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Setapp wants to be the place to save you money and provide all the apps you need for a productive day in one subscription, much like Netflix but for apps.

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What is Setapp?

Setapp is a subscription service for apps ranging from work and productivity apps.

What is Setapp used for?

Setapp is a subscription tool you can download to use multiple different applications on your Mac or iOS device for just one price per month. Instead of paying different subscriptions or one-off prices for individual applications.

You can search for the right productivity tool for you within the search bar and then download the application, you can then organize your menu bar with all your apps to create a better workflow. Setapp is also great for creating your apps using code, cleaning your Mac, and linking to meetings from the menu bar.

Best Features of Setapp

Let's unpack the best bits of Setapp and what features make it good to use.

SetApp.com App

1. Range of Tools

According to Setapp, they have over 240 apps ranging from freelancer to productivity apps, this makes it a brilliant base for choosing options.

This vast array essentially turns Setapp into a one-stop shop, a kind of digital Swiss Army knife for software needs. This is a huge turn-on for many buyers who don't want to buy apps like Session, or CleanMyMac individually. Whether you're a creative professional looking for design tools, a productivity guru seeking task management apps, or a freelancer in need of versatile solutions, Setapp likely has you covered.

Setapp is super handy because it's like having a treasure chest of tools. Imagine you're a busy bee at work, and you suddenly need a new app to organize your files or spruce up your graphics. Instead of hunting around the internet and spending extra cash each time, you just pop open Setapp, and boom – you find what you need.

CleanMyMac on Setapp

It's like having a magic toolbox where you find cool stuff you didn't even know you needed! This makes life easier, especially if you're someone who loves trying new apps without breaking the bank. With Setapp, you get to explore loads of apps, all for one simple price. It's like going to an app buffet – you can try a little bit of everything and see what you like best.

2. One Subscription Fee

You pay once monthly with Setapp, meaning you don't pay for how much or how many tools you currently use. This is a popular feature for many people as a lot of people don't like paying the one-off costs for new tools, or maybe even investing in multiple subscriptions.

What makes Setapp particularly appealing is the convenience it offers. Instead of scouring the internet for individual applications, paying multiple subscriptions, and managing numerous accounts, Setapp streamlines the entire process. You get access to a wide variety of tools, all under one roof and for one subscription fee.

Developers on Setapp are paid for the use of the app, which makes it a compelling offer.

3. Plans for Team & Family

Setapp's family and team plans provide a comprehensive solution for collaborative and household software needs. The family plan is ideal for households looking to streamline their software usage across multiple members, offering a unified platform for everything from productivity to creativity tools.

Subjects, homeworking app, on setapp

And for the teams, particularly in small businesses or project groups, the team plan fosters collaboration and efficiency, ensuring that all members have the tools they need for success at their fingertips. For example, there's apps like Subjects, which helps track and monitor homework progression.

Are Setapp apps safe?

SetApp source developers and host them using their platform.

There's no evidence they are not safe.

How much does SetApp cost?

Setapp costs $9.99 per month, per user, minimum.

SetApp Pricing: Explained

Pricing for Setapp, Feb 16th 2024 Updated

Priced at $9.99 per user, per month for 1 macOS license and $12.49 per month, per user for iOS (4) and macOS license (1). For 1 macOS license, you pay $9.99, and with the $12.49 per month, per user for iOS (4 licenses) and macOS license (1 license).

SetApp Verdict: Is it worth it?

SetApp.com Collections, Tool Lists

We'd recommend trying out SetApp if you're looking to consolidate your apps and want to save money on monthly subscriptions and more one-off fees.

SetApp can be used by anyone who uses applications on their Mac or iOS device. It's especially useful for coding, creating, making music, and more. In terms of pricing, SetApp is very cost-effective, at around $10 per month to download and use any application you want. You won't get apps like Akiflow or say tools like Motion, but you will get good-quality developers that produce brilliant apps.

Great for those who need tools and aren't precious about the research.

Best SetApp Productivity Apps

Session, Craft and Timemator are all good SetApp productivity apps:

Cost Effective

Setapp is a very cost effective way of downloading different apps to try without having to commit to paying different prices.

Hundreds of Apps

Setapp currently has over 240+ apps for download, it also updates often and always adds new applications.

Monthly Subscription

Pay a fee of around $9.99 per month to access the use of hundreds of applications.

Learn More About SetApp

Answering Questions about SetApp Productivity Tool

How does SetApp work?

SetApp works like any other application you install on your device. You then pay a monthly fee to access different applications.

What kind of apps are available on SetApp?

SetApp has a huge range of applications for productivity, education, creativity, notes, writing, coding and more.

Is SetApp available for Windows?

No, SetApp is only available on Mac and iOS.

What happens if I cancel my SetApp subscription?

When you cancel your subscription you won't have access to the applications you have previously downloaded until you start the subscription again.

How often to SetApp update and add new apps?

SetApp is updated frequently and new apps are added often, SetApp now has over 240+ apps available.

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