4 Best Email Clients For Collaborative Emails

Best Collaborative Email Apps for Small Teams

Let's dig into the best email tools for managing emails together.

4 Best Email Clients For Collaborative Emails

Let's dive into our best list of email apps for collaborating with teams for clients.

  • Front - Great for customer operations and delivering services.
  • Missive - Email and chat application in one for a fun way to collaborate.
  • Help Scout - Has a live chat for talking with clients and teams.
  • Rooftop - For shared inboxes and data analytics.

Front is an email client that allows teams to work like a help desk for communicating with clients and customers, but also keeping it as an email feel for collaborating together and using inboxes.

Front has a few features that support this such as shared inboxes, live chat, integrations a place for customer data and even automation. When a customer sends a message it will be automatically sent to the right channel, meaning there's less middleman work and more efficiency.

More Features of Front Email

Let's dive into a few more great features of Front for chatting with customers and collaborating.

  • Customer Data - Every conversation you have with someone will already be loaded with everything you need to know about that customer, you can then collaborate with your team and the customer inside the chat.
  • Tracking - Measure customer experience and team efficiency in one place so you can see where your team needs to improve in order to grow the business.
  • Omnichannel Inbox - Have all inboxes and channels in one place for less context switching and confusion. Integrate all the tools you communicate with customers into this space to manage everything.

Missive is a team inbox and chat application to communicate effectively with your team in one collaborative space. It feels less boring and email-like, giving teams a space to enjoy communication that flows more freely.

With Missive you can create multiple communication channels, helpful for different areas of the team, you can see focused chats for the day with each team member's icon so you know who you are talking with and then collaborate in SMS, emails, web chat and more.

How Does Missive Support Teams?

Let's explore more ways Missive is great for team collaboration.

  • Integrations - Integrate other productivity and business tools you use to optimise your workflow inside Missive, this could be ClickUp to edit tasks or Grammarly to improve writing, there's also tons more.
  • Team Inboxes - Create team inboxes with active members and observers, so if you dont need the notification but the information in the chat is helpful you can sit in as an observer.
  • Assign - Assign conversations and chats to specific teams or team members inside Missive, this is a quick process for moving things over to the right team to be handled.

Help Scout

Help Scout is another tool for managing all customer conversations in one manageable place. Help Scout is easy to use and set up, it claims to boost productivity by 52% by having all of its customer chat features and automation work for you.

Help Scout is an interesting email client because it does a whole lot more, you can install live chat onto your website so messages come directly to you. You can also create a knowledge base for the team and shared inboxes.

Why is Help Scout Good For Collaborating?

Here are some more features that make Help Scout a great collab tool for teams and clients.

  • Shared Inbox - This is where you can collaborate with your team to fulfil a range of actions such as sending private notes, assigning tasks, tagging members and saving notes for future reference.
  • Live Chat - Create a live chat for customers to access on your site, you can set instant answers and direct them to help pages, or if customers need more help you can set up an in-person live chat.
  • AI Assist - Use AI to help write, summarise and edit emails to help the whole team craft better quality messages, or translate emails to a different language.


Rooftop is another collaborative email application that feels different to your average email client such as Gmail. With Rooftop you can create shared inboxes, and filters, and manage all inbound and outbound emails depending on priority, making sure you never miss a thing.

Rooftop is great for building an email space with automation. This means messages can be sent to the right person or team right away, it's super easy to do and no code is needed. Rooftop also has reporting and KPI tools to make sure the team is running smoothing.

Rooftop.io for collaborating with teams inside email.

How Does Rooftop Support Collaboration?

Here are some more features of Rooftop that make it a good collaborative tool for teams.

  • Shared Inboxes - Most collaborative emails will have a shared inbox, with Rooftop you can set your own personal filters to help you organise your mail automatically.
  • Easy Assign - Easily assign the right team member to an email by clicking on their picture, you can also set up filters for certain emails to land in the right person's mailbox.
  • Reporting - Use the reports and KPI tools to see what needs improving and how your team can work more efficiently within email and chat.

Why Do I Need A Collaborative Email Client?

Collaborative email clients allow whole teams to work from one space and select inboxes. For example, your sales team can all work alongside the sales-related emails, without having to use their own email clients, forward messages to the right person and so on.

By using collaborative email clients, teams can manage tasks, assign emails to others for them to deal with, and communicate with each other inside the client to discuss meetings, projects and more.

Overall, if you're a larger team or business, the chances are you have hundreds if not thousands of emails that need to reach different members of the team. It's so much easier to allow everyone inside one space and has dedicated inboxes for teams to work together on.

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