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Create personal or team documents crafted beautifully with cards, text styling and pages. Craft is used by millions to help organize their notes & documents.

What is Craft and who's it for?

Craft presents an interesting set-up. Is it a note-taking app like Evernote or an all-in-one workspace like Notion. No. It lives in-between. Very simply, Craft is a personal and team documents application that allows you to create "beautiful documents".

Agenda Meeting Notes in Craft, Managing Documents

This basically means that you can create documents with smart cards to summarise other pages, better page styling to make the page look fantastic and even sharing abilities internally and externally to better share with clients and team members.

Daily notes also offers a layer of daily note-taking, or journal to your Craft use that many Craft users have embraced. Craft blends a personal documents experience with now a bigger and bolder team experience too for businesses and smaller teams.

It isn't Notion, but it isn't Evernote - its for documents to be better.

What Makes Craft Special?

We've highlighted cards, page styling and daily notes as standout features of Craft.

We need to focus on the good elements of Craft like the native experience, easy-to-use layout for better managing your documents and the interweaving ways to create notes and pages within pages.

Page cards are one of the best and most customisable elements inside of Craft and mainly locked in the Pro experience but presents a better way to create a wiki like layout in your Craft workspace for teams and individual use.

Craft makes documents look great, you can share them externally easily using the new sharable experience. This offers a way to create a password for new link outs and even make it publishable as a website too.

Whilst we don't want to compare it to Notion, Craft offers a similar "block" like experience like Notion - but one of Craft's letdown experiences is the limit of 1,000 blocks in their free pricing plan.

Who is Craft Best Suited For?

This is something that can be used for meeting agendas all the way to your own personal daily notes. Craft is an open canvas, with more traditional structure that you would see inside tools like Google Docs, so a much more familiar feel than Notion and others.

We'd recommend Craft for those who create documents daily, but need to make those documents look and feel better both internally and externally.

Craft is very Apple-centric and presents a fast, reliable user experience - that whilst requires a small learning curve will play very well for daily document creation.

Make documents daily, Craft is one to consider.


Building cards is really interactive, one of the special parts in Craft Pro is customising them to make them feel like a page within a page, this really helps when you're sharing this externally.

Daily Notes

One of the nice abilities of Craft is that you can create "daily notes" - essentially these are notes that are associated to each day - allowing you to make a journal style entry for each day, or even a checklist of tasks you want to do.


The level of custom pages you can make inside of Craft is insane. People who use it love the abilities when it comes to making page styles, text formatting and a tonne more like page cards and links.

Is Craft Best for Individuals or Teams?

Craft is a perfect productivity app for both side of the equation.

Understanding Craft

Get to know Craft better with this Q&A

Is Craft like Notion?

Yes and no.

Craft offers a way to build a workspace like Notion - yes, you can create pages and link things up, but it does not offer advanced databases and the expressive "build whatever" mentality. So, glimpses of Notion, but not Notion in practice. More Google Docs.

Is Craft free?

Yes, it does offer a free experience. Pricing changes, but the free experience offers 1,000 blocks free in which you can manage in "Settings" - you can find Craft's pricing here.

Can I Use Craft for Note-Taking?

Yes, but it won't offer the best experience. Documents are the heart and sole of Craft - it is the same concept of using Google Docs as your note-taking experience, it won't be fantastic, but it will work. We'd recommend looking at Evernote, Obsidian and others for the best notes tools.

If you wanted to have your notes live alongside your documents, it won't hurt and you can use daily notes in Craft to get the best experience.

Is Craft fast to use?

Craft is native and super fast on Apple devices.

One of the fastest as it is built very well.

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