Milanote is a creative base for projects, ideas and visuals in one hub - this is very popular with designs, visual thinkers and creatives to express their thoughts.

What's good about Milanote

What's good

  • Boards
  • Real-Time Editors
  • Mobile
What's not good about Milanote

What's not good

  • Specialist

Milanote Key Features

Milanote Key feature #1


Collaborate in boards and build a nested structure to your ideas, thoughts and visuals. Great for visual organizers.

Milanote Key feature #2

Real-Time Editing

You can edit with more people inside your Milanote account, perfect for collaborating on ideas and visuals in sync.

Milanote Key feature #3


Capturing on the go is one of the best things to do as designers or creatives, inspiration can be captured using Milanote mobile

What is Milanote?

Milanote is a visual collaboration tool that allows users to organize ideas and projects into customizable boards filled with various types of content such as text, images, links, notes, and more. It is one of the leading tools for creative thinkers to organize life.

It provides a flexible and intuitive workspace for creative teams, individuals, and businesses to brainstorm, plan, and execute their ideas effectively. A range of people use Milanote, but it is becoming popular with users in the creative industries.

Key Features of Milanote

Managing your ideas and visuals inside of Milanote can be done with these features:

  • Visual and flexible workspace for organizing ideas and projects
  • Customizable boards with various types of content, including text, images, links, notes, and more
  • Collaboration features for working with teams, clients, and stakeholders
  • Real-time updates and notifications to keep everyone on the same page
  • Integration with popular tools such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Slack
  • Ability to export boards in various formats, including PDF and CSV
  • Cross-platform support for desktop and mobile devices, including iOS and Android
  • Templates and pre-built workflows to help users get started quickly
  • Privacy and security features, including SSL encryption and two-factor authentication.

A great example of how you could use Milanote is this creative project base by Nancy Casanova on YouTube:

Another good example of how creative Milanote use can get:

Best Suited for?

Milanote is a specialist tool for organizing and visualising ideas.

It is best for designers, creative and visual thinkers. You'll see best results if you're someone who actively designs as your job, or at least needs visual idea collaboration.

While Milanote can be used by anyone, it is particularly beneficial for those who actively design as part of their job or require visual idea collaboration. If you are someone who needs to communicate complex ideas visually or collaborate with others on creative projects, Milanote can help you achieve the best results.

People see Miro and Scrintal as alternatives to Milanote.

If you're looking for alternatives to Milanote, you can use Tool Finder search too.

Understanding Milanote

Your Milanote Questions

100%. Milanote offers an open policy to anyone, it just specialises in being a tool for visual thinkers like designers, creatives and more in this space. You can 100% create a Milanote account and get organising your boards and lists.

Managing better projects with alternatives

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