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Manage your events, meetings and calendar all in one base. Cron is owned by Notion and built for you to manage your calendar in a minimal fashion.

Cron Calendar Review, App

What is Cron Calendar?

Cron is a calendar application that is simple in nature and for sharing availability too. You can use Cron Calendar for managing meetings, events and even time-blocking. The application is easy-to-use and resembles a more advanced Apple Calendar experience.

Cron is popular with those who want something more advanced than a basic calendar option like Google Calendar or say Apple Calendar default to most phone systems - with features like meeting scheduling and conferencing setup, this makes it more of a versatile option when booking and planning meetings ahead.

With more and more calendar apps like Rise Calendar & Mayday coming out. Cron battles to be the best looking and most functional calendar app on the market.

Where to download Cron Calendar?

Command Bar for Cron Calendar, Cron Calendar Review

Cron Calendar is available on iOS, Windows, web and macOS and offers an awesome way to handle your events and meetings. The mobile application on iOS is designed very well and a winner of multiple awards for developing a strong mobile calendar experience.

Cron Calendar Best Features

Things we liked about Cron

Let's take a look at Cron Calendar and see what you'll love and hate about this calendar applications owned and managed by the infamous Notion team.

There's so many elements of Cron Calendar that people love and what made it one of the most upvoted products on Product Hunt of all time, gathering so much attention obviously caught the eyes of the Notion acquisitions team too.

Share Meeting Times with Cron

1. Scheduling Links

Creating and managing upcoming meetings and booking with external parties is ideal because you can select times on your calendar and share it is either a copy and paste into email or even using a Cron specific booking link. This makes it ideal for people wanting to book externally with dates that are ideal for you.

2. Video Conferencing Links

Although this auto-connection to tools like Google Meet and Zoom and more are becoming much more common, this is one of the best features for connecting and saving time setting up meeting links that are video based. This makes it perfect for quick meeting management especially for Mac users when it pops up in their menu bar.

Cron - Managing Event Conference like Google Meet, Zoom

3. Connect Notion Pages

Recently launched Notion integration allows you to bring pages into Cron Calendar so you don't miss meeting notes. This will be a fan-favourite for those who want better ways to bring Notion and Cron closer when managing team and individual calendar management.

4. Free For Now

One of the underrated things about Cron is that it is a free calendar application. For how long, we don't know, forever - maybe. Cron is a sister company to Notion and despite the connection, there's no plans to weave them together. You can also connect up multi-calendar applications with some tools actually limit.

5. Multi-time zones

Add up to 4 time zones for other countries, perfect for tracking clients' time zones so as not to disturb them. Great for those who work remotely with a distributed team.

Cron Calendar Worst Features

Things we didn't like about Cron

Other elements you might not like about Cron Calendar and continue your hunt:

1. Cisco Webex & Microsoft Teams

The pain is that they don't have tools like Cisco Webex or Microsoft Teams, but you can add a recurring custom link there, so that might solve the issue. This won't worry you if Google Meet and Zoom are your needs.

Conferencing Options in Cron Calendar

2. The Fear of Cut Off

Whilst Notion have acquired this and there's no immediate plans to cut out Cron Calendar, with calendar apps in the past like Sunrise - there's always that fear of being shutdown. For some people this is daunting knowing this could happen, but the same could apply for any tool, anytime.

Cron Calendar Pricing

How much does Cron cost?

The best thing about Cron Calendar is you don't have to flesh out any cash. The Cron calendar app is free for now and owned by Notion - the no-code productivity app.

Is Cron Calendar any good?

Cron is a real gem of the calendar market.

Cron Calendar, All Apps, Dark Mode

To be honest, everyone. If you're in the hunt for a calendar app and you like a simple experience, good meeting scheduling and clean function like command bars, then Cron Calendar is going to be a great calendar app for you. If you don't want anything madly complicated but a change of scenery from tools like Apple or Google, or even Outlook. This is a neat option and if you're in a Notion user then you'll love this calendar app.

If you're looking for richer features, there's some Cron alternative below.

Who uses Cron Calendar?

People also like Cron Calendar for the quick nature of the experience, with the command bar you can glide between creating an event to inviting people without leaving the keyboard. Cron is a balance between the lightness of basic tools and the advanced abilities you get with more advanced tools that we've listed below in the Cron alternatives.

Best Cron Calendar Alternatives

Cron calendar is a fantastic tool, but here's some Cron Calendar alternatives to explore:

  • Fantastical - Great all-round calendar experience for managing events
  • Rise Calendar - A newly introduced tool with great time-focus features
  • Vimcal - more advanced, focused AI calendar app for individuals and teams


Create a scheduling link with Cron and manage it with others by recommending them dates and times to meet with you - perfect for internal and external use.


One of the best-designed calendar apps out there right now, Cron offers a clean look - like an Apple Calendar alternative - but with an array of colour events inside for customisation


A good optionality with views allowing you to choose between week, day and month view - Cron also includes a way to choose how many days you want to see and even remove weekends too.

Cron Calendar: Notion Acquired

Exploring Cron Calendar

Will Notion kill off Cron?

Nobody knows. The likelihood is that they will try and weave it into the main Notion system, like Microsoft did with Wunderlist and now, Microsoft To-Do.

Can you use Cron Calendar and Notion together?

Right now. No, there's no active integration between Cron Calendar and Notion.

Can I get Cron Calendar without an invite?

Cron Calendar is now free for all and is available on iOS, macOS, webOS and Windows.

Who founded Cron Calendar?

Raphael Schaad founded Cron Calendar, Cron was acquired by Notion in 2022 for an undisclosed sum.

What Mobile App of the Year did Cron Calendar win?

It won Product Hunt Kitty Award for "Best Mobile App" in 2022.

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