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Here's our initial overview of how Dev works and what it does well: Sprint - dev

What is Dev? Dev is a flexible platform for developers to manage projects.

What does Dev do? Dev is designed to focus on developers and their teams to manage projects, offering a wide variety of features like roadmap planning, feature backlog, sprint management, retrospectives, bug tracking, and regular project management designed more towards developers.

It aims to capture the journey from product strategy all the way to launch, attempting to outperform other software like Jira, which is known in the market but not universally enjoyed. It is customizable, which means that the system set up in but tailored towards developers can be further personalized.

It includes a range of automation abilities, including a range of integrations with over 250 platforms, including GitHub, GitLab, Figma, and many more, which developers really enjoy integrating into their systems.

Best Features: Dev

Here's some of the best features within Dev: Dev offers a wide variety of features, focusing on enhancing project management for developers and their teams.

1. Unified View

  • Allows a comprehensive view of all project aspects being worked on
  • Improves collaboration and alignment across departments
  • Enables consolidation of various elements like feature requests, product roadmaps, and bug tracking into easily manageable dashboards

2. Customization and Prioritization

  • Workflow customization through drag-and-drop tasks and column optimization
  • Ability to change priority points at any time, ensuring critical issues are addressed first
  • Customizable project boards with adjustable priorities and burndown charts for tracking project progress

3. Integration with Development Tools

  • Facilitates connections with popular platforms like GitHub and GitLab
  • Smoothens workflows and makes processes more cohesive through integration
  • Allows for direct push updates into Dev from GitHub and GitLab, streamlining project management in development environments Dev Verdict Dev aims to be the go-to platform for developers to manage their projects and for tech leads to leverage a project management experience that has been tailored more towards the development process.

One of the key elements that sets it apart is the ease of managing unified projects, and their general approach is considered by many in the system to be a lot better than something like Jira. They aim to compete with Jira with this application, making it interesting to see how and when this might potentially become a Jira competitor in the next few years or months.

Sprint Management

Great place for managing sprints and bug tracking alike.

JIRA Replacement Dev wants to replace JIRA as the top development platform.

Built by has spun Dev from their own development and use it internally too, this has helped perfect it for development use.

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