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Task view in to manage all tasks in one place and link to notes.

What is is a tool for creating notes and tasks in one place with the help of AI. You can collaborate with your team or use as an individual to manage all notes, and tasks and combine the two in an easy-to-navigate workspace. also allows you to auto-link knowledge, update old notes, manage tasks in one place and search for knowledge using natural language. Overall is for managing notes and ideas and creating tasks alongside the help of AI.

Best Features of is a powerful and fast notes and tasks workspace. Here are some key features.

  • AI-powered so you can quickly create content, emails, summarise text and more.
  • Create tasks from your notes and link them together. For example, have AI write an email based on the notes you have.
  • Auto links your knowledge so relevant notes show up when using search.
  • Natural language input helps to auto-complete search and adding tasks.

Who Uses is a collaborative app, however, you can also use it individually for your own tasks and notes to create a knowledge base side by side. In terms of pricing, you can use Saga for free or update for $6 per month.

AI-Powered uses AI to help you write notes and emails, add tasks and more.


Work on documents with your team in real-time to share knowledge.

Tasks and Notes is great for storing all notes and creating a base to manage tasks. You can also combine the two.

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Is good for remote work?

Yes, you can connect notes, wikis and documents to share with remote teams. You can also collaborate in real-time on any writing.

Can you use to translate writing?

Yes, the AI in can translate writing to a different language, or to a language you understand.

What is the search feature?

You can search for all notes, keywords, documents and more, will then bring up all relevant content.

Can you integrate tools with

Yes, you can integrate other productivity tools with such as Google Docs and Slack.

What are Public Spaces?

You can share your documents and work with the world by making them public.

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