Canary Mail

Canary Mail

What is Canary Mail?

Canary Mail is a smart email app that uses email AI to learn from you, things like writing emails, which emails you work on the most, and who you send the most attachments to.

With email AI, Canary Mail can write your emails for you using the feature Copilot, you can type a few words or choose a positive or negative reaction to type out an email. Another AI feature is the conversational AI assist, you can ask questions inside the email app to find and source emails within your inbox, creating a super-fast experience.

Key Features of Canary Mail

These are some of the key features of Canary Mail, the smart email AI application:

  • Writes, summarises and prioritises emails.
  • Conversational AI assist, ask it questions like "Which emails have I not replied to?"
  • Copilot writes emails for you with a few words.
  • React to emails positively or negatively.
  • Receive notifications when emails are read.
  • automatically prioritises emails.

Who is Canary Mail Best For?

You can use Canary Mail for team and personal use. So if you're looking for an app to AI your personal emails, or create a smoother experience for your team, it's worth taking a look at. Canary Mail wants to be the front page for your emails & AI technology.

Canary Mail isn't that expensive, it can be free to use, and then up to £100 per year for teams. It has an easy to navigate interface making it easy to use and get started with.

Email AI

Canary Mail uses email AI to help you write emails, summarise emails and learn how you work to prioritise the emails you need to respond to.

Secure Encryption

Canary Mail is a secure email app using end-end encryption.

Learns From You

Canary Mail learns from you, and an email app with AI, Canary learns how you write emails, which emails you focus on and more, to create an experience that works.

Learn More About Canary Mail

Email & Canary Mail

What secure features does Canary Mail have?

Canary Mail uses end-end encryption when sending emails, it also alerts you if it thinks you're about to send an email with an attachment to the wrong person, based on who you would usually send that kind of email to.

What is Conversational AI assist?

Conversational AI assist is a feature inside Canary Mail that helps you find and source emails inside your mailbox. You can also ask it questions like "what time is my flight" and it will find the correct email and give you the information from there.

Can I use Canary Mail with my team?

Yes, Canary Mail has an enterprise option when you upgrade the service.

What team features does Canary Mail have?

With Canary Mail you can see when someone has read your email, you can pin important emails and snooze mail to improve focus.

Is Canary Mail VC Funded?

Canary Mail is an email client backed by $3.4 million in venture capital.

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