The famed "all-in-one workspace" used by millions globally to manage everything. Notion is the fastest growing productivity app.

Notion Key Features

Notion Key feature #1


Everything inside Notion workspaces uses blocks. Using the "/" on the keyboard you're opened up to "blocks" and what it can offer.

Notion Key feature #2


One of the biggest unlocks to Notion use is templates. Duplicating them into your workspace allows you to use them to your own liking.

Notion Key feature #3


Notion is the best no-code tool for building and crafting your own databases.

What is Notion all about?

Notion is a versatile productivity tool that lets you create, organize, and collaborate on notes, tasks, and projects. Simple summary of a very open canvas tool.

It's often described as an "all-in-one" workspace, combining the functionality of a note-taking app, task manager, and project management tool all in one platform.

As the best no-code tool you can buy, Notion provides a creative workspace for users to adjust to their needs as their business and team change and expands.

Think of Notion as Lego. You can build anything, but you have to learn how to place the blocks in the best positioning and much like Airtable and Coda, no-code productivity apps are on the rise.

Notion workspaces can be used for anything, you can search online for inspiration you craft your own from scratch using the best no-code tool for creating whatever you want. For example, you can use Notion to create a bullet journal, to-do list, or plan an entire project.

What can Notion do?

Here are some of the best qualities of Notion:

  • Databases — One of the killer features of Notion is the databases. Notion databases are flexible ways to build your layouts — with board, table, gallery and calendar views alike — all in one location. Databases allow you to add filters, sort, organize to your liking and much more. Suitable for all and customisable like an advanced way to use Microsoft Excel.
  • Views — Views are a way to show your notion databases, giving you central views that are adaptable to each of your employees or co-workers. A view can be different for each person and can be added to Notion databases providing a great layer to viewing your work designed by you.
  • API & Integrations — Notion’s API is growing with an array of tools and extensions to plug and play with your other productivity applications. People are adding to this over time and is considered more advanced. Thomas Frank has some brilliant videos about the API and how to use it on YouTube.
  • Templates — Notion templates present a way to copy and duplicate someone else’s hard-worked efforts to create a Notion app or experience. You can buy or use templates from Notion’s template gallery or find a creator you like to get their templates in your Notion workspace.
  • No Code — Notion is known for being the best no-code tool for creating a workspace suitable to your specific wants and needs. This is great for teams, managers and individuals since theres no need to spend time learning how to code, you can just get started right away.

There are so many wild examples of Notion and how it can be used:

Who is Notion Best For?

Notion is one of these productivity apps that can adapt to your needs, like Coda and Airtable, these no-code tools open unlimited options for us.

This is perfect for those looking to build their own productivity system or copy someone else's and use it on a day-to-day basis to manage tasks, notes and projects. As the best no-code tool you can create a Notion database suited just for you.

It is used by many millions around the globe for organizing themselves with Notion's databases. Notion does the majority of things well - but not as well as the OG tools for each category, but for most it will leave them happy with managing all those things, in one place.

Notion: All in One Everything

Is Notion Right For You?

Notion is one of these big investments of your time, but one for many that people love to get involved in. The nature of the tool is "build yourself" and experience that can be sped up by using the many Notion templates out there, it all depends on you.

As the best no-code tool, it really is worth learning the basics, and gradually improving your Notion skills over time. You can get started easily, and it does not require the need for learning code.

If you're looking for something you want to build to your perfect requirements, Notion could be worth learning, if this is something you want to switch on and walk away from, Notion templates could be better, but if you want something more traditional in nature, Notion might not be for you.

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