Routine is a daily planner app with tasks, calendar, light note-taking & meetings.

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19th Feb 2024

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Daily Planning Hub

Routine is one of the most interesting new apps on the market. It combines tasks, calendar and light notes, this is growing as a hub type of productivity app and from playing around with it for many years, I'm impressed with what they've done and what they have planned going forward for lightweight tasks and projects.

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Routine Review (2024)

Best Features, Pricing, Alternatives & Verdict

A daily planner app with the vision of planning your calendar, tasks, and light notes all in one app. A personal planner app is gaining popularity, but is it worth it?

Week Planning with

What is Routine App?

Routine app is a daily planner app for planning tasks, calendar & light note-taking.

What does Routine do?

Routine wants to help you plan your week with an agenda for your tasks that views it in a timeline like view, you can plan ahead with a calendar view, create meeting notes and capture notes using the capture function on macOS and Windows. Routine has some light note-taking abilities but it isn't a fully fledged note-taking application - but it makes for a great way to take short lists alongside your tasks and even add tasks there too.

Routine Week Planning App

Routine wants to be the best place to better manage your week and ideal for personal users although you can bring in tasks from Notion, and connect apps with Zapier too.

Routine Pros

Here's some of the best features within Routine and how they work:

1. Timeline Agenda

Agenda view inside of Routine is perfect for planning out your day using timestamps, a simple concept that people like to do to see the exact plans for the day ahead. You can connect your Google Calendar allowing you to better see meetings and events pop up allowing you to directly time-block tasks into your... routine.

Routine Agenda View

Agenda is one of the solid features in Routine that helps people click into meetings, but also to capture tasks and automatically assign a specific time to be done. You can postpone and re-schedule tasks to be done there too.

2. Week Calendar

Calendar isn't something you miss out on in Routine. You can plan ahead using the now 5-day, week and month view inside of Routine allowing you to plan tasks associated to a week or a specific day - perfect for those tasks that are yet to be defined. Capture Tasks

Routine is a balance between a calendar and task management app, something we call a daily planner app, but at the same time the calendar experience works with Google Calendar to plan and co-ordinate your week ahead with events and meetings coming in.

3. Console Capture

The desktop versions of have a super experience called console that allows you to capture events, notes and tasks whilst being outside the application. Perfect for those in the GTD type audience for keeping track of everything in one place.

Inside the Believe plan, they have a feature that allows you to capture websites and add them as tasks in Routine - this will roll out to all users in the premium pricing in the future.

Routine Deep Dive

Here's a video we've created to help people understand Routine:

Routine App Pricing

Here's everything you need to know about the Routine pricing: Pricing

How much does Routine app cost?

$8 per monthly, paid annually, or $10 per month ongoing. Routine is on a waitlist so these are the prices to skip the waitlist and are set to increase in the future.

This is subject to change as this is their early access plan.

Routine Review: Final Verdict Capturing Notes

Routine is a great personal daily planner app and right now, despite being under a waitlist is impressing many people for planning with calendar & notes in mind.

From our review, we've found Routine is better for people that are less technical and looking for a lighter, minimal, yet powerful alternative to Akiflow. If you're in the hunt for a to-do list app with calendar and like the ability to capture light notes in the same place, Routine is a decent option that is growing in features every single month.

More recently Routine have been aiming to add in create project management experiences, possibly more suited for project management within smaller teams.

Best Routine Alternatives

Akiflow, Sunsama and Motion are all good Routine app alternatives.

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Understanding Routine

Questions on Routine, answered!

Is Routine Calendar App Free?

Routine is on a waitlist and some features are free. Their Believe plan unlocks all premium features and is priced at $10 per month, billed monthly.

What is the app called Routine?

Routine is a daily planner app designed to manage your calendar, tasks & light notes. It wants to cater to busy professionals and help you make better management of time.

Is there a Routine app in iPhone?

Routine app is available for macOS, Windows, and now iPhone.

Does Routine support Microsoft Outlook Calendar?

Not yet, Routine works only with Google Calendar.

Is Routine the best daily planner app?

Routine is a very highly rated daily planner app alongside Akiflow, Sunsama and Motion.