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timeOS wants to be your base for managing meetings with ease. So it covers every aspect around the capture, notes and scheduling of meetings in your Chrome tab. Is it worth it?

timeOS - Meeting New Tab, Chrome Extension

What is timeOS?

Previously called Magical HQ, timeOS wants to be your AI meeting assistant.

What does timeOS do?

timeOS is aiming to be the hub for everything meetings.

By allowing you to use the Chrome extension or the web app, you plug into Google Workspace or Microsoft 365, you can start importing upcoming meetings and your calendar to see meetings in advance, begin preparing public and private notes and transcribe the meeting as you're taking it.

The meeting can also be managed here allowing you to use the timeOS AI assistant to create and suggest recommendations for you.

Best & Worst Features of timeOS

Here's some of the best and not so good bits about the timeOS experience:

1. AI Functionality

The array of AI abilities was massive in timeOS.

Meeting Assistant in timeOS

From the timeOS new tab, you can join a meeting with the AI assistant allowing you to join Zoom or Google Meet meetings with an extra person. This saves time making notes and connecting those notes to the AI note-taking function.

If you're lacking in connection, you can go offline with a mobile recorder which will allow you to take your phone with you and save meetings notes more suitably on the go.

2. Meeting Scheduling

A smaller yet helpful feature is a way to share the upcoming meetings.

AI Meeting Scheduling inside of timeOS

This is something we're commonly seeing in many tools in the productivity space and one of the benefits to having this is you could replace tools like Calendly that have a feature like this and it all works within the smart AI assistance of timeOS.

3. Expensive Pricing

This is one of the most expensive extension experience and really competes with $15 per month, Vimcal, which helps to handle everything meetings, calendar and AI.

For some people, not having an app for this might be a dealbreaker, but it works well within the New Tab Chrome extension we tested it in.

How much does timeOS cost?

timeOS starts at $15 per month, for a pro subscription.

timeOS Pricing, How much does it cost? Updated February 2024.

timeOS Verdict: Worth It?

timeOS works well as a way to manage your meetings, but comes with an expensive cost.

Compared to a lot of calendar apps in the space, timeOS packed a fair amount of the AI abilities within and to be fair, it allowed for more unified, easier access than others have.

AI Meeting Notes in timeOS Extension

If you're in the hunt for something Chrome based, and as a site, and need a more serious management of your calendar with AI then it is worth looking at timeOS, whilst the costs are higher, it probably can save on the use of Calendly and an AI calendar app like Vimcal.


A neat AI function for scheduling will help plan your meeting to best suit your calendar.

Notion Notes

Meeting notes is the bread and butter of Magical - this is shown off best with the integration with Notion for taking notes.

Chrome Tab

Appears as the new tab page in Google Chrome once installed, perfect for quick opening and access on any page.

Magical: New Calendar Tool

Exploring Magical Calendar further

Who are the founders of Magical Calendar?

Tommy Barav and Tal Peretz are both co-founders of Magical based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

What are the benefits of using AI in Calendar apps?

Using AI inside calendar applications like Magical help you speed up processes and save time within your team. Use AI to automate things like meeting notes and summaries so you can get on with your work.

What is an alternative to Magical?

Magical is calendar extension right now, so it doesn't exactly have many alternative calendar tools. Calendar apps like Vimcal, Fantastical and Google Calendar all live as fully fledged calendar apps.

How do I get started with Magical?

To get started with Magical, visit the website and sign up for an account. You can explore the platform's features, create documents, and invite team members to collaborate.

Can I get a calendar on Chrome New Tab?

Magical offers a Google Chrome New Tab extension allowing you to see your Google Calendar upcoming events and even start taking notes.

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