A goal orientated planner for life and managing daily tasks - Timestripe is different by zooming out and allowing you to plan a holistic overview of your life and tasks.

What's good about Timestripe

What's good

  • Board View
  • Horizons
  • Climbs
What's not good about Timestripe

What's not good

  • Lacks Detailed Features

Timestripe Key Features

Timestripe Key feature #1


Create and share to-do lists with others from inside the application using board view.

Timestripe Key feature #2


This is the view for planning your day, week, month and year - and onwards.

Timestripe Key feature #3


Climbs are great for motivating you to create a new habit, start something new, or stay on track with a goal.

What is Timestripe?

Timestripe is a goal-orientated planner and calendar application. You can plan your entire life here, it does in fact feel quite strange to see your plans for 50 years…

The main focus of this application is planning your future, boosting daily productivity and helping you achieve your goals with step-by-step guides.

The whole application is really nice and simple, the design is easy to follow and anyone can get started with this app. You can also add tasks, see your dashboard for the day and use tags to further organise your life.

Key Features of Timestripe

Timestripe is one of the more unique approaches to task management.

  • Horizons - Timestripe calls their main feed for creating goals ‘horizons’ this is a place to plan your days, weeks, months, years and even life…
  • Daily Plans - Connect your calendar with your goals to format a daily plan.
  • Climbs - Climbs are great for motivating you to create a new habit, start something new, or stay on track with a goal. For example, you can set a Climb to read a book for 30 days.
  • Guides - Use educational guides to learn something new and help to achieve your goals.
  • To-Do Lists - Create and share to-do lists with others from inside the application.

Here's a window into how Timestripe works:

Best Suited for?

Timestripe is a great alternative to a task management application.

It provides more higher level thinking, with systems to approach your tasks with a better 50,000 ft view approach that GTD users and strategy based thinkers will like.

Timestripe, if you're not on a quarterly or yearly plan is a steep $20 per month - but if you compare that to alternatives like Sunsama, Akiflow - it isn't too far off.

This is a great holistic task planning tool and very much one of a kind.

How Timestripe Works

Understanding Timestripe

Horizons are five sections for planning ahead from today to your life goals. Climbs on the other hand is pre-created goals broken down. This is a neat practice to break down tasks into sizeable chunks.

Comparable tools to explore

Alternatives to Timestripe

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