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UpNote Review

UpNote is a really easy to use note taking application focused on simplicity - a good balance between Google Keep and Evernote. Great for managing lightweight notes.

What is UpNote?

UpNote is a note-taking tool with collaboration features. Users can take notes and share them with others, allowing for easy collaboration on projects and ideas.

It also has a huge range of note-taking abilities within the complete note editor, you can create lists, add attachments and choose from multiple rich text options. UpNote is also available offline and automatically syncs to connected devices.

It really is a great all-around note-taking app so many people love to use.

UpNote Features

  • Choose from multiple rich text options, markdown support, use images, links, quotes and more.
  • Upnote syncs automatically with all your devices, you can even access it offline!
  • Choose from a range of themes, and use dark mode.
  • Save any web page from your browser to Upnote.
  • Remove all distractions to allow yourself to focus on your writing.

Our verdict on UpNote

UpNote is a great app for anyone wanting to take their notes a step further. The application has a simple interface so it is easy enough to learn and use, users enjoy being about to link to their notes, share links and save web clippings.

UpNote is mostly great for personal note-taking, however, you can share web links of your notes with others, this could be helpful when working on a project or even planning a holiday.

Multiple Rich Text Options

Choose from multiple rich text options, markdown support, use images, links, quotes and more when writing or creating notebooks.

Web Clipper

Save images and text straight from the web using UpNote's web clipping tool.


Upnote will automatically sync with your devices so you can access your notes wherever you are.

Connecting Ideas in UpNote

You can also link between notes to create connected thoughts and ideas, this is helpful when studying or learning a new subject. You can then export and share your notes with others, or keep them for yourself.

Upnote is a secure application, you can lock the application with a passcode to avoid anyone getting into your notes.

Understanding UpNote

More about note-taker UpNote

Bear or Upnote?

Both of these tools are super similar. Bear offers a markdown, well-design Apple-centric note-taking tool, whilst Upnote is on almost all devices. When you start using the tools, they are both very very similar - with Upnote being more traditional in set-up, whereas, Bear offers a hashtag organization system.

Both are similar, but it is just the styles that differ and platform availability.

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