Hey Email

Hey Email

A productivity-focused alternative to Gmail/Outlook. Hey Email build their email from their own productivity system with processes like Imbox and first-time senders.

What's good about Hey Email

What's good

  • Fun User Experience
  • Privacy
  • Organisation
What's not good about Hey Email

What's not good

  • Can be overly restrictive

Hey Email Key Features

Hey Email Key feature #1

User Experience

Hey.com provides a totally different user experience than your Gmail or Outlook account. It feels more like social media software for emails, attachments and images.

Hey Email Key feature #2


There is a huge focus on privacy and email security with Hey. You can use features to block emails and see who has read your messages.

Hey Email Key feature #3


Hey.com provides a different level of organisation when it comes to managing your mail. You can view all attachments in one place and important emails inside the 'Imbox'.

What is Hey Email?

HEY is a fun way to consume your emails. No more boring email chores, or email dread.

With HEY there's more joy and excitement to be had with this thing called emailing. There are so many features to HEY, it's like a whole new world.

Lots of people use this application and love it. It has changed the game of emailing. You can see newsletters within your own feed for you to scroll through leisurely.

All attachments can be found within the library so you can see everything at a glance. You are in control of everything that goes on in here, even changing the subject lines of email threads!

Key Features of Hey Email

These are some key features of Hey Email:

  • The Screener - Screen all emails from the get-go. This keeps unwanted emails and senders out from the start.
  • Rename Subject Lines - Are you in an email thread with no descriptive subject line? Add your own!
  • Imbox - Not a spelling mistake! It means all IMportant emails will be in one place, and anything else is somewhere else. You can also customise your Imbox!
  • Paper Trail - All transactional emails are grouped together.
  • Reply Later - Choose to reply later to an email and find it within the Focus and Reply section.
  • Attachment Library - All images, documents, and any attachments can be found here!
  • Spy Trackers - Some organisations track when an email has been read, spy trackers keep your emails safe and secure.
  • Collections - Collect all relevant threads, attachments and more within a collection.

Additional Information:

Hey.com prioritizes user control over their email experience, offering options such as the "Imbox" for important emails only and the ability to snooze or send non-essential emails to the "Paper Trail." However, Hey.com does require a subscription fee to access its full features, which may be a downside for some users.

Best Suited For

HEY is great for personal use, it makes email so much more fun! If you are someone who receives a lot of emails and attachments, HEY is a great place to begin.

It does take a little while to get used to all of its available features, so someone who may know their way around an in-depth application will find the transition easier. However, anyone can learn to use this application over time.

This is a unique productivity focused option for email management.

How Hey Email Works

Understanding Hey Email further

This is an important inbox. A slight name change but representative of the most important things landing here. You'll need to approve people into this feed.

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