Best Mem AI Alternatives for Note-Taking in 2024

Best Mem AI Alternatives for Note-Taking in 2024 (1)

Mem is a clever tool for note-taking, also known as the ultimate knowledge assistant thanks to its AI abilities and note organisation. Using Mem is easy, all you have to do is input your knowledge and notes, Mem will then connect your notes and finally, you can talk to Mem to help you craft content, find old notes and much more.

So, now we know Mem is a great AI tool, what about the other AI note-taking and knowledge management tools around? We have gathered a list of great productivity apps for note-taking thanks to their AI and organisational abilities.

Best Mem AI Alternatives for Note-Taking

Here's our list of Mem AI alternatives for notes and knowledge management.

  • 1. Notion - Now has AI abilities to enhance content creation and writing.
  • 2. Reflect Notes - Great for daily notes and calendar integration.
  • 3. MyMind - A stunning visual note-taking tool with AI.
  • 4. WriteSonic - Great for writers who just want to write with AI.
  • 5. Evernote - New AI abilities to enhance notes and knowledge management.
  • 6. Craft - Comes with templates and new AI features for daily note-taking.

1. Notion

Flexible app with AI abilities

Notion AI properties for building databases with AI.

Notion is a well-known flexible tool for creating a workspace for whatever you need. Individuals and teams can use Notion to create a workflow for projects, learning, organisation and much more.

It makes a great Mem alternative for those who want to create more of an all-in-one space for all their work, knowledge, planning and more. You can also use a range of Notion templates to help get you started with the app, avoiding the learning curve that comes along with it.

Notion now has AI assistance, meaning you can perform many actions with the help of AI to optimise your writing. This includes getting summaries of writing, translating text, populating databases and finding key information.

AI Note-Taking in Notion

Here are some of the ways you can use AI for note-taking in Notion.

  • Summarise your notes to make more sense, this will help when you look back on notes in the future or want to use this information to form actionable items.
  • You can improve your writing to sound more professional, have a different tone, use simpler wording and much more. Again, this helps you write better notes.
  • Brainstorm ideas to spark inspiration and motivation to carry out a new project or bring small ideas to life. Just ask AI to brainstorm from a few words and see what happens.
  • Ask AI to continue writing when you feel burned out or stuck. This is helpful when crafting documents, emails, or writing content for websites and projects.

You can read more about Notion AI here, or take a look at our Beginners Guide to Notion.

2. Reflect Notes

Notes app with AI

Reflect Notes, Dark Mode, on Mac, Taking Notes

Reflect Notes is a clever note-taking application for creating a network of notes and a second brain-type system. You can quickly publish notes and use quick capture to add information, thoughts and ideas to your networked graph.

Reflect uses AI to help users create content by transcribing voices, taking away key parts of information, crafting articles and blog posts and much more. Overall, Reflect helps to mimic the way you think through backlinks and connected thoughts to create a system for all ideas to soon become actions.

Using Reflect Notes AI

Here are some of the key features of AI note-taking Reflect Notes offers.

  • Fix errors such as spelling and grammar quickly, this means your notes will always make sense and will be easier to read in the future. It also provides a nicer, more structured experience for note-taking.
  • Create article outlines from your thoughts to bring them all together to share online, with your team or for your own writing. This helps connect and gather similar thoughts to create a single piece of content.
  • You can add your meeting notes to Reflect to generate key takeaways and bullet points to help dissect the meeting and help you understand what was said.

Use these Note-Taking Templates from Reflect Notes to help you get started.

3. MyMind

Visual Notes Experience

MyMind Notes App, Visual Notes

MyMind is an interesting and very beautiful tool for saving notes, thoughts and ideas into one open space, kind of like mimicking the way your mind actually works.

MyMind offers a different approach because it uses a board-like system, creating a more visual space for seeing notes, images, links and much more in one space.

MyMind is just for a single person to use, there are no ads, no collaboration and no social media features. It's just a place to save your thoughts and let AI manage the linking, connections, and searching by using keywords.

MyMind AI Features for Visual Note-Taking

Here are some of the ways MyMind uses AI to save notes, create links and more.

  • AI will automatically tag your image, notes, PDF or whatever else you add to your MyMind space, this makes it easier for you to find notes and categorise them.
  • MyMind can analyse the text on the images you input, allowing the app to also connect and categorise everything.
  • You can search for anything because MyMind will be able to read from the images, tags, notes, documents and more to quickly pull up your notes.

MyMind has tons of tutorial videos on it's website to help you get started.

4. WriteSonic

AI Writer App

Writesonic is an AI content creator for a range of needs.

WriteSonic is an all-in-one AI creation tool for crafting text, images, audio and much more. It's not so much of a second-brain note-taking system like Mem, but more of an AI tool for creating generated writing and helping your ideas come to life through AI.

WriteSonic also uses features such as Chat, allowing you to chat with AI to ask questions and receive quick answers to help with creating content. You can also stay on top of trends, collaborate with your team, use free templates and use a wide range of prompts for marketing, sales and whatever you want.

WriteSonic AI Abilities

As already noted, WriteSonic isn't as much of a note-taking tool and is more for creating AI-generated content to support your work, here are some of the things it can do.

  • Write articles with built-in SEO optimisation to help you rank better inside Google. When creating content you will also be given the most up-to-date information through AI.
  • Create a knowledge graph for your company, everything will be held here for team members to access. This could be brand styles, notes, articles and social media.
  • Have visual ideas come to life with AI-generated artwork, just type in a few keywords and WriteSonic will create some images for you.
  • Build your own no-code AI-generated chatbot to use on your websites for customers. You can actually train ChatGPT to understand your business, voice and more to help create a helpful chat system.

You can browse more guides and articles to better understand WriteSonic here.

5. Evernote

Easy to use notes app with more AI

Create New Meeting Notes, Evernote - All Notes

Evernote is a very popular and well-known note-taking tool recently taken over by Bending Spoons. Since then there have been a lot of changes to the app, from pricing, abilities and now the use of AI for notes and writing.

Evernote is a handy all-in-one space to manage your tasks, link to your calendar, save everything from notes to web clippings and create a knowledge base you can keep coming back to. Now with the use of AI, you can speed things up and search for items quickly.

What's New With Evernote AI?

Evernote is a good tool for managing notes and creating a connected system to store all ideas, now it uses AI to enhance the experience further.

  • Evernote AI has expanded to create a better search function. Now you can ask Evernote a question and it will pull up an answer from your existing notes. This makes it easier to find the snippets of information you need rather than having to read through entire notes.
  • There are two kinds of searches, direct searches and filtered searches. Direct searches will bring up a solid answer, for example, if you ask "How many books did I read last month?" Evernote will bring up a direct answer. If you ask a filtered question such as "books I have read in October" it will bring up all connected and related notes to books you have read in October.

You can read more about Evernote's newest AI abilities here in this blog post.

6. Craft

A personal documents app

Craft Docs pages and documents features.

Craft is a really handy tool for personal use and professionals. It creates a space for daily note-taking, writing and sharing documents and collaborative work. You can integrate Craft with other productivity tools, add images, create knowledge bases for teams and more.

Craft is a good alternative for Mem if you want a more visual space for creating a knowledge base full of wikis, documents and daily notes, it's easy enough to get started with thanks to these Craft templates. Craft also uses AI assistance to help with writing articles, summarising content, checking spelling and generating ideas.

What Can You Do With Craft AI?

Here are a couple of ways you can use AI when creating notes and documents in Craft.

  • Craft has a built-in AI assistant to help with answering questions, creating outlines, summarising notes and other writing assistant abilities. This helps users create detailed notes and documents for themselves or to share with teams.
  • The new AI creator tool helps you create documents from scratch by adding keywords and information. You can create templates for your business, or documents to share online.

You can give the Craft AI creator tool a try here.

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