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Scott Roy profile picture

Scott Roy

10th Apr 2024

Deadline Demolisher

1 Year of Usage 10 / 10

Great for someone with multiple calendars

I'm a consultant, and work with at least 6 different email addresses across multiple businesses, which results in multiple calendars at work. Morgen allows me to view everything in one place. The calendar booking feature is super helpful as well, as it allows me to never me double-booked across any......

Theo Lemay profile picture

Theo Lemay

9th Apr 2024

Deadline Demolisher

3 Years of Usage 9.6 / 10

Daily user for 3 years

I've used Morgen + Todoist to manage my life as an engineering student for almost three years now. It is one of the most valuable tools I've ever used. Key features: * todoist + task integration * linux support * keybinds + functional UI * natural language event input * integrate multiple......

Nasser profile picture


6th Apr 2024

Clutter Crusher

2 Years of Usage 9.8 / 10

Has everything I could ask for, and more.

I've been using Morgen for almost 2 years now. Given the wide range of platforms and OSs that I use, I needed something that works reliably across all. The integration with a wide variety of calendars was important (Outlook and Gmail namely). The syncing is fantastic, and overall consistent......

Ayoub Sabounji profile picture

Ayoub Sabounji

26th Mar 2024

Distraction Deflector

1 Year of Usage 9.4 / 10

I really love the morgen calendar

Overall, Morgen Calendar is a promising calendar application that offers seamless integration with Notion and Microsoft To-Do. Its ease of use and clean interface make it a great choice for users who rely on these platforms for task management. The app's functionality and convenience are......

Honza Štěpánek profile picture

Honza Štěpánek

25th Mar 2024

Distraction Assassin

1 Year of Usage 8.4 / 10

Sunrise Calendar's worthy successor

Finally, an app able to replace Sunrise Calendar, which Microsoft treacherously murdered. While it is able to link all the calendars most people use (Google, Outlook, iCloud), it doesn't yet do everything a user could want (e.g., automatically linking between Outlook and iCloud Calendar). However,......

Scott Steinhardt profile picture

Scott Steinhardt

22nd Mar 2024

Meeting Minimizer Maven

1 Year of Usage 10 / 10

The One to Beat

Morgen is how my brain works, full stop. I've been looking for something that not only is a full-featured calendar app (complete with cmd+K shortcuts) — something to compliment Superhuman — but also one that implements time blocking the way I would want and works with tools I use (like Linear).......

Charles Meyer profile picture

Charles Meyer

13th Mar 2024

Deadline Demolisher

1 Year of Usage 9.6 / 10

Bridges my home and work life beautifully

I can sync my home Apple iCloud Calendar and my work Google Calendars beautifully and Morgen can look at both calendars and manage my availability. I cancelled my Calendly sub because Morgen creates booking pages easily and I can see my team's availability in the calendar which with Calendly was......

Rodrigo Pato profile picture

Rodrigo Pato

12th Mar 2024

Procrastination Punisher

2 Years of Usage 8.8 / 10

Dedicated Calendar App perfect for time blocking

Morgen is great as it pairs with todoist to create a extremly low friction task/time blocking flow. Works great across platforms and have a great design; It still lacks a bit on mobile and perfomance startup, but nothing much diferrent compared to other solutions. It has many meetings and......

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