Best Organization Apps to Upgrade Your Life

Best Organisation Apps

Organization apps can be any kind of productivity app that helps you plan your time, get things done, create notes and more. Any app can help you get organised depending on your needs. Let's dig into this list of the best organization apps out there:

Best Organization App With Flexibility and Templates

What is Notion?

Notion is a flexible app with endless abilities for organization, tasks, calendars, notes and databases. With Notion users can customise and create a workflow to suit their needs.

You can create different pages for different projects, or maybe have a space for journalling and brain dumps. You can also use a range of templates to help get you started. Notion also uses something called linked databases, so you can add databases to multiple spaces and pages and have them updated in real time, helpful for tracking tasks and projects.

New Page in Notion, Notion Productivity App

How Does Notion Improve Organization?

Here are some key features of Notion that make it great for organization and productivity.

  • Linked databases allow you to store and link key information inside pages. For example, you can track the progress of projects through multiple pages for different tasks.
  • Templates provide a quick and easy way to start organising your notes and thoughts, you can choose from a wide range of free and paid-for Notion templates.
  • Create your own streamlined workflow inside a very minimal easy-to-manage space. Use tags, or the slash command to bring up other editing options like to-do lists.
  • Collaborate with others by inviting them into your Notion workspace to create notes together work on a project or even plan a holiday.

Best App for List Organization Abilities

What is Todoist?

Todoist is an easy-to-use to-do list application for creating any kind of task list you want. You can also collaborate with others inside Todoist to work on projects together.

With Todoist you can write down tasks before adding due dates inside the inbox, this is helpful for jotting down ideas when they come to mind, you can then organise these ideas into their own lists, with tags and colour coding.

Todoist also allows you to see which tasks are higher priority and upcoming, allowing you to plan your day based on what needs to get done, boosting productivity and organization.

How Does Todoist Help You Get Organised?

Here are a few of Todoist's key features to help users organise their lists and tasks.

  • Add all tasks into the inbox when they come to mind, then add due dates to schedule them into your lists. You can then focus on tasks set for that day.
  • Create different lists for different needs, for example, anything from shopping lists, to what tasks you need to get done for work.
  • Organise tasks with tags and colour coding, making it easy to visualise the type of task you need to get done, and also allowing you to create a daily plan for higher-priority tasks.
  • Break larger tasks into subtasks to help increase the chance of finishing the larger task. Smaller steps are more achievable and provide satisfaction.

Best Organization App For Tasks, Notes and Calendar in One

What is Evernote?

Evernote is an application great for organization since you can manage tasks and notes in one place, and scheudel them into your calendar. You can use Evernote to record all thoughts, ideas, web clippings and more to create a database of your knowledge.

Evernote can help you get organised by providing a streamlined place for tasks and to-dos, allowing you to make when they are done. You can also scan important documents, download PDF and share with others inside and outside of Evernote.

Overall, Evernote helps with organization by giving a space to manage all your day-to-day tasks with added priority levels and reminders. Keep in mind that the Evernote pricing has changed.

Evernote App Screens, Evernote on iOS

How Can Evernote Help With Organization?

Here's some useful features of Evernote that can help users get more organised.

  • Create tasks inside of your notes and add due dates, assign others, and add helpful information and reminders to make sure you get it done.
  • Use the web clipper to save anything you want to remember or any information that assists your notes like travel documents, or class timetables.
  • Connect your calendar to organise your schedule, tasks and notes in one place, saving time having to switch between applications.
  • Use different Evernote templates to help you get started with taking notes and organising your time efficiently.

Best Calendar App To Get Organised

What is Cron Calendar?

Cron is a sleek calendar application, recently acquired by Notion, it has an Apple-like feel and is easy to get along with. Cron allows users to schedule tasks, organise their calendar, book meetings and overall better organise time.

Now that Cron has been acquired by Notion, you can organise your calendar and schedule tasks all inside one place. See your tasks and notes alongside your calendar to help with adding context to tasks, and combining two great productivity apps.

Connect Notion to Cron Calendar

How Can Cron Help You Get Organised?

Cron can help you better organise your time thanks to these features.

  • Linking with Notion helps with managing notes, tasks and calendars alongside each other, allowing you to schedule tasks and calendar events,
  • Book meetings with clients by sending scheduling links, this makes it so much easier to decide times and removes the need for switching between apps.
  • See different time zones, helpful for planning meetings, calls, events and conferences with people from around the world.
  • Add tasks directly to your calendar, and integrate other calendars too. Have everything you need in one place to help manage your time.

Best Planning Application for Organization

What is Trello?

Trello uses boards, lists and cards all in one place to manage tasks, projects, to-dos and teams. It's a really easy tool to use and great for visual thinkers to see which project is done, what needs to be done and what your progress is.

You can create different workspaces for different projects, then create boards inside of workspaces, with cards and lists to organise tasks. A common way to use Trello is to create a To-Do card, a Doing card and a Done card.

You can also use different templates to suit your needs and customise Trello with backgrounds and colours. Tag certain tasks with colours to help further organise and visualise projects.

How Trello Improves Organization

Here's how Trello can help users get more organised with it's simple board structure.

  • Boards, lists and cards inside workspaces to hold notes, tasks and to-dos, you can add colours to groups or mark priority.
  • Use different views such as timelines and calendars to stay on top of tasks and schedule your time, and your team's time.
  • Add Power-Ups from inside Trello or use integrations to enhance your workflow further. For example, you can add Slack and Miro.
  • Use no-code automation to help speed up processes and automate recurring tasks and task completions.

Best Password Organization Tool

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Password Security


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What is 1Password?

1Password is a place to store and manage all of your passwords, this helps keep them safe, secure and so you won't ever forget them. Having 1Password on your desktop or mobile device also allows you to quickly log in to websites without having to remember a thing.

You can take your password security and organization a step further by using shared vaults for family or teams who use the same passwords, or completely lock all your personal passwords so no one can ever retrieve them.

1Password will also monitor any potential risks, making sure your passwords are always safe and alerting you to check your security and passwords.

1Password secure password application with security information.

How Does Having A Password Manager Improve Organization?

Here's how having an app like 1Password can help improve organization.

  • Use Passkeys to quickly sign into accounts, you can also manage all Passkeys, share passwords and delete them inside the app.
  • Auto filling and Auto submitting will fill in passwords for different accounts and devices automatically, it will also auto-fill out any forms.
  • Data recovery will automatically save your data if there is a crash, or everything turns off. This just helps you get back to where you started.
  • Protect emails by creating a masked email address when using 1Password, this helps to also keep email addresses secure.

All Round Organization Apps

Most of the apps listed above are perfect for all-round organizational use.

  • 1Password provides a place to store and manage passwords to allow you to log into apps and websites quicker, but the rest are all perfect for organising tasks, to-dos, daily plans, projects and more.
  • If you are looking for an app to manage to-dos and notes, you could give Todoist and Evernote a try. Both apps provide a place to manage tasks, and Evernote also allows for in-depth notes, web clipping and calendar scheduling.
  • For an all-round experience including notes, tasks and a calendar you can try Cron, which is now also acquired by Notion, another great app for creating a flexible place to organise your life.
  • And finally, if you prefer a simple design, try Trello. You can create workspaces and use boards to manage tasks, then simply drag and drop tasks into different boards.

Our recommendations are picked for general use.

Get Organized With Apps

Productivity apps can help you get more organised by helping you focus on different areas, for example, you can focus better on taking notes with note-taking applications, and you can focus better on your emails with an email application suited to your business needs.

Overall, any app can provide better organisation skills to any user, of any ability. Most apps in this list provide a very general all-around use, especially when used together, to create a stack of apps for organisations.

There have also been a few different studies towards the 'written goals effect'. Studies have shown that writing down your goals and sharing them with friends means you are 33% more likely to achieve goals. Another study shows that those who write down their goals vs those who don't, have a 42% more chance of reaching achievements. Writing things down also increases productivity, satisfaction and well-being.