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What is is a calendar and scheduling software for individuals and teams.

What does do? is a software that combines all of your calendars into one location but also allows you to share and schedule meetings internally and externally with other people. It's good not only for sharing a group link to allow people to find a time that's best suitable for them based on my calendar but also has features like calendar analytics and best times for team meetings that you can schedule at the most optimal time for you.

Best Features

  • Scheduling Software: offers a robust way to create scheduling event links, share them, and create custom options so that you can share them with the right people in a professional manner. It works not only for individuals but also for teams, and it comes with a nice onboarding process for managing how long, where, and what time meetings will be.
  • Calendar Analytics: This feature is available in the more premium plans, but you can get an idea of where your meetings and any calendar events you've had across the week and what they add up to. The analytics provide insight into whether you've spent hours in lunch meetings, office hours, or maybe even other aspects of your time, and gives you a rundown of how you spent your week.
  • Unified View: You can connect your Google Calendar and Microsoft Calendar to have a unified calendar experience in one place. It's a very lightweight calendar that may not do wonders, but it looks and works well functionally. This is a nice ability.

How much does cost? starts at $25 per user, per month for premium features Pricing, How much does cost, updated March 2024

Verdict: Is worth it?

As a whole, aims to be a unified calendar for managing all your calendars and a scheduling tool that provides decent analytics. If you are working in a team, then wants to try and coordinate all of that scheduling in one location.

What allows you in the premium pricing is to start utilizing the workspace features like unlimited scheduling, meeting polls, analytics, team scheduling events, and more. It's more of a generalized calendar management system for teams, whereas it is not as specific as tools like Clockwise and Reclaim that use artificial intelligence and more powerful features for task management.

Unified Calendar

View your Microsoft and Google Calendar in one.

Scheduling for Teams

Managing you and your team's schedules and internal meetings.

External Custom Links

Perfect for sharing meetings with people externally.

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