An AI calendar app for creating fast meeting notes and booking meetings.

What's good about Magical

What's good

  • Scheduling
  • Notion Notes
  • Chrome Tab
What's not good about Magical

What's not good

  • Chrome Only

Magical Key Features

Magical Key feature #1


A neat AI function in scheduling will help plan in your meeting to best suit your calendar.

Magical Key feature #2

Notion Notes

Meeting notes is the bread and butter of Magical - this is shown off best with the integration with Notion for taking notes.

Magical Key feature #3

Chrome Tab

Appears as the new tab page in Google Chrome once installed, perfect for quick opening and access on any page.

What is Magical?

Magical is a smart scheduling application to manage meetings inside your browser. Have everything you need to manage, create and schedule meetings right at your fingertips with the use of keyboard shortcuts and AI abilities.

Integrate Magical with Zoom, Google Meet and Notion to share notes, agendas and more.

The perfect meeting solution for busy professionals who need to share their availability and speed up their processes!

By using AI to write meeting agendas, and summaries and to suggest meeting times, your productivity can be increased, giving you more time to focus on bigger tasks.

Key Features of Magical

Here's the latest features of Magical and what it offers:

  • Entirely in Browser Tabs - Access the entire experience within a new browser tab. No need to download any more applications, just integrate with your existing browser!
  • Dynamic Availability - Not only can you suggest and send your preferred meeting schedule, but you can also set your availability to dynamic, allowing others to suggest times that work for them. Cutting out the need for back and forth emailing.
  • Automate with AI - Use many AI automations to suggest meeting times, write notes, and summaries and generally make the whole experience more efficient, fast and easy!
  • Keyboard Shortcuts - There's no need to remove your hands from your keyboard! Simply use handy keyboard shortcuts to navigate around your meeting process.

Best Suited for?

This application is best for busy teams who run lots of online meetings.

Speed up the entire process by allowing AI to do most of the work for you. Generate meeting schedules, agendas, follow ups and summaries with just the click of a few buttons!

Have everything you need within a new browser tab, no need to open more applications or search for anything, your magical meeting process is right there ready for you.

Understanding Magical

Inside the world of Magical

Tommy Barav and Tal Peretz are both co-founders of Magical based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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