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A unified calendar experience offering calendar, scheduling and tasks - a popular option for all round calendar use and a growing calendar tool with new features coming.

Handle tasks and calendar in one with Morgen Calendar

What is Morgen Calendar?

Morgen is a unified calendar, scheduler and task manager. It helps users to stay organized and keep track of their tasks and appointments in one place.

It offers a range of features including event and task management, task reminders and calendar integration. It is an easy-to-use and intuitive tool to help users stay on top of their busy schedules. It has a similar feature density to Fantastical 3.

Morgen offers tasks alongside calendar, not common in the market.

Morgen Calendar Features

Sharing Link with Morgen Calendar

Managing your events can be helpful with Morgen, here's what they offer:

  • Manage tasks and calendar in one place
  • Tasks can have more detail and be organized into task lists
  • Sharing links can be created for people to set up meetings
  • Meetings can be automatically booked using "booking pages"
  • Manage meetings better with AI features
  • Unlock more from Morgen with integrations with Asana, Slack, and Todoist
  • Morgen Cloud secures your calendar events and allows you more access

Morgen Calendar Pricing

Morgen has a solid calendar experience that offers free and paid plans. This is subject to change with monthly pricing starting from 5 GBP per month.

Morgen Calendar - What is the pricing?

Morgen Calendar Verdict

Morgen is great for those who like calendar and have a higher budget than most.

If you're invested in systems like time-blocking this could be great for you. Even those who like tasks to be planned next to their calendar would like Morgen - hosting your tasks and calendar in one base might save you money, but it is for those who really know their system relies on light tasks and lots of calendar usage.

Morgen does offer a free plan with the ability to manage tasks, but limited to one calendar, perfect for getting started managing your events and tasks.

Morgen Calendar Alternatives

Calendar apps come in many shapes and sizes, here's some Morgen Calendar alternatives:

  • Fantastical - an all-rounder with great integrations and calendar management.
  • Rise Calendar - a beautiful, new entry to the calendar market with similar functions.
  • Vimcal - touted as one of the fastest calendar apps on the market.


There are a range of integrations with Notion, Todoist, Zoom and many more for optimising your meetings, notes and tasks.

Light Tasks

A lightweight way to schedule tasks into your calendar, this won't be a Todoist or TickTick replacement but great for blocking.


A handy scheduling tool for internal and external meetings, with flexible features.

Understanding Morgen

Calendar questions for Morgen

Does Morgen have any AI features?

Yes, they recently released early access sign-up to TimeTo designed to give you and your team a better base for planning and scheduling items.

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