Google Keep

Google Keep

What is Google Keep?

Google Keep is a popular note-taking application developed by Google.

It lets users quickly create notes, lists, reminders, and to-do items on their mobile devices or desktop computers. The application is designed to be simple and easy to use, with a clean and minimalist interface.

Google Keep lets users add images, voice memos, and drawings to their notes, as well as create labels and colour codes to organise their notes. Users can also set reminders for their messages by time or location. The application synchronises notes across devices and platforms, making it easy to access notes from anywhere.

Key Features of Google Keep

These are the key features of Google Keep, here's a handful of them:

  • Quick note-taking with text, voice, images, and checklists
  • Ability to organise notes with labels and colour-codes
  • Set reminders for notes based on time and location
  • Integration with other Google services such as Google Drive and Google Calendar
  • Collaborate on notes with others in real-time
  • Search notes by keywords or tags
  • Archive or delete notes to keep the workspace clean
  • Access notes from any device, as it synchronises notes across devices and platforms.

Is Google Keep Best For Me?

If you are already working within the Google Ecosystem, Google Keep can be an easy, handy way to quickly take notes and keep everything in one space.

Google Keep is a very basic note-taking application, if you're looking for more advanced features this might not be the best app for you.

Alternatives to Google Keep include Twos and Apple Notes.

Easy to Use

Google Keep is a user-friendly tool. Taking notes, jotting down your thoughts, and organising smaller tasks are easy.

Note Taking

Google Keep is an excellent place for taking quick notes. Users can take quick notes, add images, voice recordings, and set reminders.

Google Ecosystem

Google Keep works inside the Google Workspace, so if you're already a Google user you can seamlessly begin using this app.

Google Keep: Perfect for Lightweight Notes

Exploring Google Keep Further

Will Google Keep be discontinued?


Who uses Google Keep?

There's a whole range of people who use Google Keep, the most popular use is lightweight notes, reminders and lists - perfect for those who grocery shop or don't want anything as intense as say Evernote or Obsidian.

Can you collect audio on Google Keep?

Yes. Not right now, if you're looking for a Google Keep alternative that does audio well, you should check out Zoho Notebook, similar in nature with audio capture.

Is Google Keep easy to use?

One of the most easiest to use. Google Keep is perfect for those scared of this sort of technology in productivity. Keep is like Post-It Notes but for your phone.

Can you search images in Google Keep?

Yes, you can use Google's smart AI to find images you might have captured in Google Keep. Perfect for finding things faster from what you've taken.

Alternatives to Google Keep

Other Note-Taking Apps like Google Keep

An all-in-one type note-taking tool with notes, calendar & tasks in one base.

A free-roaming creativity-based project management app for the visual thinkers.

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An all-in-one workspaces for notes, projects, tasks, documents & lots more.

A general all-around note-taking app, including light tasks and calendar abilities.

Note-taking and organising app perfect for students, academics and general notes.

A fantastic, pencil based note-taking application with handwriting abilities.

A notebook app for creating all kinds of notes and organise them accordingly.

A great minimal, markdown note-taking application perfect for iOS and Mac.

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