Mimestream wants to the best Gmail email client on macOS with clean design, lightweight features for better handling email and using the Gmail API for faster email.

What's good about Mimestream

What's good

  • Gmail API
  • Inbox Categories
  • Profiles
What's not good about Mimestream

What's not good

  • Lack of Unique Features
  • No Send Later

Mimestream Key Features

Mimestream Key feature #1

Gmail API

According to the site, Mimestream uses the Gmail API for handling emails faster than regular email client providers.

Mimestream Key feature #2

Inbox Categories

Like Gmail, you can manage your inbox using categories to help clear email into the right locations before you head towards Inbox Zero or close.

Mimestream Key feature #3


The work and personal profiles are easy to switch between and combined with the Mimestream design look practical for handling email in multiple accounts too.

What is Mimestream?

Very simply, Mimestream is a native macOS app that offers Gmail.

Mimestream presents a focused experience for handling Gmail on your macOS device. This is a core feature rich tool that won't offer anything grandly unique, but presents a solid way to handle email from day one, with features that focus on practical use for replacing Gmail entirely without the need to go back and make small trips to Gmail.

Let's explore the key features of Mimestream.

Best Features inside Mimestream: Email App

Here's a few of the email features within Mimestream and what they offer:

  • Inbox Categories: Much like Gmail, get your email pre-organized into categories from primary to forums and everything in between.
  • Filters: Use the same filters with server-side Gmail filters, this isn't common in every email client to bring filter management with you.
  • Snooze (Labs): This is currently early access but will allow you to snooze emails for later handling them better with good email management.
  • Templates: Pre-created templates, like you see with Snippets in Superhuman, offer a way to save time on routine errands in email.
  • Undo Send: A way to quickly recover emails before they land.

These are just some of the features released in the 1.0 version of Mimestream.

One of our most recommended YouTubers here on Tool Finder, A Better Computer helps explore the world of Mimestream and how it can be an upgraded Mac Gmail experience:

Who is Mimestream Best Suited For?

If you want an email client for macOS that handles Gmail well and has a few combined features, Mimestream could be for you. This uses the Gmail API that powers through your email faster and helps for a seamless way to do email.

If you don't want to spend the earth of email like with Superhuman ($30 per month) or Hey Email ($99 per annum) then Mimestream is a good email app for handling Gmail on Mac.

Looking for more email apps, we have some of our most recommended in our top 10 email management apps of 2023 to explore.

Mimestream: Unpacked

Exploring Mimestream for Email

Unlike other email clients, Mimestream uses Gmail API which can be much faster at accessing your emails and connecting to Gmail.

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