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A centralised location for teams to organise and share information such as meeting notes, project documentation, and company policies.

Creating a Slite Page for Team Knowledge, Slite

What is Slite and who's it for?

Slite is a knowledge management base for you and your team. Imagine Slite as a base for all the ideas, questions, guides, resources you want to store so your team can find them instead of hunting through endless messages in Slack and other communication tools.

Now, Slite offers a clean design that allows users to create pages, verify pages, channels for teams within teams, question and answer setups for recurring questions, and much more. One of the most compelling new features in Slite is "Ask" - what is that you ask?

Managing Your Team Knowledge with Slite

Ask by Slite is an AI feature that scans your knowledge management base and brings back answers based on the knowledge within your pages. Really helpful for reducing nudging team members and truly taking advantage of your knowledge base as a team.

Slite Features

Here's a handful of the best Slite features for your team's knowledge bases:

  • Create pages & docs - build pages and documents for your team to browse
  • Multiplayer mode - see others edits in real-time, yes, cursors too
  • Collections & tables - organize project ideas or knowledge in table and kanban layouts
  • Q&A - one of the best Slite features for capturing answers to live forever
  • Verify pages - great for refreshing the relevance of knowledge base pages
  • Ask AI abilities - great for saving time nudging team members
Slite Question and Answers, Slite

Slite Pricing

Slite has a generous free plan, but limited with page amount.

You can start paying for Slite standard plan from $10 per month and the premium spans up to $15 per month, with discounted rates when you upgrade to annual plans.

Who is Slite Best For?

If you are someone looking for a place to manage team information, documents, and tasks and to collaborate, Slite could be a good choice for you.

Slite is a good looking tool with more recent AI features designed to reduce question asking in teams called "Ask by Slite" helping better more a-sync team knowledge management. Having everything you and your team need to know inside a knowledge base helps save time and improve team performance.

Team Knowledge Management in Slite

Slite makes a more modern team knowledge management approach and one that many companies are heading towards. Alternatives to Slite include the likes of Slab, Notion and Almanac - all great tools for remote teams and team knowledge management.


Slite allows team members to collaborate in real-time on notes and documents, making it easy to work together to create and refine content.

Knowledge Base

Slite provides a place for all important knowledge and notes your team can access at any time.


Choose from a wide range of templates to get started quickly with Slite and begin organising your teams' knowledge and important information.

What is Slite Verification?

Each document can be verified for your team to constantly be on top of what's been most up-to-date in terms of team knowledge. This is powerful and helps teams better collaborate over the most updated forms of information and also assists the Slite AI.

Slite Verification of Documents

How Slite Works

Unpacking this team knowledge management tool

What is Team Knowledge Management?

This is a fairly new concept of packing information silo'd by you and your team into one "brain" for your team. A wikipedia for you and your team basically.

Is Slite good for remote teams?

Yes, with the real-time nature of collaboration that Slite offers you can collaborate and do things a-sync without the need for meetings too, remote teams like Slite.

Slite or Notion?

Slite offers a good set of features more focused towards the knowledge aspect of your team's information, whereas Notion comes with more advanced databases, better project management and an expansive set of build your own experiences. Slite is much better for team knowledge management with light workload management.

Is Slite good for teams with meetings?

Slite specialises more for a-sync, remote collaboration however, you could use meetings alongside Slite and still use the team knowledge base for everything you need.

How many teams use Slite?

According to their website, 200,000 teams use Slite.

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