Rise Calendar

Rise Calendar

A next-generation calendar that helps find time for what’s important - with features like time blocking and planning with others. Investors include Stewart Butterfield.

What's good about Rise Calendar

What's good

  • Organisation
  • Focus
  • AI Assist
What's not good about Rise Calendar

What's not good

  • Not Launched

Rise Calendar Key Features

Rise Calendar Key feature #1


Like many calendar apps, Rise provides an easy-to-use space to plan and organise events to ensure you keep a steady schedule.

Rise Calendar Key feature #2


Choose when to set a focus time in order to get things done. This is perfect for developing a better work/life balance.

Rise Calendar Key feature #3

AI Assist

Rise uses AI assist to help better manage tasks and events - a fairly new feature that will continue to grow.

What is Rise Calendar?

Rise Calendar is calling itself the up-and-coming calendar application that focuses on “what’s important”. At first glance, Rise looks similar to Cron but the most interesting addition is the focus time abilities that bring more focus on how you’re using time.

They also have “a smart schedule analyzer” — apparently trained to improve how you use your calendar with Rise. Backed by Slack’s Stewart Butterfield, Rise comes with $3M in funding as backing for their venture.

Key Features of Rise Calendar

These are the key features of Rise:

  • Focus Time is a better way to plot what meeting time is and what is deep work time.
  • Booking Assistant is a command bar-based booking tool that will help you plan meetings with natural language input.
  • Automatically synchronizes with Google Calendar
  • Ability to share and invite guests to events
  • Includes a powerful editor for the creation of tasks and events
  • Offers a variety of customization options for events, including colours and backgrounds
  • Offers a drag-and-drop editor for quick event creation
  • Includes a built-in chat feature for collaboration with guests
  • Includes an AI-powered Google Assistant to help manage tasks and events
  • Offers a range of integrations with other apps and services, such as Gmail and Slack

Best Suited For

Rise Calendar is a great application for anyone who needs to manage busy parts of their day, alongside the need to get things done and focus.

This calendar tool is yet to come.

Rise Calendar: New Calendar App

Explore how Rise Calendar works

There has been a $3M investment into Rise Calendar. Led by Lachy Groom, both Stewart Butterfield and Adriaan Mol are both investors in the product. Stewart Butterfiled is very notable for his work building Slack.

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