SchedJoules has tons of interesting calendars available such as holidays and sports.

SchedJoules Review

SchedJoules: Best Features, Pricing & More

SchedJoules is a calendar application tool with over 450k calendars to choose from. Subscribe to calendars, integrate them with existing apps or use the API to create your own.

Use SchedJoules to subscribe to tons of interesting calendars for public holidays, sports events and much more. Also use API to integrate into your own calendar tool.

What is SchedJoules?

SchedJoules is a calendar application with thousands of calendars inside. You can view all kinds of calendars from public holidays around the world to sports events and even financial calendars.

The beauty of this is any kind of calendar or schedule you need from around the world or for a specific topic of interest can be found here inside SchedJoules. You can then subscribe to the calendar and add it to your calendar, for example, Apple Calendar, to receive updates.

You can also use the SchedJoules Interesting Calendar API to app into your own app creation for calendar needs. SchedJoules has specifically designed its API to meet the needs of calendar applications and completely sorts out the hosting, updates and everything else.

Who is SchedJoules For?

SchedJoules is best for a couple of groups. First, you have those who want to subscribe to different calendars because they are interested in something or want to add another type of calendar to their existing app.

Another is for those who want to create their own calendar applications or apps that include a calendar feature to share and allow users to see different kinds of calendars. You can request an API key directly from their website.

Best Features of SchedJoules

Here are some of the best features of SchedJoules.

Public Calendars

SchedJoules has over 450k calendars to choose from, this includes a huge range, let's just write it in a list.

  • Public holiday calendars for over 241 countries and 350 regions.
  • School holiday calendars for around 13 different countries.
  • Observance calendars, which show different things celebrated around the world.
  • Sports calendars including schedules, results and lineups.
  • TV show calendars to make sure you don't forget your favourite show.
  • Weather calendars that are always updated.
  • Lifestyle and nature calendars to show religious holidays and moon phases.
  • Financial calendars with company information and results.

You can choose which calendars you want to view and also use these calendars inside your own calendar application.

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