Notion is an all-in-one workspaces for notes, projects, tasks, documents & calendar.

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Things we like

Build your own databases

Use templates to save time building structures

Comes with Q&A AI to help ask questions

A range of views in databases

Great for basic document & notes

Things we don't like

Can take some time to learn and understand all of the abilities and powers of databases

People commonly complain that there is no Notion offline abilities for managing your data and notes offline

What we think about the Design of Notion?

Clean and simple, Notion has one of the better designs out there for an all-in-one productivity tool and it is fair to say that that clean look has inspired many productivity tools like Anytype and Slite to move towards this interface. Notion is easy on the eyes and just brings a light nature to it. The design has also improved allowing newer users to grasp the concepts of Notion better.

Our Rating


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What is Notion?

Notion is an all-in-one productivity app for notes, project management, tasks, and calendar management. It is available for macOS, Windows, web, iOS, and Android.

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How does Notion work?

Used by teams and individuals, Notion is one of the most popular productivity apps on the market. It allows you to organize your life and your team's knowledge.

Think of Notion as this open canvas, the paper in software form.

You create pages, and for each new page, you can create a new mini-app for your work. For example, if you want to create a way to track your holidays as a team, you can do that on a new page. Each page allows you unlimited opportunity thanks to the feature databases that allow users, once learned, to create a database that best suits them in a view that they think best fits their needs.

So you could have a calendar for all your upcoming content, or a list of the projects you need to work on, or maybe even a table (excel style) of all the new customers you're speaking with as your own mini CRM.

Notion is basically up to you on how you build it and that does take some education.

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