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Vimcal Review

Review of Vimcal: Best Features, Pricing & Alternatives

Vimcal is one of the more recent calendar apps to land on the market and it wants to be your base for everything events, meetings and external scheduling for you and your team.

Vimcal Calendar - Managing Events

What is Vimcal?

Vimcal Calendar is a calendar application designed for professionals and team users. Vimcal offers a more in-depth calendar offering than many of the other calendar apps on the market infusing AI, team collaboration tools and better meeting scheduling too.

Vimcal is one of the pricier calendar applications on the market but this application is much more focused on individuals who are busy and want to better handle their calendar and meeting times co-ordinating them in a fast calendar application.

Best Features of Vimcal

Let's explore some of the standout features of Vimcal for calendar management:

1. Speedy Calendar App

Power Features in Vimcal

Whilst hard to demonstrate here, Vimcal offers a speedy way to handle your calendar, this makes it easier for professionals to manage their timetable and meetings with the rest of their team, and stay on top of projects.

The speed of the software was something we had no issues with and found it fast for adding events, creating slots for meetings to share with others and using the more recent AI features too (which assumingly run on OpenAI's platform).

Vimcal as a calendar application is one of a few calendar apps we found this level of speed with.

2. Team Slots Features

Team Slots in Vimcal

Sharing meeting times can be tricky internally and externally.

Vimcal wants to solve this for teams and is great for managing your team's meeting times if someone is in your Vimcal team then any availability you book with them internally, that they haven't yet confirmed, will be blocked out as busy externally - ideal for protecting team time in the important internal meetings.

Team slots are also a nice way to find meetings with team members. We found it to be smooth and easy to follow.

It offers faster ways to create events, share booking times with other people and much more. They are a small team but growing as the need for a faster calendar emerges.

3. Smart AI Features

Free Time Finder AI in Vimcal

Vimcal prides itself on offering AI features and is sort of the AI-powered calendar application alongside others trying to reach a new audience looking to save time and be more productive with their meetings and calendar events.

One of those features that really impressed us in our review was the AI Time Finder. Time Finder wants to reduce the need to find a time and switch between calendar apps. Think of when a Calendly link lands in your inbox, you have to go check your calendar and compare the dates. Well, Vimcal wants to kill that concept off with an AI calendar feature that people really like. The concept is simple.

You paste your Calendly link or copy the email in question, or even screenshot - then paste it into Vimcal's Time Finder and all the dates will fan out on your calendar.

Finding Times using AI with Vimcal

You may never know the best times for your calendar but AI wants to find better times for you by scanning your calendar and picking the most suitable ones for your busy schedule. This is a new feature and helps you to better slot in time whether that be the 2-hour focus time in the morning or the slots in the afternoon, a very neat feature.

We actually tested Vimcal for 7 days and this was our experience.

Vimcal Cons: Missed Opportunities

There are some great experiences in Vimcal, but there are also some areas that could be better. Vimcal brings to life a calendar with AI but what bits didn't we like?

1. Very AI-centric

Power Features in Vimcal

We rave about the AI and then we bash it. Not really a con, but Vimcal is infused with AI around every corner. Some people are worried that the use of AI won't be like this. You probably would have turned away at the homepage if this was the case, but we're just reminding you. Vimcal wants to be the base for AI calendar management.

2. Hidden Features & Education

Again, not as much of a con, just a shame that Vimcal tucked all these gems away. There's a range of features like templates, focus mode and more tucked away in the menu bar of Vimcal, something you might miss out on.

Vimcal Pricing

Let's look into the pricing for Vimcal:

How much does Vimcal Cost?

Vimcal has a 7-day free trial to the Vimcal iOS & Desktop pricing. However, the pricing is as follows when it comes to accessing it long-term. Subject to change naturally.

  • Free - this gives you iOS only with limited features.
  • iOS & Desktop - charges $15 per month, reduced amount if billed annually, and gives you access to all Vimcal features.
  • Enterprise - there is a pricing for large teams.
Pricing Plans for Vimcal Calendar, Vimcal

Each team member you add to your team in Vimcal will be priced at $15 per user, per month. This is lower than calendar apps like Rise Calendar which charge $20 per user.

Vimcal Verdict: Final Thoughts

Team Slots in Vimcal

Vimcal is best suited for users who want a lightweight and customisable tool for managing their calendars. It is ideal for anyone who spends a lot of time working and wants a simple and efficient way to keep track of their schedule.

This is a fast calendar app and one of the better tools for those who see their calendar as the homepage of their productivity - for example - they go to a calendar tool as they commence their work day.

Vimcal is a little on the pricier side if you go with their paid options, but overall it seems well-built and offers a unique approach to handling events at speed.

Best Vimcal Alternatives

Looking for Vimcal alternatives? Here are a few recommendations:

  • Fantastical 3 - A reliable, easy-to-use calendar app that comes with integrations
  • Rise Calendar - A new calendar app with a great focus on managing time blocks
  • Cron Calendar - something more simple? Cron offers a great simple calendar option

Who is Vimcal For?

Vimcal is a calendar tool that teams and individuals can use to better manage their calendars and time slots across the day. Vimcal is best suited for teams and professionals who are time-poor and need better control of their calendars and meetings.

With features like Team Slots, and Free Time Finder, you can see Vimcal wants to help solve the issue of time. A reminder that you can use Vimcal for free on iOS but desktop editions are part of the paid premium that Vimcal charges.


Vimcal calendar enables users to collaborate on events and schedules by sharing their calendars with others and inviting them to add or edit events.

Super Fast

Vimcal is a fast calendar app. A cloud-based architecture allows for fast and responsive performance across devices and platforms.

Event Planning

Vimcal Calendar offers advanced event planning features such as custom event fields, recurring events, and reminders, allowing users to plan and manage events with ease.

What is Vimcal like?

Much like Superhuman for email, Vimcal calendar offers a faster experience for calendar management that many solo users who spend plenty of time in events, meetings and booking them want to get hold of. Vimcal has a host of ways that it allows you to manage meetings like Time Finder which uses AI to scan a Calendly link, screenshot or copy and paste the message to pick the times they recommended, huge time saver.


Vimcal Calendar: All Features

Some of the killer calendar features inside Vimcal touted the fastest calendar app:

Vimcal Calendar App
  • A lightweight and simple command-line calendar application
  • Supports various calendar formats such as iCalendar and Google Calendar
  • Allows viewing, creating, and managing events and appointments from the terminal
  • Offers features such as colour coding, event filtering, and reminders
  • Highly customisable with many configuration options
  • Time Finder uses AI to find the meeting slots plotting them out for you to book
  • Team slots help you to plan out 1:1 meetings with team members
  • Integrates well with other command-line tools to enhance productivity
AI Time Finder Feature in Vimcal Calendar

Can Our Team Use Vimcal?

Yes. You can add team members in settings. You can also create contact groups which work well for external clients or maybe personal groups you meet up with, just tally up their emails. A reminder that adding more team members to a team will cost you.

Vimcal: FAQs

Understanding Vimcal Calendar

Can you share availability in Vimcal?

Vimcal has a feature for sharing availability and it is one of the fastest ways to share them - pick the slots you want to share and a link is instantly created.

Is there a fast calendar app like Vimcal?

Amie, Daybridge, Cron Calendar, Fantastical are all great fast calendar applications.

Is Vimcal compatible with popular web browsers?

Yes, Vimcal is designed to work with popular web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. It should function well on these browsers across different platforms.

Can I share my calendar with others in Vimcal?

Yes, Vimcal provides the ability to share your calendar with others. You can grant specific permissions and control the level of access for each collaborator, such as view-only or edit permissions.

How does Vimcal Calendar achieve its fast performance?

Vimcal Calendar prioritizes speed through a combination of factors such as lightweight design, efficient codebase, keyboard-centric navigation, and optimized data storage.

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