Cron Calendar

Cron Calendar

A calendar application, acquired by Notion, with a friendly feel - features like scheduling, managing events, time zones and a command bar for better access to features.

What's good about Cron Calendar

What's good

  • Scheduling
  • Design
  • Views
What's not good about Cron Calendar

What's not good

  • Notable Features

Cron Calendar Key Features

Cron Calendar Key feature #1


Create a scheduling link with Cron and manage it with others by recommending them dates and times to meet with you - perfect for internal and external use.

Cron Calendar Key feature #2


One of the best-designed calendar apps out there right now, Cron offers a clean look - like an Apple Calendar alternative - but with an array of colour events inside for customisation

Cron Calendar Key feature #3


A good optionality with views allowing you to choose between week, day and month view - Cron also includes a way to choose how many days you want to see and even remove weekends too.

What is Cron Calendar?

Cron is one of the more basic calendar experiences, placing it against say BusyCal or Fantastical 3 you'll notice that the complexity isn't anywhere near.

It does offer, however, a clean and simple design, this is why Cron is a great Apple Calendar alternative - both have an easy-to-use design, however being a Notion calendar, Cron does have a few more features sprinkled in.

Right now, Cron Calendar is currently invite-only but offers a great way to manage your calendar events, book meetings and see others' calendars.

Cron was also acquired by Notion back in 2022 for an undisclosed amount. As a Notion calendar, you can already imagine the abilities and capabilities this calendar app could have, especially if you are already a user or have experience with Notion itself.

Key Features of Cron Calendar

This is an overview of all the main features we currently know of Cron:

  • Add events - add events with details, location, conferencing, repeat functions and time zone inclusion.
  • Multi-time zones - add up to 4 time zones for other countries, perfect for tracking clients' time zones so as not to disturb them.
  • Scheduling Links - manage upcoming meetings and booking with external parties.
  • Multiple Accounts - Link multiple accounts to manage all inside Cron.

Here's a great beginner's guide to Cron:

Notion Acquires Cron Calendar

Here's a little information about Notion and Cron coming together to create a seamless space for planning, organising and integrating.

Cron Calendar and Notion have joined together to create a space for organising your calendar alongside managing tasks, notes and time. With their combined creativity, the tools can work seamlessly to enhance user experience further.

Because Notion understands the importance of organisation, these two tools together merge asynchronous and synchronous working, so events, days, weeks and months can be planned and combined with tasks and notes. Giving you a better view of your day, allowing for better planning and productivity.

Who is Cron Best Suited For?

Cron is an upgraded version of Apple Calendar - at essence. So anyone who already enjoys the Apple Calendar experience can seamlessly transition to this calendar app.

It offers to schedule links, a better look and a combination of helpful features like time zones, planning colours and more in one place. Many people are eager to get their hands on an invite to Cron Calendar to manage their events.

Now with the combination of Notion and Cron, users can now work alongside their tasks and notes whilst organising their time. So again, if you are already a user of Notion, Cron will be a good addition to your productivity stack.

This is a balance between Apple Calendar and the more advanced Fantastical 3.

Cron Calendar: Notion Acquired Calendar App

Exploring Cron Calendar

Nobody knows. The likelihood is that they will try and weave it into the main Notion system, like Microsoft did with Wunderlist and now, Microsoft To-Do.

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