day until you tick complete.
  • Sync - Sync your reminders and time with your other devices to make sure you complete tasks wherever you are.

Due Best For

Due works best as a personal productivity tool. It helps users manage their time and complete their tasks throughout the day without forgetting something or having the chance to procrastinate.


Due gives you persistent reminders until you mark a task complete.


You can snooze a task for a period of time if you aren't ready to complete it yet.


Sync your reminders and timer settings across your devices.

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