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Notion have acquired Cron Calendar and converted it to Notion Calendar. The new calendar experience brings the calendar closer to your Notion documents & more.

Notion Calendar App, Full Review

What is Notion Calendar?

Notion Calendar is a calendar app for managing meetings that connects with Notion.

What can Notion Calendar do?

Notion Calendar allows you to manage your Google calendar, schedule meetings with meeting booking feature, manage events and meetings, connect with your Notion pages and collaborate with others on upcoming events.

You can also connect with Zoom and Google Meet for instant creation of video conferencing links, color code your calendar for time blocking and now with deeper integrations with Notion databases, with more to come.

Notion Calendar Best Features

Here's some of the best bits of Notion Calendar for our review:

1. Meeting Booking

Inside of Notion Calendar, you can organize meeting scheduling by sharing a link and offering times all within the application - perfect for booking externally.

Booking Meetings with Notion Calendar

This is something becoming a lot more common inside of calendar apps, but largely this helps to enhance the way you make and book meetings with others.

2. Minimal, Clean Design

The design of Notion Calendar is basic, but beautiful.

Cron Calendar Review, App

Bringing a fresh set of colours, perfect for time blocking and managing your calendar with multiple Google Calendars. It also connect

3. Connect with Notion

Connect Notion pages is a great way to manage events and connect them to important Notion pages. This will be a hit with those who are managing meetings with the meeting notes, and even important notes with the associated pages.

This is one that Notion expect to increase the abilities as the Notion Calendar becomes closer to Notion.

How much is Notion Calendar?

Notion Calendar is free and available to everyone.

Verdict: Is Notion Calendar for Me?

Notion Calendar, like Cron before, is a perfect lightweight calendar app.

Notion Pages to Notion Calendar

Combining scheduling, beautiful design and deeper Notion integrations with pages and databases now makes it the perfect calendar companion to Notion, but even as solo users who want to manage their calendar experience, this is a standalone calendar app that rocks. The design, function and management is easy and just works.

For someone looking for a balance between free, function & design without the more advanced features you'll see in apps like Vimcal, Rise & Mayday, this is it.

Is Cron Calendar dead?

Cron Calendar's logo and branding sunset, but largely most things are the same about Notion Calendar than was with Cron. The founder is now head of Notion Calendar too.

Best Notion Calendar Alternatives

Vimcal, Rise & Fantastical are all great Notion Calendar alternatives.


Create a scheduling link with Cron and manage it with others by recommending them dates and times to meet with you - perfect for internal and external use.


One of the best-designed calendar apps out there right now, Cron offers a clean look - like an Apple Calendar alternative - but with an array of colour events inside for customisation


A good optionality with views allowing you to choose between week, day and month view - Cron also includes a way to choose how many days you want to see and even remove weekends too.

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