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What is SkedPal

SkedPal is a smart calendar tool that uses AI to schedule your tasks and calendar in a way that works best for you and the time you already have committed to inside your calendar.

Just add in tasks and when you would like to complete them and SkedPal will automatically sync this task into your existing calendar, into a suitable place.

There are so many cool features with SkedPal, like setting priorities, having the app tell you when you're overloaded and can't complete a task and setting recurring session times.

Key Features of SkedPal

Here are some key features of SkedPal, the AI calendar scheduling tool.

  • Combine your to-do list tasks and calendar.
  • Drag and drop to move things around your calendar.
  • Integrates and Syncs with calendar apps like Google and Office 365.
  • Use the board view to organise priority tasks.
  • Set recurring session times for AI to schedule certain tasks.
  • Use Timepages to set when certain tasks should be done.

Who is SkedPal Best Suited For?

SkedPal is a great personal use application but can also be used with teams by integrating Asana. Once you get the hang of optimising all your time pages and setting the times for tasks, SkedPal is easy enough to use, thanks to AI doing most of the work for you. In terms of pricing, SkedPal is around £14 per month, which can be a little much, however, if you really need some help with scheduling your calendar, it might be worth it.


SkedPal uses artificial intelligence to schedule and organise your timetable based on the times you set.

Tasks and Calendar

Combine your tasks and calendar to create a schedule that works for you, making sure you have time to actually get all the things done.

Tool Integration

Integrate other tools like Asana and Zapier to optimise your workflow and work with your team.

Learn More About SkedPal

Answering Questions About SkedPal

How does SkedPal prioritise to-dos and events?

SkedPal uses your settings to best optimise your time. Such as task deadlines, importance, estimated time, and your preferences.

Can I use SkedPal if I have a varying calendar?

If your calendar changes each week that's fine, SkedPal can still auto-schedule important tasks for you based on your preferences.

Is SkedPal good for students?

Students may find this app useful for optimising their calendar for lessons, studying, work and outside events.

How does SkedPal use AI?

SkedPal combines your inputs such as priorities, duration, and availability to find the best time slot for your activity.

Can I integrate with Zapier?

Yes, you can integrate SkedPal with Zapier to extend your productivity, you can also turn emails into tasks.

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