Microsoft Loop

Microsoft Loop

Microsoft Loop allows you to create pages, workspaces and components similar to Notion - it offers a unique tool called Components for real-time sharing across 365 apps.

What's good about Microsoft Loop

What's good

  • Loop Components
  • Co-Pilot
  • Jumpstart
What's not good about Microsoft Loop

What's not good

  • Databases

Microsoft Loop Key Features

Microsoft Loop Key feature #1

Loop Components

Create "components" and share them within other Microsoft apps, all in real-time. Loop components are a next level technology.

Microsoft Loop Key feature #2


Microsoft Co-Pilot lives within Loop offering a way to use the OpenAI integration to create content and take advantage of gen-AI.

Microsoft Loop Key feature #3


An AI feature that scans your Microsoft 365 when creating new Loop workspaces - allowing you to build a workspace faster and smarter.

What is this new Microsoft Loop?

Microsoft Loop is a flexible canvas app for teams to collaborate and work together on projects in real-time, and sync across other Microsoft 365 apps.

This app has been designed for the hybrid working world, you can co-create with your team seamlessly within Microsoft Loop and stay up to date with each other using chat.

Think of Microsoft Loop as Notion's new competitor.

The Special Features of Microsoft Loop

There are lots of features in the works for Microsoft Loop including more after their Public Preview, here's an overview of what they have right now:

  • Integration with Microsoft Teams and Office apps
  • Ability to create modular, reusable components called "Loops"
  • Collaborate in real-time with others on Loops
  • Loops can be embedded in other documents and apps
  • Automatic updates to Loops across all instances where they are embedded
  • Built-in task management features to keep track of progress and deadlines
  • Support for both online and offline use
  • Seamless transition between devices with automatic syncing
  • Available on desktop and mobile platforms, including iOS and Android.

Your Beginner's Guide to Microsoft Loop

Let us take you over the basics of Microsoft Loop and what it offers for new users.

The main areas of Microsoft Loop include:

  • Workspaces - See an overview of what's going on inside workspaces, here you can track what your team is doing and see what needs to get done.
  • Pages - Pages are for organising components and elements for your project or task. Use the flexible canvas to create and collaborate.
  • Components - Microsoft Loop contains different components for you to work on with your team, this can be lists, notes, tasks…
  • Sync - Everything you do inside Loop seamlessly syncs across all 365 apps.
  • Co-Pilot - a newly introduced feature co-pilot by Microsoft has come to Loop with more AI abilities.

Best Suited for?

Loop is best suited for people needed to work in a hybrid fashion across their team. This could be a marketing and sales team, a larger team working on multiple projects, or even a small business wanting to keep everyone in the ‘loop’.

Loop recently introduced personal accounts too, maybe hinting to their future new abilities for personal use. Let's see.

You can activate Microsoft Loop using this guide for teams.

Questions on Microsoft Loop

In short. Most of the features are similar to tools like Notion, Coda and Airtable - however - Microsoft Loop offers something called Components that are exclusive to Loop and the 365 ecosystem allowing you to create real-time ways to edit without leaving your current tool.

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