6 Best Task Calendar Apps for 2024: Expert Picks

Best Task Calendar Apps

Combining your tasks and calendar is one of the best things to do if you're a visual planner that likes to see what they are planning ahead of time. This technique is something that is hugely popular with time blocking fans that like to block time in their calendar to assign towards a specific task and activity.

What are task calendar apps?

Task calendar apps are a combination of a to-do list and calendar that allow you to time-block them into your calendar but manage your tasks in a seperate list or project list. This is perfect for those who are more visual thinkers and like traditional calendar apps but need a checkoff ability for tasks versus just an event with no checkbox.

6 Best Task Calendar Apps for 2024

Here's the best recommend task and calendar apps to explore:

  • 1. Akiflow - A combination of tasks, tasks from other apps & calendar
  • 2. Motion - AI powered calendar and tasks plus projects too
  • 3. Tweek - Perfect for lightweight use for tasks and planning visually
  • 4. Mayday - AI-powered calendar and tasks app that learns from you
  • 5. Ellie Planner - Lightweight task management in one
  • 6. Morgen - A calendar app with task lists and management

Let's dig into the best task calendar apps for 2024:

Tools Mentioned

1. Akiflow

Best All Round Task Calendar App

Managing Calendar Events and Time Blocking in Akiflow, macOS app
  • Best Feature: Time Slots
  • Pricing: $14.99 per month, annual pricing

Why Akiflow is good for tasks and calendar?

Akiflow is a perfect balance between tasks and calendar. One of the special features that makes Akiflow a better task and calendar app is that it has the ability to bring in tasks from other apps like ClickUp, Notion and Gmail. This makes it more powerful as a task calendar app as it will allow you to plot the best tasks from outside of Akiflow and the ones you add to Akiflow's main inbox and task lists.

Akiflow is a great combo between task and calendar allowing you to time block, create time slots and visualise the week coming up. There's even a view called Upcoming which is perfect for those who want to see things in more of a week planner view versus calendar.

2. Motion

Best AI Powered Task Calendar App

Managing Tasks with Daily Planner, Motion
  • Best Feature: Auto-Scheduling
  • Pricing: $19.00 per month, billed annually

Why Motion is good for tasks and calendar?

Motion offers a way for you to plot tasks into your calendar using the power of AI re-scheduling. This means you add tasks, add priority and other key indicators and allow the AI system to use both your tasks and calendar list to better plot and plan your week ahead.

Many people like Motion because it combines tasks and calendar in a way that takes more of a hands-off approach to managing your to-do list and blocking out relevant time using an algorithm and AI-powered approach to planning that task for your within the calendar. This is probably the most expensive task calendar app on the market.

3. Tweek

Simple Task Calendar App

Tweek Calendar App
  • Best Feature: Google Calendar
  • Pricing: $4 per month, billed annually

Why Tweek is good for tasks and calendar?

Tweek Calendar wants to blend tasks with a more time-date based view and whilst it actually doesn't have a fixed calendar view, it does think with calendar and tasks in mind. You can add tasks to your week plan view and beyond. This allows you to time block tasks to specific days and even sync (in premium) with your Google Calendar too.

Tweek is a lightweight way to plan tasks and calendar in one location that many people have found to be less daunting than apps like Akiflow and Motion.

4. Mayday

AI-Powered Calendar & Tasks

Handle your calendar and meetings with Mayday on mac and mobile
  • Best Feature: AI Powered Learning
  • Pricing: Free, with plans to add premium

Why Mayday is good for tasks and calendar?

Early days for Mayday, the calendar app only launched a few weeks ago now but it has a great AI feature that people will love for both calendar and tasks combination. You can add tasks to your calendar and use AI to find the best possible time for it to be done for you. It will also do the same for your calendar events, both used internally and externally too when booking a meeting too. A really interesting task calendar app to explore.

5. Ellie Planner

Easy Light Task Calendar App

Time Boxing in Ellie Planner, Calendar View
  • Best Feature: Time Boxing
  • Pricing: Free, with $4 per month pricing

Why Ellie Planner is good for tasks and calendar?

Ellie Planner is a really neat tool for managing your tasks and calendar in one location. Locked under premium, Ellie Planner offers a good way to block tasks into your calendar and assign tasks to specific times alongside your calendar events. A lot of people compare the app to the likes of Sunsama, we think Ellie offers a lower budget, decent alternative.

6. Morgen

Tasks Lists & Calendar First App

Sharing Link with Morgen Calendar
  • Best Feature: Task Lists
  • Pricing: Free for one calendar

Why Morgen is good for tasks and calendar?

Morgen Calendar is a great solo use calendar app that allows you to add tasks into lists and drag them into your system. This is perfect for those who want to better align tasks with their calendar events. Task lists are a good feature because they allow you to break up your tasks and give them more project based meaning and tick them off for later too.

Morgen is also progressing well by adding more AI based features and team abilities too, making more and more possible for this calendar app with task calendar abilities.

Which one shall I get?

There's a range to choose from here for managing task and calendar, the best way to deal with this is to manage it in terms of budget as all these apps do similar jobs:

Low Budget

Tweek works well for free use and good for getting started with tasks & calendar.

Medium Budget

Ellie Planner, whilst cheaper than most, offers good balance but requires premium.

High Budget

With AI scheduling, Motion is the most expensive but powerful on the list.

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