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Notion Calendar

Notion Calendar is a calendar app owned by Notion for managing events & meetings.

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Things we like

Send meeting links for bookings

Create focused time sessions

Connect with Notion databases

Beautiful design and simplicity

Create Notion pages in events

Things we don't like

Lacks Outlook calendar abilities

Too basic for some

What we think about the Design of Notion Calendar?

Notion Calendar is one of the most attractive looking Apple Calendar alternatives. With a simple design, this one oozes a simple, yet timeless nature to it.

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Molly Jones profile picture

Molly Jones

7th Mar 2024

Clutter Crusher

Use: 1Y 9.6 / 10

A Seamless and Intuitive Addition to Your Productivity Arsenal

If you're a devoted Notion user looking for a calendar experience that effortlessly blends with your workflow, Notion Calendar is a fantastic choice. Here's why: The Notion Advantage: Notion Calendar shines in its deep integration with the rest of your Notion workspace. Link events to project pages, take notes during meetings directly within......

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Notion Calendar

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Notion Calendar App, Full Review

What is Notion Calendar?

Notion Calendar is a calendar app for managing events and scheduling meetings. that is managed and owned by Notion. In 2022, Notion acquired the application when it was called Cron Calendar.

Daily planning that flexes to you. Connect your to-dos and calendars. Try it free.

Time block from Notion, ClickUp, Linear, and more, in any calendar for intentional days.

How does Notion Calendar work?

Notion Calendar connects with Google Calendar to help manage your events and meetings. You can use it to manage your meetings and coordinate time with others via sharing events and video conference creation with Google Meet and Zoom.

Create a Meeting in Notion Calendar

Notion Calendar can also work with Notion, the all-in-one productivity tool, by helping you connect any databases that associate dates to feed into your calendar and important pages relevant to events (like meeting notes or agendas).

You will need to connect your account to Notion to make this possible.

Notion Calendar Features

Here's some of the best bits of Notion Calendar for our review:


Helpful for

Calendar Management

Basic and easy-to-use calendar management allows you to create an event, meeting, out-of-office, or focus time. Connect with Google Calendar.

Meeting Bookings

You can share an availability link that allows people to see when they can meet you. Sharing can also be done in the form of a copy-and-paste clipboard of the times for the meeting that you've picked.


Notion Calendar connects with Google Meet, Zoom, and also Notion to help better save time when creating meetings or documents for meetings.

Notion Calendar Pros

Here are some of the benefits of using Notion Calendar for calendar management:



Sharing meeting links

Some more calendar apps don't have meeting scheduling links as part of their free subscription, Notion Calendar does. This will be perfect if you don't want something too complex, but the ability to plan and organize meetings without having to pay or set up something like Calendly.

Beautiful & minimal design

We'd argue this is one of the most attractive-looking Apple Calendar-style alternative calendar apps on the market. Minimal in feeling, the team paid attention to this experience and made everything light and not overloaded.

Abilities with Notion

If you're already a hardcore user of Notion, this only enhances it. Connect up databases that have key dates as part of the properties and they'll feed into your calendar alongside your Google Calendar meetings, perfect for tracking campaigns, development meetings, or anything time-sensitive in databases.

Connects with Notion Home

Recently, Notion Calendar connects with Notion Home allowing you to bring in a widget into your Notion system. This means you can get upcoming meetings without leaving Notioon, helping to join them fast.

Connect Notion Home with Notion Calendar

Notion Calendar Cons

Here are some of the things we didn't like so much about Notion Calendar:



Lacks power features

Compared to other calendar apps like Amie and Morgen, this calendar app does lack abilities like tasks or any form of AI abilities to save time. It feels like Notion Calendar is much more of a basic calendar experience designed to replace Apple Calendar.

Limited to Google Calendar

Right now, Notion Calendar only connects with Google Calendar which is a nice addition, but a bit of a shame if you're using something like Outlook Calendar.

Notion Event Details in Notion Calendar

How much is Notion Calendar?

Notion Calendar is free and available to everyone.

Daily planning that flexes to you. Connect your to-dos and calendars. Try it free.

Time block from Notion, ClickUp, Linear, and more, in any calendar for intentional days.

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