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Things we like

Build your own databases

Use templates to save time building structures

Comes with Q&A AI to help ask questions

A range of views in databases

Great for basic document & notes

Things we don't like

Can take some time to learn and understand all of the abilities and powers of databases

People commonly complain that there is no Notion offline abilities for managing your data and notes offline

What we think about the Design of Notion?

Clean and simple, Notion has one of the better designs out there for an all-in-one productivity tool and it is fair to say that that clean look has inspired many productivity tools like Anytype and Slite to move towards this interface. Notion is easy on the eyes and just brings a light nature to it. The design has also improved allowing newer users to grasp the concepts of Notion better.

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Notion Review (2024)

Best Features, Pricing, Alternatives & Verdict

The famed "all-in-one workspace" is used by millions globally to manage everything. Here's a little more about Notion and how it works in our in-depth review:

Notion Workspace, Team Workspace, Team Wiki

What is Notion?

Notion is an all-in-one productivity app that people use for notes, project management, tasks, and calendar management. It comes on macOS, Windows, web, iOS & Android.

Used by over 100,000 teams worldwide — Try it now for free / No credit card needed

Run all your work on one platform with customizable products that scale with your needs.

What does Notion do?

Used by teams and individuals, Notion is one of the most popular productivity apps on the market as a way for you to organize your life and your team's knowledge.

Think of Notion as this open canvas, the paper in software form.

You create pages and for each new page you can create a new mini-app for your work. For example, you want to create a way to track your holidays as a team, you can do that on a new page. Each page allows you unlimited opportunity thanks to the feature databases that allows users, once learnt, to create a database that best suits them in a view that they think best fits their needs.

Task Management in Notion

So you could have a calendar for all your upcoming content, or a list of the projects you need to work on, or maybe even a table (excel style) of all the new customers you're speaking with as your own mini CRM.

Notion is basically up to you on how you build it and that does take some education.

Notion Pros

Here's some of the best bits of Notion and some of the things we love about it:

1. Pages & Databases

Pages and databases are the ingredients of Notion.

Notion Pages, Create a new Notion Page

Creating pages is like any new notebook, but within the each of the pages in Notion, you can create things called databases. Databases come in many shapes and size, they include the likes of calendars, table, Kanban, list, gallery and timeline view.

All of these views have a different need. You could use calendar view to plot all your team's meetings ahead of time, or the Kanban board layout as a way to see the upcoming tasks you have and move them between the statuses, or maybe even use the gallery view as a way to see all the images you have in mind for a new style launch on social media.

There's really unlimited potential and creating database does take some education, but with this education come unlimited opportunity for teams or solo users to build what they need for the job - we've seen some amazing use cases.

2. Project Management

With databases in mind, you can go ahead and build, or use templates, to build your team's workspace of project management.

Notion Project Management, Views

Meaning you can have a Kanban for moving around tasks and different views in the database for each person in the team that might not work best with Kanban, but list view, makes the use of views a great way to customize per user.

Project management and team knowledge management is becoming two of the biggest and most popular use cases of Notion. It allows the team to store their knowledge in one place and then action it with the project databases.

If you're searching for something lighter, here's the best PM tools for smaller teams.

3. Flexible Templates

The good news is that you can apply templates.

Notion Templates, Faster Way to Get Started with Notion, Notion Gallery for Templates

Templates save you time and allow you to build the perfect layout that other people have used for a variety of situations. A lot of the Notion templates are actually paid, but many of them internal to Notion (the ones you can access via the software) are free allowing you and the team to get rolling with projects, or as a solo users to start tracking habits with pre-created templates that save a huge amount of time.

You can build your own Notion layout and workspace by starting from scratch. One of the best Notion templates is Thomas Frank's Ultimate Brain for getting your second brain setup for getting organized.

4. Notion Calendar

There's a new calendar app in town and Notion have turned Cron Calendar into a seperate app called Notion Calendar that allows you to plug your Google Calendar in and get started adding events.

Notion Pages to Notion Calendar

Notion Calendar also connects with Notion databases for a better way to see events and time-sensitive dates onto your Notion Calendar, perfect for teams.

Used by over 100,000 teams worldwide — Try it now for free / No credit card needed

Run all your work on one platform with customizable products that scale with your needs.

Notion Cons

Here's the things we didn't like about Notion:

1. Education Overwhelm

Notion is a lot to approach, over the years Notion templates have made it easier to get started with Notion both inside and external to Notion, but there's still a lot to approach with Notion and this is what we hear most from new Notion users.

Take time to review this before getting started. There's a brilliant Notion guide here that will take you from the beginner level and onwards by Sweet Setup.

2. Is it Right For Me?

People tend to get started with Notion and hit a wall.

You need to think of an issue that Notion needs to solve before jumping into Notion. The best way to do that is by putting some intention into getting started. Do you want to use Notion for habit-tracking? Or maybe tracking tasks? This is important.

How much does Notion cost?

Notion is free, with $10 per month or $15 per month pricing options.

Notion Pricing

  • Notion AI is priced at $10 per user, per month additional for unlimited use.
  • There is a student discount you can get too with Student App Centre.
Notion Pricing, How Much Does Notion.SO Cost?

Notion Review: Is It Right For Me?

Notion is one of the best apps for almost all situations.

We'd recommend Notion to those who are open to learning a new software and want full control of how they build their own workspace. We've seen a wide range of use cases including people using it to track their heart rate and health to a 90-person team using it remotely to collect and store their team's knowledge.

Notion Project Management, Structure

Newer features like Notion AI and Q&A AI are allowing Notion to get smarter and better, and Notion is becoming much easier with templates to get started with allowing people to start organizing their lives and also getting their team focused on one goal.

Should I Get Notion?

If you're an individual, Notion is a great workspace for note-taking, task management and handling your tasks. They even released a personal calendar app, separate from Notion called Notion Calendar that could be worth checking out. Notion is worth learning.

If you're exploring Notion for teams, do explore project management tools too, whilst Notion can do so much, it is worth noting that Notion can handle databases that can be moulded to your liking, workspaces and team wikis.

We'd recommend for 90-150 person teams and also the small businesses too. Notion not for you? Check out our Notion alternatives for more apps like Notion. Many people refer to Anytype as one of the closest open-sourced Notion alternatives out there.

Used by over 100,000 teams worldwide — Try it now for free / No credit card needed

Run all your work on one platform with customizable products that scale with your needs.


Everything inside Notion workspaces uses blocks. Using the "/" on the keyboard you're opened up to "blocks" and what it can offer.


One of the biggest unlocks to Notion use is templates. Duplicating them into your workspace allows you to use them to your own liking.


Notion is the best no-code tool for building and crafting your own databases.

Save Time with Notion

One of the most popular templates for Notion is one by Thomas Frank called "Ultimate Brain" and is a spin on second brain concept to help people save time building a Notion workspace that better organizes their notes, tasks and more. Get it here.

There's a wide variety of ways to learn Notion. YouTube is a great starting point but there are also a range of Notion courses to explore. We'd recommend looking at the following "Notion A to Z" by William Nutt and Marie Poulin's "Notion Mastery" for teams.

What is Notion AI?

The fastest-growing AI experience in productivity is Notion AI which allows you to use gen-AI and much more to create, grow, and build pages in Notion. Get Notion AI here.

Notion: All in One Everything

Is Notion Right For You?

Should I Learn Notion?

Notion is one of these big investments of your time, but one for many that people love to get involved in. The nature of the tool is "build yourself" and experience that can be sped up by using the many Notion templates out there, it all depends on you.

As the best no-code tool, it really is worth learning the basics, and gradually improving your Notion skills over time. You can get started easily, and it does not require the need for learning code.

If you're looking for something you want to build to your perfect requirements, Notion could be worth learning, if this is something you want to switch on and walk away from, Notion templates could be better, but if you want something more traditional in nature, Notion might not be for you.

Are Notion Databases Tough?

Yes & no. Notion databases offer flexibility with filters, sorting, customisation, views and properties - but these are all things you learn in time and once you do the ability to create a tool becomes vastly open. Once you learn Notion databases, you can create Notion workspaces that work for your team.

How do I install a Notion template?

Don't worry, we've got you. Notion templates can be "duplicated" into workspaces. The best guide and resource for understanding how to do that is from Notion's help centre. Using templates allows you to create a Notion workspace quickly and easily.

How do I created a Notion template?

Start with a novel idea. Sketch this out on paper. Prepare to learn the in's and out's of Notion databases to help build that app inside Notion and share it with others to test how it works on a daily basis. From here, you can prepare it to launch to the world and maybe consider pricing it - as so many now make money from Notion templates.

How many people use Notion worldwide?

According to Forbes in October 2021, Notion hit 20 million users globally.

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