Timepage by Moleskine

Timepage by Moleskine

Timepage by Moleskine

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Moleskine Timepage Review (2024)

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A calendar application designed beautifully for better on-the-go use for iOS users. Time to explore in more detail whether the Timepage calendar app is right for you?

Timepage App, Mac and iPhone, Weather Shown on Screen

What is Moleskine Timepage?

Moleskine Timepage is a calendar app designed by Moleskine.

Daily planning that flexes to you. Connect your to-dos and calendars. Try it free.

Time block from Notion, ClickUp, Linear, and more, in any calendar for intentional days.

What does Moleskine Timepage do?

It offers a clean and simple interface that allows you to easily view and manage your schedule, with support for multiple calendars and integration with popular services like iCloud, Google Calendar, and Exchange.

Moleskine Timepage also features a range of customizable widgets, smart notifications, and weather forecasts, making it a comprehensive tool for organizing your life. Overall, Moleskine Timepage is a great option for anyone looking for a modern and user-friendly calendar app.

This beautiful calendar app has a lot going on a favourite of many.

Best Features of Timepage by Moleskine

Here's some of the notable experiences you'll find in the calendar app:

  • Animations - Best known for the experience with visual and animation on iOS that helps people pick themes and manage events in a fun and interactive way.
  • Travel Time - Better plan in travel time with this feature allowing you to time the best plans for the meeting wherever it might be.
  • Weather - You can manage weather inside of Timepage allowing you to see upcoming weather changes in correlation to your travel plans to each event.

Daily planning that flexes to you. Connect your to-dos and calendars. Try it free.

Time block from Notion, ClickUp, Linear, and more, in any calendar for intentional days.

Is Moleskine Right For Me?

Moleskine Timepage is perfect for those looking for an iOS calendar app that includes the function of planning travel, weather and other micro notifications to keep you on top and planning your calendar.

Moleskine Timepage is also a recommendation if you want a simple tasks app, and notebook app, and are willing to go all in on the Moleskine ecosystem. It really is a beautiful calendar app, easy to adjust to, and fun to use.


Moleskine Timepage offers one of the best-in-class designs for an iOS calendar app.


With Moleskine Timepage you can see and manage the weather with great notifications too for keeping the best plans for the day ahead.


Another great feature of Timepage is being able to add locations for better travel time planning with all events on Mac and iOS.

Moleskine Timepage: Beautiful Calendar App

Understanding Moleskine Timepage further

Does Moleksine Timepage have a corresponding Desktop app?

Yes. Moleskine Timepage has a macOS application with a solid 3.9 rating on Mac App Store alongside the iOS application.

How much does Moleskine Timepage cost?

You can pay individually for Moleskine Timepage at $2.49 monthly. You can save money by buying into the Moleskine Suite pricing that gives you access to all the tools in one - at a well priced $24.99 overall.

Are there other iOS calendar apps like Moleskine Timepage?

Yes, other beautiful calendar apps like Moleskine Timepage are; Calendars 5, Timetree and Daybridge.

What else is inside the Moleskine Suite?

Moleskine Timepage for a beautiful calendar app, Flow is an infinite notebook and Actions is a fun to-do list app. You can purchase all in a bundle.

Does Moleskine Timepage work with Actions?

Yes, Moleskine Actions allows you to preview events from Moleskine Timepage and switch between calendar and tasks once you have the Moleskine Suite package.

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