An email app designed for team collaboration and replies. Missive offers a unique email for teams looking to collaborate on email for tickets and managing email together.

What's good about Missive

What's good

  • Social Comms
  • Collaboration
  • Customisation
What's not good about Missive

What's not good

  • Price

Missive Key Features

Missive Key feature #1

Social Comms

Connect all your social media outlets and manage them there too, alongside all your internal and external emails.

Missive Key feature #2


The settings inside of Missive is wild, you have so much to customise from the tone of the emails landing to the notifications .

Missive Key feature #3


Leave comments, craft emails and manage activity of everyone inside your email account, perfect for team collaboration.

What is Missive?

Missive Email is an inbox and chat application that changes the game of emailing within your team or business. No longer go back and forth with boring emails threads and lose important information along the way.

Use team inboxes, chats and other messaging features to make communication within your team seamless. You can perform many actions within Missive like changing the theme, setting automation and integrating your existing calendar.

Key Features of Missive

A collection of the features of Missive in their email experience:

  • Team Inboxes - Create a space to assign team members to chat, organise and plan tasks.
  • Flexible Set Up - Set up Missive with any email provider.
  • Themes - Choose from light, dark or mixed theme.
  • Calendars - Manage your calendar within the app!
  • Collaborative Writing - Collab with your team when composing an email.
  • Command Bar - Use the command bar to quickly navigate the app and perform actions.
  • Rules - Create automated rules to make your emailing process seamless and stress free.

Missive recently released a new AI OpenAI plugin allowing you to get Gen-AI support on your emails with the plugin, here's how it works:

Best Suited for?

This app is great for teams like customer support and sales. It gives your team the ability to chat flexibly and improves the overall experience of communication.

Your team will work better together, feel less stressed about emails and jobs will be completed quicker, all through an easier chat function.

Missive can also be used as an individual.

Understanding Missive

Questions, answered!

Missive starts from $0 up to $26 per month. Free, up to enterprise plans.

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