Front Overview

Front is a platform for keeping customers happy by having a centralised and streamlined form of communication, teamwork, knowledge management and analytics.

What is Front?

Front is an all in one communication platform for teams to work together in one space, alongside being able to communicate with customers effectively. Front will automatically send messages from customers to the right person, cutting out the need for someone to keep forwarding messages to different departments and teams.

Front also gives a space to save customer information and data to help with any queries or knowledge the team needs to know when communicating with this customer. Teams can then manage data and analytics to manage performance and measure customer happiness.

Overall, Front is a place for teams to work together when communicating with customers. It creates a fast and simple way to keep the businesses running smoothly.

Front Features

Here are some of Front's best features for communication and customer happiness.

  • Automation - Front will automatically send messages to the right person. This saves time and reduces email clutter since the right team will be able to address the customer straight away. No need for manually forwarding messages.
  • Customer history - When talking with a customer all of their data will show around the conversation. Making it easy to remember and address any issues or questions without having them repeat anything.
  • Analytics - Use data and analytics to measure how well the team is working when it comes to talking with customers. See how fast the team responds, how many messages are sent and more. You can then make tweaks and changes.

Front Best For

Front is best for customer forward teams and businesses. The people who deal with any customer queries, questions or problems. Front helps create a space that makes sense and its easy to use.


Communicate with your team and customers inside shared inboxes.

Knowledge Base

Create a knowledge base for customers and teammates to access at any time.


Measure customer happiness and team performance in one space.

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