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Slite is a way for teams to collaborate in one location about knowledge that teams just silo or trap inside of team communication apps. Here's our take on Slite in this review.

Creating a Slite Page for Team Knowledge, Slite

What is Slite App?

Slite is a team knowledge management software designed for teams to find questions, store knowledge and plan projects with note-taking.

What does the Slite app do?

Think of Slite as your team's brain.

The software is growing in popularity for those who want to manage team documents and information in one location. Many of these types of apps like team wiki software is becoming popular, tools like Notion, Tettra and even project apps are adding this.

Managing Your Team Knowledge with Slite

Inside Slite, you and the team can basically capture ideas, bring together information, organize them into the right place and bring all that into one. One of the killer features is the Slite Ask function that scans all information that your team has in Slite and allows you to get questions answered inside of it.

Let's take a look at the good stuff and things we'd like to see improved or in general things you might need to make note before making a decision on Slite.

Slite Pros: Things We Liked

The good bits, let's start with that:

1. Q&A Feature

This is one of the best features of Slite.

The ability to create questions that might be burning within your team and using the feature to answer them too allows for your team's expertise to come out. Not every answer will have a perfect answer, but this is where the team collaboration comments allows for a team member to keep fielding better answers.

Slite Question and Answers, Slite

This also feeds into the AI feature allowing the answers in Q&A to be indexed - this is perfect for new onboards and even those wanting to reduce nudging people on team chat apps and help get the answer without the need to disturb a deep work session.

2. Ask by Slite

AI is on the rise and Slite have been innovators in this space.

This Ask feature by Slite allows users to index all the documents across their team brain and get answers instantly. This makes it perfect for saving time and getting an answer right away. It also allows your team knowledge to expand over time and make the Ask feature better. This is something that notably Notion copied from Slite with a feature called Notion Q&A AI that allowed users to index their Notion workspace to find the perfect answer.

Slite AI Ask Feature, Team Knowledge Management Software

You can chat with the Slite Ask bot and get the answer - a brilliant feature for teams.

3. Document Management

Creating a document inside of Slite allows for media, pages and even tables, Kanban layouts and collections for better workflow management.

The general experience of creating documents is really good inside of Slite, you can really add a lot of good media allowing embeds for videos and images which makes the ability to build pages out really easy. Much like a lot of the knowledge management platforms, everything is tucked away behind a "slash command" allowing you to create the right thing anytime. Linking documents and bringing information from other documents is all very smooth inside of Slite.

Adding Components in Slite

Slite Cons: Things We Didn't Like

These ares ome of the areas that could do better inside Slite:

1. 50 Free Documents

One of the elements we were limited by in the review was the limit of documentation hitting a roadblock at 50 documents that are within the free plan.

Obviously, the software needs to monetize, but software like Notion doesn't have any limits to how many documents and pages you can create which is something I noted. The features are much more structured than apps like Notion but this should be a consideration when they offer 50 free documents.

Slite Free, 50 Document Limits

To be honest, it is more of a way into the tool to get things rolling and past 50 free documents you'll be paying a minimum of $10 per user.

2. Lots of Features to Use

One of the best things is the focus on structured features in Slite, this actually makes it a lot easier than getting started on tools like Notion that are much more open plan.

But the feature overwhelm feels quite intense when getting started with Slite. We'd recommend checking out resources and academy videos once you get started to make sure you actually have the basics down to truly maximise features like Slite page verify, team knowledge management and optimizing Q&A area too.

Just something to be aware of when getting started.

Slite Knowledge Management Section

Slite Pricing

Updated on December 21st 2023.

Slite Pricing, How Much is Slite cost

How much does Slite cost?

$10 per month, with premium priced at $15 per month.

There is a 20% discount for annual pricing and plans.

Slite Review: Right for Our Team?

Slite is a great option for teams that want to start collecting knowledge that will typically get stuck in apps like Slack or Microsoft Teams.

The structured nature of Slite allows your team to get started with more focus than Notion and features like Q&A, verify, Ask allows your team to get the team's information closer and more accessible for new onboards, departments and general access too.

We'd recommend Slite to teams between 25-50 that are looking for a solid way to begin to capture team knowledge in a formalised way. This is going to be a popular tool for those who are remote and a-sync too as all the features really map to this way of working.

Well designed, functional and feature-rich Slite is a great paid software for team knowledge.

Best Slite Alternatives

Slite alternatives include the likes of Slab, Notion and Almanac.


Slite allows team members to collaborate in real-time on notes and documents, making it easy to work together to create and refine content.

Knowledge Base

Slite provides a place for all important knowledge and notes your team can access at any time.


Choose from a wide range of templates to get started quickly with Slite and begin organising your teams' knowledge and important information.

What is Slite Verification?

Each document can be verified for your team to constantly be on top of what's been most up-to-date in terms of team knowledge. This is powerful and helps teams better collaborate over the most updated forms of information and also assists the Slite AI.

Slite Verification of Documents

How Slite Works

Unpacking this team knowledge management tool

What is Team Knowledge Management?

This is a fairly new concept of packing information silo'd by you and your team into one "brain" for your team. A wikipedia for you and your team basically.

Is Slite good for remote teams?

Yes, with the real-time nature of collaboration that Slite offers you can collaborate and do things a-sync without the need for meetings too, remote teams like Slite.

Slite or Notion?

Slite offers a good set of features more focused towards the knowledge aspect of your team's information, whereas Notion comes with more advanced databases, better project management and an expansive set of build your own experiences. Slite is much better for team knowledge management with light workload management.

Is Slite good for teams with meetings?

Slite specialises more for a-sync, remote collaboration however, you could use meetings alongside Slite and still use the team knowledge base for everything you need.

How many teams use Slite?

According to their website, 200,000 teams use Slite.

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