Timestripe is a personal goal planning application with tasks & daily planning

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Things we like

Comes with board view

Allows for collaboration in projects

Great for new habits forming

Longer term focused tasks

Popular with month and year planning

Things we don't like

Can be hard to learn for new users

What we think about the Design of Timestripe?

Timestripe is an interesting application in terms of design. It has some features that allow you to be a bit more creative and make it your own. Customizing your boards and areas in Pro is very nice, but largely the design is minimal and simple, nice but not wow.

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Timestripe Review (2024)

Pros, Cons, Features, Verdict

Timestripe is a goal-planning application designed to help you plan not just next week but the next couple of years, even decades. A unique approach to task & goal management.

What is Timestripe?

Timestripe is a task management app that wants you to plan your week and the next decade by focusing on longer-term goals. Popular with those who want to plan holistically.

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How does Timestripe work?

Timestripe works by not focusing on just your goals for today and the week.

Goal planning is the name of the game inside Timestripe, you can plan the day ahead but also think about how that day affects the week, the month, the year, and onwards. This makes it a perfect combination between task planning and goal planning.

Tools like Sunsama are similar with their features like weekly objectives, but from the ground-up Timestripe helps you plan for the future. Having those tasks (goals) in mind like your monthly goals helps you to plan your weekly goals more accordingly.

Timestripe Analytics

Using Timestripe can take some time to get used to, some features allow you to plan the week but boards will allow you to statically plan projects and workload. Boards in Timestripe can be copied from the community or started from scratch allowing for tasks to be separated into list-like areas for better, more aligned planning.

A smart feature in Timestripe is Climbs that alongside your task and goal management allows you to weave in habits that might allow you to be a better person day to day.

Timestripe Features

Here are some of the features that make Timestripe tick as a task app:


Helpful for

Task Management

Basic task management in Timestripe allows you to plan for the week, month, year, and day. This allows for a better way to see things alongside each other. Working like many other task management systems, you can also in the day view see a calendar view that allows you to time-block for your day.

Goal Planning

Zoomed-out task management is something many people flock to Timestripe for and it is one of the best bits. Being able to see your goals and sub-goals that can be added to your goals next to your longer-term goals allows you to plan and zoom out of things you're working on - always asking yourself "Is this what I should be focusing on?".

Habit Tracking

Climbs, a feature in Timestripe, allows you to plan your goals. This allows you to copy habits, or create your habits, from a gallery area perfect for starting to implement healthy habits like exercises, meditation, and new skills. This isn't a habit-tracking app but it will allow you to manage habits that you add in there.

Timestripe Climbs, Habit Tracking

Timestripe Pros

Here are the best features of Timestripe:



Great for daily planning

Timestripe is easy to use for daily planning. You can add your tasks in and see a calendar view of the day ahead and whilst this doesn't connect with Google Calendar, which is a shame, it will allow you to see what's ahead for the day that other task management apps just don't get.

Perfect for holistic planners

A holistic view of your tasks will better your approach to getting things done and those who need that will love it. The ability to just see your monthly goals next to your weekly goals has such an impact on how you plan. That trickle-down effect of planning means you can better align those days with weeks, those weeks with months and that can make a difference.

Boards allow for static work

At first, we didn't like the board features, but they are very useful for planning work. They allow you to plan those goals that aren't time associated allowing you to break them into columns like a Kanban-board style approach.

Timestripe Today View

Timestripe Cons

There are some bad things that we didn't like about Timestripe and here they are:



Climbs can be annoying

One of the benefits of climbs is that you can weave habits into your daily routine. This can be good, but removing them can be a pain as there are sometimes a large amount of tasks added when you might need a lot less. You can stop a climb and delete them in bulk, but removing the intensity of them is harder.

Too intense for some people

For many people, this level of planning might be too much for them. If you're not the type of person that would reflect on goals every few weeks for the month, this tool might not be for you.

Timestipe Planning Tasks

How much does Timestripe cost?

Timestripe starts at $5.25 per month.

Some plans are as cheap as $3.50 per month but need commitment for 5 years. There are common deals applied on the Timestripe pricing page, but if you are interested there is our TOOLFINDER coupon to use at checkout which will give you a smaller discount.

Timestripe Pricing

Is Timestripe free?

Timestripe has a free plan with limited features and limits on the amount of access.

Verdict: Is Timestripe worth it?

If you're someone who needs a task management app with a zoomed-out approach, Timestripe could be perfect for you. This application is unique in how it helps you plan by thinking from that top-down approach.

Timestripe Task View

This system and approach can be extremely effective if used right to better how you plan. Combined that with reasonable pricing compared to tools like Motion and Akiflow, Timestripe is not a poor option to consider if you want a daily planning or goal planning type task management system.

Timestripe Community

If this type of planning isn't your thing, then Timestripe might not be for you.

Used by over 10,000 highly productive people. Try with 7-day free trial

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How Timestripe Works

Understanding Timestripe

What are Horizons and Climbs in Timestripe?

Horizons are five sections for planning ahead from today to your life goals. Climbs on the other hand is pre-created goals broken down. This is a neat practice to break down tasks into sizeable chunks.

Is Timestripe expensive?

Yes and no. If you sign-up to their monthly, you'll be paying $9 per month, which compared to something like Todoist is expensive, but annually they charge $5 per month, billed annually which is much more approachable for a task management app.

Does Timestripe come with a free plan?

Yes, they do have a free plan with limitations on each major feature unlocked with a pro account that Timestripe offers.

Can you buy Timestripe forever?

No, but they do have a 5-year pricing plan allowing you to secure it for a $299 one-off fee with an automatic renewal come ending.

How many people use Timestripe?

According to their site, over 50,000 people use Timestripe to plan their days.