Best Team Wiki Apps for Team Knowledge

Best 5 Team Wiki Apps

We have handpicked five of the best team wiki applications for 2023, these apps all support team knowledge management and gives an excellent home base for everything your team needs to know.

1. Slab

Slab claims to be the home base for your company's entire brain. It's a simple and easy-to-use team wiki application to store all documents, pages, content, folders and more. Slab is best known for its simplicity, clean interface and ease of creating documents.

Slab, Planning Projects, Collaborative Team Wiki

You can also integrate other productivity tools to have everything in one place and receive helpful insights.

  • Simple format, straightforward to use and manage, and no messy confusing interface.
  • Show results from other integrated tools to keep the team updated.
  • Document analytics show if the content is being read and understood by team members.
  • Access to individuals' knowledge if they are away, so the team can keep moving.

2. Slite

Slite is a collaborative team knowledge management and sharing application. Slite helps teams to understand all areas of the business, stay up to date with new information and collaborate on documents together.

Slite, Team Notes, Company Home, Mac App

With Slite you can gather information all in one place using different channels and pages within the left sidebar. You can also organise these pages and channels to make more sense by dragging and dropping. Another great thing about Slite is the collaboration ability to create documents with team members.

  • Lightening fast search to find anything you are looking for.
  • Use the ask AI feature to help.
  • Uses different channels to organise notes for departments or areas of the business.
  • Collaborate on documents by inviting other team members.
  • Set privacy settings and member permissions.

3. Tettra

Tettra is another team knowledge management app to help team members always feel like they know what they are doing. Tettra reduces frustration and allows teams to just get on with their work, and view a document if they get stuck.

Team Knowledgement Tool, Tettra

Tettra has a simple and smart interface making it easy to get started with and navigate around. You can create really in-depth and informational documents to share with the entire team, integrate other tools and reduce context switching by having it all in one place.

  • Simple and easy document creation with no distractions and tons of editing.
  • Embed images, videos and files into documents.
  • Q&A feature to answer questions from the team.
  • Assign others to a document to mention or ask a question.
  • Integrate with other tools to help track progress and import files.

4. Notion

Notion is a very popular tool for building a team wiki. It's so customisable, you can create any workspace you want that is uniquely designed to work for your team. Or better yet, there's probably a template readily available.

Notion, Create a New Block, Inside Notion Page

Inside Notion you can create things like databases to hold information for tasks, projects and progress tracking. You can add tables, images, notes and so much more. In terms of a team knowledge management space, Notion allows you to create different team spaces for different needs. Here you can add documents and pages for teams to understand what to do and how to work.

  • Customisable workspaces and team spaces for specific needs.
  • Comment on documents, collaborate and assign others.
  • An all-in-one for documents and databases.
  • Add images, embed links, and add links to other pages inside Notion.
  • Create a home base page with links to specific pages for different roles.

5. Coda

Coda is much like Notion in the sense of building your own workspace and having everything all in one. Coda allows teams to use creativity to develop documents that feel like apps, everything the team needs is found in one place, meaning you can get rid of other tools and save time.

You can create all sorts inside of documents, collapse pages, add tables that sync together, use quick action buttons, different views and more to create a home base for your team to find all information they need about the entire business and their role.

  • An all-in-one space for team knowledge management.
  • Build your own workspace or choose from templates.
  • Add quick action buttons to get things done quickly.
  • Use keyboard shortcuts to quickly add an element.
  • Different views for different team members.

What is a Team Wiki App?

A team wiki app is like a home hub for everything your team needs to know. This can include informational documents, guides on how different areas, tasks and projects work, and even a place to check in with what needs doing next.

A team management system is helpful in keeping everyone in the loop and on the same level of knowledge. You can use a team wiki app to share holidays so the team knows who isn't working, you can also use a team wiki app to get new members of the team up to speed with start guides, or wikis written by more established members.

Overall, a team wiki app is essentially a home hub for all knowledge, support, information and tasks for a team to keep working seamlessly and smoothly without needing tons of meetings or asking lots of questions.

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