A customisable and reliable calendar application. This is used by business professionals to help manage their calendar schedule, an alternative is Fantastical 3.

What's good about BusyCal

What's good

  • Multiple Views
  • Integrated Tasks
  • Smart Filters
What's not good about BusyCal

What's not good

  • Limited Devices

BusyCal Key Features

BusyCal Key feature #1

Multiple Views

View your calendar events in a year view, month view and weekly view. You can also see all events in a list format.

BusyCal Key feature #2

Integrated Tasks

Tasks are integrated into your calendar so you never miss a thing.

BusyCal Key feature #3

Smart Filters

Use smart filters to quickly format your calendars, you can also use filers to create calendar sets.

What is BusyCal?

Busycal is a calendar app developed by BusyMac LLC that is designed to help users stay organized and productive. It is a desktop app that is currently only available for Mac devices.

Busycal offers a range of features including customizable views, natural language input, to-do lists, weather forecasts, and more. It also integrates with other apps and services such as iCloud, Google Calendar, and Microsoft Exchange.

Key Features of BusyCal

These are some key features of BusyCal:

  • Customizable views (day, week, month, year, and list view)
  • Natural language input for creating events and tasks
  • To-do lists that integrate with the calendar
  • Ability to set recurring events and tasks
  • Weather forecast display for upcoming events
  • Time zone support for scheduling events in different time zones
  • Availability and scheduling assistant to find mutually convenient meeting times
  • Syncs with iCloud, Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange, and other apps and services
  • Integration with popular task management apps like Todoist and Things
  • Keyboard shortcuts for quick navigation and entry of events and tasks
  • Alerts and notifications for events and tasks
  • Search functionality to find events and tasks quickly
  • Smart filters to show specific types of events and tasks
  • Customizable event and task categories and tags
  • Support for multiple calendars and calendar sets

Best Suited For?

Busycal is best suited for Mac users who are looking for a powerful and customizable calendar app to help them manage their schedules and tasks.

It is particularly well-suited for professionals who need to manage multiple calendars and schedule appointments with others. Additionally, users who prefer natural language input for creating events and tasks may find Busycal's features helpful.

Questions about BusyCal

Your FAQ to understand BusyCal

It is $49.99 to buy outright for macOS with a 30-day trial. You can get it on SetApp for $9.99 per month otherwise.

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