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Morgen aims to serve as your comprehensive productivity stack, focusing predominantly on managing your calendar and tasks. This review delves into whether Morgen is the ideal solution for you.

Morgen Calendar, Showing Tasks and Calendar in One

What is Morgen?

Morgen is an app designed for calendar scheduling and task management, enabling users to organize meetings, appointments, and tasks in a single location.

What does Morgen do?

Available on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS, Morgen strives to merge task management with calendar functionalities. Morgen is a free calendar app too, with premium abilities to go further.

By integrating your Google Calendar, you can view all events and meetings, alongside managing tasks through Morgen's task area, which includes an inbox and lists for project organization. People are starting to like calendar apps that include task experiences.

Connect Morgen Calendar with other apps

You can also connect with the likes of Office 365, Fastmail, Outlook, Exchange, iCloud and CalDev too. Morgen boasts a suite of features, including integrations with Microsoft To-Do, Google Tasks, and Outlook, facilitating a unified task management experience.

You can invite people to meetings and a whole host of workflow functions with is packed into Pro feature Morgen Assist, that seems promising as an App-Store type experience.

Morgen: Pros & Cons

There's a few things we loved whilst testing Morgen we wanted to highlight:

1. Planning & Integrations

One of the benefits of Morgen is you could bundle everything in one.

Task Management inside of Morgen Calendar

The task integrations and calendar abilities combined might allow you to bring everything into one location which a lot of people will like. You will need the pro account to really add more than your Google Calendar, or one calendar experience, but largely you can bring in a decent amount of integrations. You can manage lists too there.

Planning is easy and solid in Morgen too, easy to drag and time-block ahead.

2. Booking Page & Open Invites

Invites to other team members or even externally is very easy.

Booking pages allow people to jump into a routine timings that you might want to add to your email signature, or just send out to people in your email app. One of the benefits to this is you can add multiple booking pages, for the type of work you do and said availability - ideal for client focused work and then meetings for people interested.

Booking Page for Morgen Calendar Users

The open invites feature is also powerful for scheduling a meeting when you want to offer more times or even times that are outside of the booking pages.

3. Morgen Assist's Potential

Morgen Assist is a promising way to customize your workflow.

Morgen Assist Abilities, Morgen Pro

Thankfully there's not too much to do here, you plug in the "workflow apps" you want and then Morgen will implement them for you into your system. A good example is the addition of travel time, which might be suitable for someone who always has a new location to visit for meetings and this will allow you to get a recommended travel time based on location.

Another helpful one is the ability to see your personal calendar and how close to work events these appear, helping to window the right things into the workflow. In general, this could be a promising plug and play way to improve calendar use for Morgen users.

Cons of Using Morgen

Here's some of the things we weren't sure on with Morgen:

1. Limited Free Plan

The free plan restricts users to a single calendar integration, which may not suffice for those juggling multiple schedules.

2. Pricing Per Month

This is a general calendar market thing right now. Some calendar apps are pricing against the cost of daily planner apps, this is just a natural evolution as calendar apps evolve.

Per month, Morgen is expensive, per year, it is much more approachable.

How much does Morgen cost?

Morgen charges $14 per month, monthly. And $108 annually, so $9 per month. Pricing, How much does Morgen cost

Morgen's pricing structure has seen a significant increase, positioning it as a premium option in the calendar application market. Despite this, its comprehensive features justify the cost for users seeking an all-in-one calendar and task management tool.

Verdict: Is Morgen Worth It?

As of 2024, we see Morgen as the best all-around calendar application.

Reasons being, due to its versatility, ease of use, and comprehensive feature set. Its availability across multiple platforms, including Linux, sets it apart in the market. There's a wide range of calendars to connect with Morgen and a well-built setup for simple and advanced calendar users.

For individuals looking for a unified solution to manage tasks and calendar, Morgen presents a compelling option.

Best Morgen Calendar Alternatives

Calendar apps come in many shapes and sizes, here's some Morgen Calendar alternatives:

  • Amie - a calendar app that combines tasks, calendar & email (premium) too.
  • Fantastical - an all-rounder with great integrations and calendar management.
  • Rise Calendar - a beautiful, new entry to the calendar market with similar functions.
  • Vimcal - touted as one of the fastest calendar apps on the market.


There are a range of integrations with Notion, Todoist, Zoom and many more for optimising your meetings, notes and tasks.

Light Tasks

A lightweight way to schedule tasks into your calendar, this won't be a Todoist or TickTick replacement but great for blocking.


A handy scheduling tool for internal and external meetings, with flexible features.

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