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HEY Calendar

HEY Calendar is a calendar app that re-thinks your approach to managing schedules.

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Things we like

Week by week calendar views

Unique day view for scheduling

Allows you to track time & projects

Manage and track habits

Great for time-blocking

Things we don't like

Might be too complicated in nature for people to learn and adapt after using traditional calendar apps

Requires you to buy Hey.com email experience to get access with a subscription plan

What we think about the Design of HEY Calendar?

HEY apps tend to have an interesting design. Calendar is going to be like Marmite, a love-or-hate-it experience. HEY Calendar has a wide range of views that go against traditional calendar concepts like a day view that is horizontal versus vertical. They also have a week-by-week view instead of a month view, which is very opinionated but this design oozes across the product lines that HEY release.

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HEY Calendar Review

Best Features, Pricing, Alternatives & Opinion

HEY Calendar is currently in early-access beta and with plans to release in 2024, the system approaches the calendar in a new exciting way, here's our early takes:

HEY Calendar, Day Mode, Managing Calendar in Day Mode, HEY.com

What is HEY Calendar?

HEY Calendar is a calendar app with a focus on tracking events, time-blocking & habits. It comes as part of the HEY Email package that people use to handle emails.

Daily planning that flexes to you. Connect your to-dos and calendars. Try it free.

Time block from Notion, ClickUp, Linear, and more, in any calendar for intentional days.

What does HEY Calendar do?

Much like other calendar apps HEY wants to build the calendar around your time management. There's something very unique about how HEY approaches the schedule with two views for week and day allowing you to see your week as more of a vertical timeline, something we haven't seen in other calendar apps.

HEY Calendar Time Tracking

HEY also allows you to add Google Calendar, Outlook & Apple calendar feeds with light habit-tracking blended for tracking goals and targets you want to track day-to-day. You can also track time starting a timer within the app too.

HEY Calendar Best Features

Whilst this is an early access beta, we thought we'd share the bits we liked:

1. Timeline Day View

This view takes time to get used to as it goes against conventional calendar apps.

Meeting in HEY Calendar, Event Added

As a whole, it changes how you look at the calendar day, instead of being vertical - you see a window into your day in another way. You're almost peeking ahead and seeing things more day based with the ability to plot ahead less accurately, but with a cleaner feel in our opinion using this one.

This is going to largely be a preference thing, but it works very well indeed.

2. Habit & Time Tracking

You don't just add events, HEY Calendar added habits and time-tracking.

Habit Tracking in Hey Calendar

Habits can be set-up within a new window allowing for you to add anytime of habit, what days you want to do it and even setting an icon to get started too. This can then be monitored for daily tracking from the calendar view, meaning you don't need to go into the habits area every single time - perfect for a few habits to tick off with a button tap.

Time tracking is also available meaning you can start a session or keep track of a type of work that you're doing all within the calendar view and in a timesheet like view in the main menu - having both these gadgets to hand takes HEY Calendar to the next level.

3. Sometime This Week

Much like the "Set Aside" feature in HEY Email, "sometime this week" works the same.

Sometime This Week Feature, Allocating Event When Suitable, HEY Calendar

Down the bottom of the calendar, you can tally anything that comes to mind that isn't yet dedicated a time slot or one that you want to add for later. This is perfect for meetings that need to happen, tasks that could be time-blocked, or just a notes area to process for later.

This is a really helpful addition that can be accessed in day and week view.

HEY Calendar Pricing

HEY Calendar is part of the HEY subscription charging $99 per year.

HEY Calendar and Email Pricing

Daily planning that flexes to you. Connect your to-dos and calendars. Try it free.

Time block from Notion, ClickUp, Linear, and more, in any calendar for intentional days.

Early Thoughts on Hey Calendar

HEY Calendar is an extension of HEY Email but can be used individually.

The calendar experience is very unique, very novel in approach - there's not calendar apps out there doing as different viewing options as HEY have. They have re-thought the way we do calendar apps, as they did with the email experience and we like it.

HEY Calendar, Tracking Events and Habits

This take on calendar will take time to get used to, but if you already used HEY Email - this will be the perfect addition to managing your calendar events and meetings in one.

HEY Calendar Alternatives

Alternatives to HEY Calendar include Daybridge, Rise Calendar & Mayday Calendar.

HEY Calendar Availability

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