Best Evernote Alternatives for Better Note Taking

Alternatives to Evernote for Note-Taking

Evernote has had a rough few years so you might be in the hunt for an alternative.

Let's explore the following Evernote alternatives available on the market hand-picked by us, including the bigger picture of note-taking and lighter versions of note-taking apps for those who need a clean and simple way to jot down smaller thoughts and ideas.

There are plenty of applications to suit any user's needs for taking notes and organising them, the note apps shared here are gathered from our expert insights from over the years exploring productivity tools.

Best Evernote Alternatives: Quick Glance

Let's take a look at the Evernote alternatives at a glance before we dig into each one:

  • Nimbus Notes - an almost like-for-like Evernote alternative with a neat web clipper.
  • Amplenote - A GTD-focused experience with tasks and calendar too.
  • Notion - A flexible canvas many people have taken to since leaving Evernote
  • Upnote - A simple yet good natured lightweight note-taking app.
  • NotePlan 3 - A macOS and iOS centric note-taking app with good markdown function.
  • Bear Notes - Bear offers a lot of good, simple features with hashtag notebooks.
  • Mem AI - An AI centric note-taking app with no folders and a new AI chat.
  • Reflect Notes - A growing option for note-taking with linking notes together.
  • Capacities - An object-based note-taker with a popular reputation.
  • MyMind - A Pinterest-like application that many love for the design and visual need.

Since Evernote has announced its updates and changes with pricing, features and AI, users are moving away from the app and either looking for cheaper, simpler or more advanced alternatives.

Some of the following tools are quite different from Evernote, so you may wonder why they are included. We thought it's important to share the range of applications becoming more popular for note-taking, including note apps using AI, PKM tools and overall more advanced applications linking more than just note-taking abilities.

We've handpicked this list of note-taking applications to help you find tools similar to Evernote. We mention specific features that present similar natures to Evernote and things that make it stand out against Evernote's structure.

Naturally, this is subject to change with feature updates. Explore this article or/and watch our full video with recommendations below from our YouTube Keep Productive.

Alternative #1: Nimbus Notes

Best For

Feature-Rich Note Taking





Type of Tool

Let's begin with Nimbus Note. It feels and looks very similar to Evernote, presenting likewise experiences and features.

Using Nimbus Notes

  • Nimbus Notes Capture feature is similar to Evernote offering an advanced Web Clipper, maybe not on the same level as the world-class Evernote experience, but it does come (in premium) with the ability to capture video and audio recordings, so you can capture context to your website demos or bug issues you might be highlighting with team members.
  • Taking, organising and finding notes are similar to Evernote, with the ability to search images and files, export as PDF and even use image recognition to find items in images as Evernote does with files. You also get unlimited audio and video recording too.

Pricing & Limitations of Nimbus

  • The main limitation compared to Evernote is that Nimbus Note limits you on the number of blocks you can add to your account on the free plan, limiting you to 1,000 blocks and 30 pages, keeping your opportunity much lower against the free plan of Evernote.
  • Although, the $7 per month pro plan compared the Evernote's new $14.99 plan offers a decent Evernote alternative. People will like this is budget is on their mind.

Is Nimbus Note a good Evernote Alternative?

  • If you're looking for something similar in design and nature to Evernote.
  • Nimbus Note presents a good alternative to Evernote, but if you're concerned about learning a new system, there's not too much to learn.
  • Nimbus Note also offers a way to import from Evernote.

A very old-school note-taking application, its layout and interface aren't as clean and neat as Evernote. However, Amplenote does offer a useful and effective way of taking notes with its added advanced features.

Using Amplenote

  • Amplenote has been a rising star productivity note-taking application due to its advanced features, despite its dated interface. It presents a way for taking notes, combined with calendars and tasks. You can also take notes alongside your calendar with Amplenote.
  • Notes inside of Amplenote have context points, basically meaning your tasks and notes are given a score to help you prioritise the most important and start from there.
  • This won't be the best looking note-taking application on the market.

Pricing & Limitations of Amplenote

  • Amplenotes limitations compared to Evernote has to be the learning required to begin using this application. Although very similar to Evernote, its more advanced features may take longer to learn.
  • Amplenote offers a free forever plan for individual users, or $10/$20 per month for larger companies and teams. This price range may seem more appealing to those wanting to move away from Evernote for its Pricing upgrades.

Is Amplenote a Good Evernote Alternative?

  • Amplenote does take a little longer to learn than Evernote and does have a more old-school, dated way of taking notes, rather than a streamlined workspace like Evernote.
  • If you are wanting a wider note-taking experience using a calendar and tasks combined, Amplenote creates a space for this with a more traditional feel.

Alternative #3: Notion

Notion is an advanced, customisable space that presents a way to build your own note-taking application, however, you like and need. Not 100% like for like to Evernote, however, an alternative many might like.

Using Notion

  • Notion is a flexible, no-code productivity application, that creates a custom space for users to create a workspace to suit their needs. So, if it's note-taking you need, Notion allows you to customise a space, and use templates to create exactly what you want.
  • There are so many features including databases and AI abilities that make this application a great Evernote alternative. You can create a space to manipulate your notes so you can view and organise them as you wish.

Pricing & Limitations of Notion

  • Notion is a lot cheaper than Evernote, giving individual users a free ride using the application and all its available features. Of course, if you want to expand with a team the pricing rises up to as much as $18 for larger teams.
  • Most users of Evernote have got the hang of it, moving over to an open-space application like Notion will present some limitations in the sense of getting started and learning how to use the app, however, this can be avoided by using Notion templates.

Is Notion a Good Evernote Alternative?

  • Notion gives users a different way of thinking and working. You can do more than just take notes inside Notion. You can manage tasks, projects and share wikis with your team.
  • Notion is a good alternative for anyone who wants to expand their abilities, and maybe use one application for multiple reasons.
  • Learning Notion takes time, but worth it as many will credit their productivity to it, eager to learn Notion yourself - find some courses and guides here.

Alternative #4: Upnote

Best For

Personal Note-Taking





Type of Tool

Upnote is kind of like Evernote, just a more lightweight easy-to-use application, more suitable to those who just want to take smaller simpler notes, rather than extensive tasks like notes.

Using Upnote

  • Upnote is an impressive well-built note-taking application, it presents users with a really simple streamlined way of taking and organising lighter notes.
  • It's easy to get started with Upnote and there's not really a learning curve there. Evernote however does require some learning your way around the application. Saying this Upnote is of course a simpler notes app.

Pricing & Limitations of Upnote

  • Upnote is free to use, or if you'd like to upgrade to premium you can pay a one-time fee of $24.99 or $0.99 per month. This is very different to the new pricing upgrades of Evernote.
  • Since Upnote is a simpler notes app, you of course lose out on some more advanced features you can get with Evernote.

Is Upnote a Good Evernote Alternative?

  • If you are wanting to move away from Evernote to a simpler, cleaner application for smaller notes, Upnote can provide a great platform for this.
  • If you enjoy the advanced features or even want to expand on the use of advanced features, you might want to stick with Evernote or keep looking through this list of Evernote alternatives.
  • Bear Notes is very similar to Upnote too in nature and feel.

NotePlan 3 is for managing more than just your notes. You can also manage your tasks and calendar in one location. It's a streamlined application suitable for those wanting to make their organisation and note-taking and looking for a good alternative to Evernote.

Using NotePlan 3

  • Presenting a 3-part approach to your productivity, you can manage notes, tasks and calendars in one base. Not as structured as say Evernote which has more sidebar-based tasks and calendar integration that connects to meetings, but as markdown tasks and as calendar integrations with Apple Calendar.
  • This is really a great markdown experience for notes, tallying lightweight tasks and managing your calendar with daily notes in NotePlan 3.

Pricing & Limitations of NotePlan 3

  • Evernote is expensive now, but NotePlan 3 isn't far off with its $99.99 per annum fee. Or alternatively, you could go with the $9.99 pricing if you didn't feel set on the $99.99 per annum fee just yet. Comparable to Evernote, you are still saving - $4.99 per month.
  • NotePlan 3 is also only on iOS, macOS - so you are limited to iOS devices.

Is NotePlan 3 a Good Evernote Alternative?

  • Yes and no. NotePlan is like Agenda Notes, another calendar/notes app. It presents a great way to add notes but in a markdown way, with fewer media than Evernote, fewer search powers and fewer file-orientated notes.
  • This is great for someone upgrading from Apple Note but not as good for someone who is moving from Evernote if you aren't willing to change the ways you take notes. This a good option for those folks who are willing to take a new approach to note-taking. NotePlan is that healthy balance between tools like Apple Notes and Obsidian.

Alternative #6: Bear Notes

Bear Notes has recently been expanding, a lot. Much like Upnote, Bear Notes presents a lighter way of note-taking, making it easy for users to quickly write, organise and share notes. Both Evernote and Bear Notes give you a space to use multi-media inside notes.

Using Bear Notes

  • Bear Notes provides users with an intuitive, distraction-free note-taking zone. You can write as much as you like, inside an open space. Then organise, share, and add images inside.
  • Much like Evernote, you can attach files, add images and more to your notes and organise them. You can also sync your notes across other devices making them accessible wherever you are.

Pricing & Limitations of Bear Notes

  • Bear Notes is considerably cheaper than Evernote, you can pay $1.79 per month or $14.99 per year. This gives you a one-week trial to test the application, which we always say is a great idea.
  • Bear Notes has a more sleek, simple interface, which makes it easy for new users to get used to the application, whereas Evernote presents a more detailed feature-rich workflow.

Is Bear Notes a Good Evernote Alternative?

  • Bear Notes is a good alternative for those wanting to move away from Evernote due to the pricing changes. You can still take and organise notes very effectively with Bear Notes due to its simple and streamlined interface.

Mem used to be very similar to Evernote, however, it's since travelled down the expanding AI route, adding more and more artificial intelligence to its application making a faster experience for its users. Of course, Evernote is also introducing AI into its space, but Mem is more well-established in this area right now.

Using Mem

  • Mem presents a sleek way to take notes in comparison to Evernote. It uses AI to connect and organise your notes for you, this helps with event planning, sharing, knowledge and more.
  • Mem is like a blend of Obsidian and Evernote, creating an upgrade in terms of advanced features like linking notes together and using AI to enhance its user's experience.

Pricing & Limitations of Mem

  • Mem has a steep learning curve, likewise to other applications that link notes together to create more of a database, rather than a saved list of files with images, notes, tasks and more. Users will have to spend some time figuring out their way around this platform.
  • Mem can be used for free, or upgraded for AI features and teams to around $15 per month. This seems similar to Evernote, however, to use amongst a team, and to include more advanced features, this doesn't seem too bad.

Is Mem a Good Evernote Alternative?

  • Mem can be used very differently from Evernote.
  • Although it is a good alternative, overall Mem presents a different way of taking and organising notes compared to the Evernote system. If you are looking for a way to link notes, rather than store them in files, Mem could be a good alternative in this case.
  • Disclaimer, we are an investor in Mem Labs, this does not affect our opinion or recommendation on whether this is the right Evernote alternative for you.

Obsidian is a beautiful note-taking app that presents a markdown-like experience with advanced capabilities like linking notes together, connecting notes inside a graph and just in general creating a good PKM tool.

Using Obsidian

  • Obsidian does present a very different way of note-taking than Evernote. With markdown features, linked notes, connected thoughts and its canvas feature for visualising notes.
  • Obsidian has a better security system with more secure and private abilities. You can choose to sync with other devices or not, this way if you lose a device, no one can access your notes.

Pricing & Limitations of Obsidian

  • Obsidian is free to use and get started with, you can add on services like end-end encryption for $8 and other upgrades that cost some money. However, in terms of note-taking, it's all free. A great alternative for those being put off by the price changes with Evernote.
  • Obsidian will take some getting used to and learning before diving into the application. It is a completely different note-taking experience, but one people seem to love and are moving towards.

Is Obsidian a Good Evernote Alternative?

  • Obsidian is a huge alternative to Evernote, it's more than just moving to an application like Bear Notes...
  • This app is considered to be more like a PKM tool, a personal knowledge management application, rather than just a note-taking, web clipping app. With a PKM tool, you can manage your thoughts and ideas to create connected and linked notes, expand your knowledge on a subject, or link ideas you've had in the past.

Alternative #8: Reflect Notes

Reflect Notes is similar to Obsidian but presents a more relaxed and laid-back look and feel to it. Reflect Notes seems less intimidating however it still requires a slight learning curve to learn more about how this kind of tool works, and how to organise notes inside.

Using Reflect Notes

  • Create back-linked notes with Reflect Notes so you never miss or forget an idea. Different to Evernote where notes can be manually organised. Reflect Notes will automatically link likewise thoughts ideas and inputs together to create connections.
  • You can use Capture to save notes, including things you have captured from your Kindle, this is a really nice feature for saving quotes or little snippets you want to remember or link to existing notes you have taken.

Pricing & Limitations of Reflect Notes

  • Reflect Notes follows more of a structure when you are getting started, making it a good app to transition to if you're wanting to use a more PKM-like tool compared to Evernote and its note-taking abilities.
  • Reflect Notes is $10 per month with a 14-day free trial, so if you were wanting to explore other applications outside the norm of Evernote, you have a good opportunity here.

Is Reflect Notes a Good Evernote Alternative?

  • Reflect Notes is very different to Evernote, if you want to stick with note-taking web clipping and organising as you would inside Evernote, Reflect Notes presents a very different idea using connections.
  • Reflect Notes does however link with your calendar, allowing you to add tasks alongside it. This makes it a good alternative to Evernote if you are looking to expand your abilities in-app.

Now Capacities provides a whole different space to Evernote, but is still seen as a good alternative, because if you are moving away from Evernote, why not try something completely different like this object-based note-taking experience?

Using Capacities

  • Capacities build notes from objects, this is a new form of note-taking called object-based note-taking. Basically, instead of writing notes and organising with files, you create objects that can be on going and expand with the more notes you take.
  • It does take some time to learn how to use Capacities, however this method of note-taking can really benefit others. Create a network of thoughts that work together for you, no files, no manual organisation.

Pricing & Limitations of Capacities

  • In terms of pricing, Capacities will be cheaper than Evernotes new pricing scales. Either free or $10 for upgraded features. This makes it a good alternative however you will need to get over the learning curve of a whole new world of note-taking since this is very different to what you may have used before.

Is Capacities a Good Evernote Alternative?

  • Capacities is very different to Evernote. It is in this list to present to you a whole new way of note-taking especially if using Evernote didnt really fulfil your needs. By creating connected thoughts using limitless objects, you can create system that works for you and your brain.

Alternative #10: MyMind

MyMind is like if Pinterest and Google Keep had a baby. This note taking application is a good Evernote alternative as it presents a more visual and fun way of taking, storing and sharing notes.

Using MyMind

  • MyMind encourages you to create a more visual, fun layout for taking and organising notes. This is perfect for visual thinkers as it creates a space for learning, creativity and expression. Use images, media, links, videos in your notes.
  • The interface is also very fun to look at and use, like Pinterest with more abilities and AI note taking features. This app is slowly becoming quite popular and worth a look if you are moving from Evernote.

Pricing & Limitations of MyMind

  • MyMind is priced around $5-10 per month depending on use. This is of course cheaper than Evernotes new pricing range. You can save things from the web, text clippings and use advanced search to find notes and ideas you have added to your MyMind board.
  • MyMind has some limitations in the traditional sense of note-taking, it doesn't have notebooks, for some a pro and a con, like Mem for note-taking.

Is MyMind a Good Evernote Alternative?

  • MyMind may be a good application to consider if you are wanting to move away from a more traditional note app like Evernote. It has a more visually appealing aspect, and more people are finding this a better way to save and share their notes and knowledge.

Still on the hunt for a perfect note-taking application?

We've hand-picked a wider range of note-taking tools above, but Evernote has plenty of other alternatives to Evernote that could be considered as you go ahead.

Recommended reading is our best note-taking applications of 2023 and our extensive, growing list of note-taking apps added to Tool Finder every single week.

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