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Routine Review

A digital tool that enables users to create and manage a personalised schedule of recurring activities, events, and tasks - similar tools are Sunsama, Akiflow & Motion.

What is Routine Calendar and who's it for?

Routine is a productivity app that helps users create and maintain daily and weekly routines to improve their productivity and well-being.

It provides a range of features and tools to help users stay on track, including a customisable routine builder, a task manager, progress tracking, and reminders. With Routine, users can create personalised routines that include habits and tasks related to work, exercise, self-care, learning, and more.

The app also includes pre-built routines that users can customise to fit their needs. The routine's interface is simple and user-friendly, with a clean and minimalist design.

Routine Features

These are the key features of Routine:

  • Customisable routine builder
  • Task manager to track daily tasks and habits
  • Progress tracking and goal setting
  • Pre-built routines for users to customise
  • Real-time progress updates and reminders
  • Habit tracking and analytics
  • Clean and minimalist interface
  • Integration with popular calendar apps like Google Calendar and Apple Calendar

Our verdict on Routine

Routine is best suited for individuals who want to establish and maintain healthy habits and routines that can improve their productivity and well-being. It is ideal for those who struggle with time management or finding the motivation to stay on track with their goals.

Routine is up and coming, yet to add pricing which they will add soon. Alternatives to Routine include the likes of Sunsama and Motion.

Centralised Workspace

Routine provides a centralised space for all calendar events and daily planning - one that you can see as tasks, notes and calendar.


Organise your events and tasks using categories and tags. This helps to make each event and tasks better to manage.

Daily Plan

Craft your perfect daily plan inside the application, here you can see your focused tasks, and any important events.

My Day Feature in Routine

The My Day feature in the Routine app is designed to help users plan and prioritise their tasks and habits for the day ahead.

It provides users with a daily overview of their routine, including any habits or tasks they have scheduled for that day, as well as any upcoming events or deadlines.

With My Day, users can easily view and manage their daily schedule, add or remove tasks and habits, and adjust their routines as needed. The feature also allows users to mark completed tasks and habits, providing a sense of accomplishment and progress.

Understanding Routine

Questions on Routine, answered!

Who develops Routine?

There are two founders of Routine, daily planner app right now - Julien Quintard and Quentin Hocquet.

Routine or Akiflow?

Both of these applications are great daily planning tools. Routine presents a more personal tool with no consolidation but a good planner with calendar, notes and tasks. Whilst Akiflow is a task consolidation tool and offers solid daily planner abilities.

We'd recommend Akiflow for bringing together a dashboard of tasks for all the project management tools you offer, whilst Routine is more of a personal task management tool with calendar abilities.

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