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Microsoft Loop allows you to create pages, workspaces and components. Loop components help to connect in real-time between apps inside the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

What is Microsoft Loop?

Microsoft Loop is a flexible workspace app for teams that use Microsoft 365 to collaborate and work together on projects in real-time. Main features include pages and components.

Microsoft Loop has been designed for the hybrid working world, you can co-create with your team seamlessly within Microsoft Loop and stay up to date with each other.

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Inside Loop, there is a feature called "Loop Components" that brings to life things you create like tables, boards, text, and more allowing them to be pasted into other Microsoft 365 apps for real-time use.

Think about your next Microsoft Teams meeting and using a Loop component to take meeting notes that can be collaborated in real-time on in both Loop and Teams, but also other apps like OneNote and more.

Microsoft Loop Features

There are lots of features in the works for Microsoft Loop including more after their Public Preview, here's an overview of what they have right now:

  • Integration with Microsoft Teams and Office apps
  • Ability to create modular, reusable components called "Loops"
  • Collaborate in real-time with others on Loops
  • Loops can be embedded in other documents and apps
  • Automatic updates to Loops across all instances where they are embedded
  • Built-in task management features to keep track of progress and deadlines
  • Support for both online and offline use
  • Seamless transition between devices with automatic syncing
  • Available on desktop and mobile platforms, including iOS and Android.

Our verdict on Microsoft Loop

For teams within Microsoft 365, Microsoft Loop is a nice add-on experience.

Microsoft Loop is best suited for people needed to work in a hybrid fashion across their team. This could be a marketing and sales team, a larger team working on multiple projects, or even a small business wanting to keep everyone in the ‘loop’.

Microsoft Loop does need activating by the team administration so you won't get access right away. We recommend exploring this Microsoft Loop setup guide to get started.

Microsoft Loop Alternatives

What is Microsoft Loop comparable to? We've picked out a handful of the best Microsoft Loop alternatives that we think should be considered.

  • Notion - The most popular Microsoft Loop alternative thanks to their popularity with individuals and build your own workspace set-ups with advanced databases.
  • Coda - Good alternative to Notion and Microsoft Loop with a Google Docs feel.
  • Airtable - with powerful integrations, Airtable offers a popular way to build your own workspace with a long-standing credible past.

Loop Components

Create "components" and share them within Microsoft 365 apps, all in real-time. Loop components are a next level technology in productivity.

Microsoft Loop Co-Pilot

Microsoft Co-Pilot lives within Loop offering a way to use the OpenAI integration to create content and take advantage of gen-AI.

AI Jumpstart

An AI feature that scans your Microsoft 365 when creating new Loop workspaces - allowing you to build a workspace faster and smarter.

Standout Features of Microsoft Loop

These are the key features of Microsoft Loop that separate it from tools like Google Docs.

  • Loop Workspaces - Create a new workspace per project or team you work in.
  • Loop Pages - Pages are for organising components and elements for your project.
  • Loop Components - use them across your Microsoft 365 apps.
  • Microsoft Co-Pilot - a newly introduced AI feature has come to Microsoft Loop.

Microsoft Loop: Notion Competitor

Let's Explore Microsoft Loop

What does Microsoft Loop do differently?

In short. Most of the features are similar to tools like Notion, Coda and Airtable - however - Microsoft Loop offers something called Components that are exclusive to Loop and the 365 ecosystem allowing you to create real-time ways to edit without leaving your current tool.

What are Microsoft Loop components?

Type in a Loop Component and it updates in real-time wherever it has been shared in the other Microsoft 365 tools. This is the ultimate collaboration because you never have to link out, as the component can be updated in real-time in front of you.

Others can be working on loop components too making it very multiplayer.

Why would a team move from Notion to Microsoft Loop?

Many businesses will consider the move to Microsoft Loop thanks to the distribution that Microsoft 365 offers. Many large businesses are inside Teams, OneNote, OneDrive and many more tools by Microsoft already - so switching on Loop to work across them, might be a good, cost-effective move for teams already paying Microsoft.

What differences between Microsoft Loop and Notion?

Mainly Loop Components, aside from components Notion operates in a very similar fashion. Notion led the way in helping to create this revolution of no-code tool building, in the footsteps of Confluence.

How do I turn on Microsoft Loop?

You can go to "Microsoft 365 Apps Admin Center" and make a new cloud policy and from here you can connect up Microsoft Loop to your Microsoft 365

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