Taskade is a project management software designed for small teams dosed with AI.

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Things we like

AI Powered Project Management

Video Call Functionality Included

Great Views Including Mind Maps

Things we don't like

There is a quite aggressive push towards AI throughout the application which feels quite intense

Learning Taskade could take you some time to do as there are many elements to the experience

What we think about the Design of Taskade?

Taskade's design isn't particularly amazing. From our perspective, we wouldn't say it feels like a minimal or well-designed project management experience. More of a compiling of features. But again, many people don't really care too much about design when the features that Taskade offers are very compelling for the value they offer.

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Abdullah Ayaz

9th Jul 2024


Use: 2Y 10 / 10

Absolutely great

Taskade is simple but effective. The addition of A.I. bots and small little things like shortcuts really helps. As far as project management apps go, they are usually bad on mobille. Taskade isn't perfect, but it is way above most others. The plugin for my android homepage really helps too! It is a must buy.

R N profile picture


9th Jul 2024

Distraction Deflector

Use: 2Y 9.8 / 10

An amazing AI-powered tool that boosts productivity and makes work fun.

This tool is absolutely one of the coolest I've used for both business and personal purposes. It’s fantastic for taking notes and leveraging AI to quickly create documents, outlines, and mind maps. The features are just phenomenal! The ongoing addition of impressive AI agents and automation is the cherry on top. It's easy to use, highly......

Mike Friedman profile picture

Mike Friedman

9th Jul 2024

Task Tamer

Use: 3Y 9.4 / 10

Best productivity tool in the age of AI

No other tools out there are leveraging or incorporating AI as well as Taskade is right now. Between their AI Agents and Automations there is almost nothing you and your team cannot accomplish in a more efficient manner. The team at Taskade moves fast with launching new features and are responsive to feedback and customer requests. In just the......

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What is Taskade?

Taskade is an AI-powered project management software for teams and busy individuals. Many people use Taskade to manage their projects, notes, and workload in one place.

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Full access. No credit card required.

How does Taskade work?

Taskade is focused on helping you manage projects.

The idea behind it is to create a workspace that can turn your project into a wide variety of views. Inside of Taskade, there are some really nice views and tasks like list, board, calendar, action, mind map, and organization chart, which allow you to express information in different ways.

Taskade, Calendar View, Updated March 2024

However, it doesn't translate brilliantly for everything. For example, meeting notes won't look great in an organization chart, but largely, the way to organize things and restructure information is perfect for all types of projects that you're interacting with. You can create projects, manage the tasks in those projects, and see your calendar ahead, which makes it good for spanning across all of the projects that you're involved in inside of Taskade.

It also has a big focus on artificial intelligence, with an assistant that appears in the chat bar constantly and allows you to create generative AI elements. For example, if you want to create an agenda using the context that's in the project, this is something you can do.

Although the AI is much more focused on chat GPT-style generative AI, it's still helpful to have it contextualized to the project, as well as some of the detailed features like changing the persona and the conversation style.

How much does Taskade cost?

Taskade is free with pricing starting from $4 per month, per user.

Taskade Personal Pricing

Here's the pricing for individual use cases.

Taskade Pricing Personal and Family Pricing

Taskade Team Pricing

Here's what teams should expect to pay for Taskade.

Taskade Business Pricing, Updated March 2024

Verdict: Is Taskade Worth It?

Launching Taskade is a very interesting application with a combination of artificial intelligence features that take you beyond what we're currently seeing in other project management software. The only alternative I see to AI being introduced into project management at this scale is the ClickUp AI Brain, which is something that's much more scalable for bigger teams.

AI Assistant, Taskade App, Updated March 2024

However, Taskade is a very interesting application that is very flexible and can be used not just for small teams and large teams, but also by busy professionals still looking to organize their day. It has a wide range of abilities that you could utilize, from meeting notes all the way over to planning a project in terms of the actionable details and assigning them to other team members. It's very impressive to have the range of views that are all available inside of the free plan, which makes it accessible and easy to use, and getting started isn't that difficult.

Home View in Taskade, Updated in March 2024

Another aspect that is nice is that Taskade has a home view, allowing you to see all of the different projects and tasks you've been assigned to, which is nice from a global perspective. Taskade is really approachable in price too, which means that it's going to save you a lot of money if you're working in a small team and looking to get started with utilizing AI and saving you and your team some time.

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