Vimcal Calendar

Vimcal Calendar

Enhance your productivity and organise your time with Vimcal touted to be the quickest and fastest calendar app ever with speeds like Superhuman but for calendar.

What's good about Vimcal Calendar

What's good

  • Collaboration
  • Super Fast
  • Event Planning
What's not good about Vimcal Calendar

What's not good

  • Expensive for Calendar

Vimcal Calendar Key Features

Vimcal Calendar  Key feature #1


Vimcal calendar enables users to collaborate on events and schedules by sharing their calendars with others and inviting them to add or edit events.

Vimcal Calendar  Key feature #2

Super Fast

Vimcal is a fast calendar app. A cloud-based architecture allows for fast and responsive performance across devices and platforms.

Vimcal Calendar  Key feature #3

Event Planning

Vimcal Calendar offers advanced event planning features such as custom event fields, recurring events, and reminders, allowing users to plan and manage events with ease.

What is Vimcal Calendar?

Vimcal Calendar wants to be your chosen fast calendar app.

Much like Superhuman for email, Vimcal calendar offers a faster experience for calendar management that many solo users who spend plenty of time in events, meetings and booking them want to get hold of.

It offers faster ways to create events, share booking times with other people and much more. They are a small team but growing as the need for a faster calendar emerges.

What Makes Vimcal Great?

Some of the killer calendar features inside Vimcal touted the "fast calendar app":

  • A lightweight and simple command-line calendar application
  • Supports various calendar formats such as iCalendar and Google Calendar
  • Allows viewing, creating, and managing events and appointments from the terminal
  • Offers features such as colour coding, event filtering, and reminders
  • Highly customisable with many configuration options
  • Integrates well with other command-line tools to enhance productivity

Vimcal: The Fast Calendar App

So you've heard Vimcal is super fast, but what makes it one of the fastest calendar apps?

  • A text-based interface allows for quick rendering and smooth scrolling inside the app.
  • The underlying codebase of Vimcal is optimised for speed, making it a fast calendar app.
  • Vimcal handles event creation and organisation efficiently, minimising delay and lag.
  • The streamlined interface focuses on displaying calendar information, with fewer unneeded distractions on screen.

Vimcal's iOS App: Exploration

They currently offer Vimcal on Mac, iOS and Windows right now, here's an exploration or tour into the iOS experience:

Vimcal's Other Calendar Abilities

Vimcal provides users with a range of calendar abilities to help them manage their schedules and stay organised.

Users can view their calendar by day, week, or month, and easily navigate between dates using keyboard shortcuts.

Vimcal Calendar also supports recurring events, allowing users to set up events that repeat on a regular schedule. Events can be colour-coded for easy identification, and users can filter events by category or search for specific events using keywords.

Vimcal Calendar also provides reminders for upcoming events, which can be customised to suit the user's preferences.

Who is Vimcal Best For?

Vimcal is best suited for users who want a lightweight and customisable tool for managing their calendars.

It is ideal for anyone who spends a lot of time working and wants a simple and efficient way to keep track of their schedule.

This is a fast calendar app and one of the better tools for those who see their calendar to be the homepage of their productivity - for example - they go to a calendar tool as they commence their work day.

Vimcal is a little on the pricier side if you go with their paid options, but overall it seems well-built and offers a unique approach to handling events at speed.

Alternatives include Fantastical 3 and Daybridge.

Understanding Vimcal

Best practices with Vimcal

Vimcal has a feature for sharing availability and it is one of the fastest ways to share them - pick the slots you want to share and a link is instantly created.

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