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What is Hive?

Hive is a team project management application, great for hybrid and remote teams who need an all-in-one workspace for managing tasks, projects, goals and communication.

Hive provides teams with simple workflow templates, and tools for proofing, generating content, sending emails and tracking team time management and activities.

It's essentially an all-in-one workspace hub for teams to log what they're doing, track the progress and stats of a project and communicate effectively inside hangouts and notes.

Key Features of Hive

Here are some key features of Hive, the project management app for hybrid teams.

  • Workflow templates to suit a range of use cases to save time setting up the app.
  • Track and manage goals inside Hive using real-time updates and multiple views.
  • See an activity log for team member updates such as comments and logs.
  • A wide range of different views for different needs such as Gantt and Kanban.
  • HiveMind for AI assistance when writing emails, translating or creating content.

Who is Hive Best Suited For?

Hive is best suited for hybrid teams of any size. It provides a place for everyone to manage tasks and projects inside a workflow best for their use case such as marketing to design.

Hive project management is free to use for small teams, or you can pay around $12 per team member to extend the use of features and abilities.

Hive can be easy enough to use, like most apps you will have a slight learning curve. However, the interface and workflows are easy enough to get used to.

Hybrid Team Work

Hive is great for hybrid teams to collaborate and track the progress of projects they're working on, you can also track team members' time too.


HiveMind is Hive's own AI assistance for writing emails, generating content and translating.

Project Management

Hive is a tool for project management offering many different views, goal tracking and team collaboration.

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Answering Questions On Hive Project Management

Is Hive project management customisable?

Yes, you can create a workflow that works for your team using different projects, task lists and views.

How does hive manage task assignments?

You can assign team members to tasks and projects inside the Hive and view their progress and activity.

Is Hive suitable for large and small teams?

Hive does provide a place suitable for larger and smaller teams. You of course can try the application to see if it suits your team's specific use case.

Can you track project progress in Hive?

Yes, you can use timesheets to track team members' work hours, you can also see 24/7 project status and reporting updates.

How can I communicate with my team in Hive?

You can @mention team members, add comments, and chat in the Hangout, which is essentially a quick video call for meetings and sharing information.

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