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Calendar 366

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A simple, yet easy to use calendar app for macOS and Apple devices.

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What is Calendar 366?

Calendar 366 is a simple calendar application with a lot of views and features built in. You can view this calendar using Spotlight Search, on your Apple Watch and Mac desktop.

This app has a very familiar feel so users will quickly learn to understand it. Calendar 366 gives you different views to suit your needs and uses natural language input too.

Overall, it's an easy-to-use with calendar app to use across all your Apple devices. Add in any events and todos and organise them with priorities and preferences.

Best Features of Calendar 366

Here are the key features of Calendar 366, the calendar app for all events and todos.

  • Matches your preferences and priorities to help organise and manage events, appointments and to-dos.
  • Split view with other applications on the screen.
  • Drag and drop attachments into the calendar.
  • Add things like your location, invitees and attachments.
  • Choose from different views and layouts to suit your needs, including widgets for your home screen.
  • Sync with all Apple devices.

Calendar 366 Pricing

The app is a one-off price of $9.99 for unlimited use and to unlock all features.

Who is Calendar 366 Best Suited For?

Calendar 366 is a good personal-use calendar, you can invite others to view events and appointments however it's a good app for syncing with multiple devices and adding everything you need into one place. Calendar 366 is easy to use as it has a familiar feel to it, most users can get along with this app right away.


Organise events and todo using different colours, resizing events, adding locations and more details to help organise events further.

Easy to View

Calendar 366 has that Apple-centric feel most users will enjoy and have already experienced, also making it easy to use.

Sync Across Devices

Sync your calendars across other devices like iPad and Apple Watch for on the go calendar organisation and reminders.

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