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Craft is a document app at heart, but also a note-taking app, journal app and a team wiki app. Spanning both team and personal use, this documents app packs plenty of features for users to take advantage of, but is it worth it?

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What is Craft?

Craft is a note-taking, document & internal wiki app suitable for individuals and teams. A combination of abilities allows it to live under many hats.

What does Craft do?

Craft is a popular application thanks to the speedy iOS and macOS apps that are not only easy-to-use but widely praised for their fluidity and power. One of the most common things we hear from Craft users is "wow, Notion needs to be offline & this fast!".

Craft combines a bundle of things into one experience giving it a multi-purpose tool:

  • Notes - Many people credit Craft for organizing their notes in one base
  • Journal - Thanks to the daily notes feature in Craft you can add notes per day
  • Internal Wiki - For teams, it acts as a knowledge base or second brain app for teams
  • Documents - Much like Google Docs, it serves as a way to create stunning docs

So as you can see, a series of different use cases and maybe many under one roof. Craft, of course, is continuing to evolve this with additions of whiteboard collaboration, reminder abilities and even task & attachment management too.

Craft, Create New Daily Note,

What I like about Craft

Craft is one of these tools that once you try it out, more use cases continue to spill out towards you and you then see yourself seeking it out for all digital organization.

Here's what I personally like about Craft:

  • Daily Notes - One of the best bits about Craft is that closeness to journaling, without that being to intrusive. Daily notes can be created with a click of the day and connected to any of the notes you make inside of Craft and that just makes it so much more of an opportunity for you to combine notes, docs & journal entries all in one place.
Card Styling in Craft
  • Card Styling - The power feature of Craft aside from the speedy abilities on mobile access (and I mean fast) is the card styling. This is hard to explain, but very simply, Craft takes the weight out of creating new page cover images. This isn't just handy for making your own internal wiki for your life, but also for creating beautiful documents you might want to share externally, this is such a winning feature for Craft, under-rated!
  • Evolution & updates - Craft are constantly updating, ever since I first reviewed them. They have been keeping Craft updated and listening to the community almost every 2-3 months with a pretty important update. A good example is the upcoming release of v2.0 whiteboards that is coming to the platform.

Overall, Craft has impressed me as a tool for the masses that has built a sturdy, well-rounded notes and docs app that packs a punch for the many who want organization.

What I don't like so much

Craft isn't for everyone, so here are the elements that didn't quite go down as well compared to when we reviewed it.

  • Strange Free Plan - Free is complicated. You get 10 free documents, then after that, you get 2 every week that you remain on free. Not bad, but not good. A strange plan that keeps you looking at the free plan structure and making sure you don't over-span your use, to avoid the initial flavor of the application.
  • Cards Might Confuse - Building cards are an art inside of Craft and take some time to learn and for many people the way you build cards to connect to pages instead of simply creating pages in a traditional manner like in Notion might be alien. It certainly was difficult when getting started.
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Can you use Craft for free?

Craft has a free plan with 10 free documents & 2 added weekly.

How much does Craft cost?

Craft charges $8 per user, per month for the pro account. Pricing, Updated May 2024

Is Craft Worth It?

So you've come to that point in the review where I'm going to tell you whether or not to get Craft for you work and life. Here's my take on it for you, but remember here context is important as Craft is a powerful tool and works for many use cases.

Zoom out. Craft is a brilliant way to create documents, create an internal wiki to organize your lifestyle (travel, goals, plans) and as a way to bring your team together in one place. If you meet two or more of these criteria, Craft is a compelling option.

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My take is that Craft is a great all-round way to do all that, but if you aren't using it for more than two use cases mentioned above, you might as well consider Notion. Largely, Craft presents a more offline, more friendly on mobile and easy-to-use way to do all of that compared to Notion and that might be a winner for many people.

But it is important to really find the use case for Craft before you just in. If you want to replace Notion for LifeOS and your team's internal doc, great. If you just want a new journal app, maybe not, and if you want to handle creating beautiful docs, then that works too.

Craft is a beautiful, fun and brilliant tool that you'll likely get on with - just find a use case before you jump in and you'll track really well with it.

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