6 Best Email Apps & Clients for Mac in 2024

Best Email Clients and Apps for Mac

Email clients and apps are super common on macOS as many people aren't fully happy with the Apple Mail experience or even the Microsoft Outlook experience that have become staple tools of productivity for many desktop users.

Email apps help us speed through email, clear that inbox and converse with change-makers. So for many, getting the right email app is important - as they tend to spend between 28% of a workday on email as this study reports from HBR. So finding that tool that you spend over a quarter of your working hours on is key.

We've put together a list of the best email clients and apps for macOS in an effort to keep you refreshed and updated on the best ones for using on MacBooks or Macs.

Our criteria for Mac email apps

For our selection, we've chosen the following email apps that meet these criteria:

  • Design: MacOS users tend to like tools with good looking UIs so we've made sure that all these mac email apps ooze curved designs and beautiful edges.
  • Speed & Function: All work very well and come highly rated by us. This is an important factor when we add tools to lists that they all provide a speedy nature.
  • 3rd Party: Against the grain, we've gone with 3rd party tools. So make note, not all of these will have Apple Mail integrations, they will have a range of Gmail, Microsoft, Apple & other options like IMAP. Please look at this as you go down.

Let's dig into our list of the best email apps for mac users:

Best Email Apps for MacOS Users in 2024: Glance

Here's our most recommended email clients for the job for macOS users:

  • 1. Missive: A collaboration team email application with plenty of customisation
  • 2. Superhuman: One of the most beautiful & speedy personal email experiences
  • 3. Spark: A perfect all-rounder for individuals looking to be more productive
  • 4. Canary Mail: An AI centric email app with a vision for better email organization
  • 5. Mimestream: A neat email app for Gmail users to upgrade too
  • 6. Newton: A clean and minimal way to handle email on Mac

Let's get stuck into our list:

1. Missive

Best Collaborative Mac Email Client

Missive app, Showing Comments and Assigning Email Tasks
  • Providers: Gmail, Google Workspace, MS365, IMAP
  • Best Mac Feature: Customisation & Workflows

Why Missive is a super mac email app?

Missive works as a great mac app for handling your email and good for not only team users who want to collaborate on email, but those who want to use email personally. The best feature that people rate highly when using Missive is the ability to customise settings and personalise their account from managing IMAP settings to aliases, connecting apps like ChatGPT and Todoist, to organizing who's in your team and who gets access to what.

2. Superhuman

Best Personal Email Experience

Superhuman macOS desktop and mobile
  • Providers: Gmail, Outlook.
  • Best Mac Feature: Command Bar

Is Superhuman one of the best email apps for mac?

Superhuman is one of, if not, the most beautiful mac email app on the market. Just stunning in the design, features and the powerful speed for individual users (recently rolling out to team members too). Superhuman wants to handle your email fast, with speedy loading of email and a command bar to teach you the speed of Superhuman, you're in for a treat if you've always just used Gmail.

One recommendation is to learn the speed of the Superhuman command bar, it started with the "command" button on mac and allows you to do things with speed using keyboard shortcuts. For many the $30 per month price tag might put you off Superhuman, but if you use email a lot during the workday, this is one of the best for mac users.

3. Spark Mail

Best All Round Mac Email App

Spark Mail, Inbox Zero Check, App in Shot
  • Providers: Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo, Exchange, Outlook & IMAP.
  • Best Mac Feature: Smart Inbox

Why Spark Mail works great for mac email?

Wonderfully designed by Readdle, Spark Mail is a great all round experience. With unified inbox, you can handle email all in one location and it works with a range of providers. Readdle have developed AI into Spark Mail allowing users to better manage their inbox and with features like smart inbox, you can filter your inbox to see the important element. It works speedily on mac devices and can run very fast.

4. Canary Mail

Best AI Mac Email App

Canary Email on different devices syncing.
  • Providers: IMAP, Exchange, GSuite, Office 365
  • Best Mac Feature: AI Sidekick

Is Canary Mail a good email app for mac?

AI is infused around Canary Mail and allows you to write emails, summarize email conversations and even a sidekick that lets you chat with AI about your emails. AI screams to be used throughout Canary Mail as this app continues to strive to be the smartest email app in the world. It works great for Mac users allowing them features in their paid plan like bulk unsubscribe, greater access to their AI and read receipts which many email apps ditched. Worth exploring Canary Mail for those wanted to bring AI into their email world.

5. Mimestream

Email Client for Gmail, Mimestream Email Review
  • Providers: Gmail only
  • Best Mac Feature: Inbox Categories

Is Mimestream good for mac users?

Mimestream is a great email app for mac users who use Gmail. It uses Gmail's API to better give you the best gmail experience out there, with categories, labels, filters, calendar invite management and more, this is the perfect native mac experience for Gmail users. The app is priced reasonably at $4.99 per month that will keep the costs down allowing you to handle all your email through the likes of Mimestream.

6. Newton

Newton Mail for super fast and reliable emailing for business communication.
  • Providers: Gmail, GSuite, Outlook, Exchange only
  • Best Mac Feature: Read Receipts

Why is Newton great for email on mac?

Newton is one of the best email apps for a simple yet powerful email experience. Perfect for mac users, it handles many different providers, offers tools like send later, dark mode and read receipts whilst keeping the price reasonable at $49.99 per annum.

This one is used by over 40,000 people and is a fan favourite for many, due the simple design and abilities for better managing your inbox on mac like "Tidy Inbox" feature.

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