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Missive is an email client that works better allowing your team to collaborate but also manage their email effectively. Missive with other team members to collaborate on emails.

Missive Email View, Emails

What is Missive Email?

Missive is an email client with team inbox, chat, and collaboration abilities.

A clean, distraction-free inbox, in under 5 minutes

SaneBox clears the clutter, so you can focus on your highest priorities and get more done.

What is Missive used for?

Missive Email is a team inbox app that changes the game of emailing within your team or business. No longer go back and forth with boring email threads and lose important information along the way.

Use team inboxes, chats, and other messaging features to make communication within your team seamless. You can perform many actions within Missive like changing the theme, setting automation, and integrating your existing calendar like Superhuman.

Missive Best Features

A collection of the features of Missive, the team inbox collaboration app:

  • Team Inbox - Create a space to assign team members to chat, organize and plan tasks. This allows teams to collaborate on email and assign different emails, chat in drafts, and craft the email together to better help the outcome.
  • Flexible Email Accounts - Set up Missive with any email provider which means you can connect any service and use Missive with
  • Customization - Detailed way to customize and manage your account. You can not only the layout of the app, gestures, and limitations of your inbox but also your team's inbox and what people see.
Customisation Missive, Preferences
  • Themes - Choose from light, dark or mixed themes
  • Calendars - Manage your calendar within the app to plan and manage meetings.
  • Live Chat - They recently added a way for users to interact with people on the website by plugging the new Missive Live chat plugin and getting real-time questions solved without leaving the Missive email application.
  • Collaborative Writing - Collab with your team when composing an email and craft drafts together in real-time.
  • Command Bar - Use the command bar to quickly navigate the app and perform actions.
  • Rules - Create automated rules to make your flow seamless and stress-free.

Another key feature that Missive undersells is their customisation in settings giving you a wide array of customization on how you see and feel your inbox for individuals and teams.

Missive Pricing

Missive App Email Pricing

How much does Missive cost?

Missive is free with limits. $14 per month, per user unlocks the first tier and $18 per month, per user, allows users a way to access all their email history.

A clean, distraction-free inbox, in under 5 minutes

SaneBox clears the clutter, so you can focus on your highest priorities and get more done.

Missive Verdict

Calendar and Activity View

Missive is great for teams like customer support and sales allowing them to chat flexiblity both internally and externally giving a more centered focus on communication. The level of customization and abilities within team management is very good in Missive.

Missive can also be used as an individual, however, their main purpose is to be used as a team inbox so it worth considering for your team to manage your inbox.

We'd recommend this for people who want a team inbox that is highly customizable, offers great integrations and setups and has all the function of regular email.

Best Missive Alternatives

Missive alternatives are Front, Polymail and Spike.

Social Comms

Connect all your social media outlets and manage them there too, alongside all your internal and external emails with this team email app.


The settings inside of Missive are wild, you have so much to customise from the tone of the emails landing to the notifications.


Leave comments, craft emails and manage activity of everyone inside your email account, perfect for team collaboration.

How Missive Team Inbox Feature Works

Missive is a team inbox app, the Team Inbox feature in the Missive team email app is a powerful tool designed to streamline collaboration and enhance communication within teams. With the rise of remote work and distributed teams, having a centralized inbox that enables seamless collaboration and efficient handling of shared emails has become crucial.

Team Inbox in Missive allows teams to consolidate their email accounts into a single inbox accessible to all team members. This eliminates the need for forwarding or sharing individual emails, ensuring that everyone has access to the same information in real time.

Whether it's customer inquiries, support requests, or general inquiries, the Team Inbox ensures that nothing slips through the cracks and enables efficient team collaboration.

A clean, distraction-free inbox, in under 5 minutes

SaneBox clears the clutter, so you can focus on your highest priorities and get more done.

Missive OpenAI Plugin: Explained

The integration of Missive with OpenAI brings the power of artificial intelligence and natural language processing to enhance the email experience. With OpenAI's advanced language model, Missive can offer smart suggestions and auto-complete features, making email composition faster and more efficient.

This integration enables users to draft emails with greater accuracy and clarity, saving time and improving overall communication. Missive recently released a new AI OpenAI plugin allowing you to get Gen-AI support on your emails with the plugin, here's how it works:

Missive: Team Inbox App

Collaboration with your team with Missive

How much does Missive cost?

Missive starts from $0 up to $26 per month. Free, up to enterprise plans.

What is the Team Inbox feature in Missive email?

The Team Inbox feature in Missive email is a centralized inbox accessible to all team members, allowing them to collaborate and manage shared emails collectively.

How does the integration of Missive's Team Inbox with OpenAI enhance the email experience?

By integrating OpenAI's advanced language model, Missive offers smart suggestions and auto-complete features, making email composition faster and more accurate.

Does Missive's Team Inbox integrate with other collaboration tools?

Yes, Missive integrates with various collaboration tools such as Slack, Trello, and Asana, allowing you to connect your email conversations with your team's workflow seamlessly.

Can multiple team members collaborate on the same email in Missive's Team Inbox?

Absolutely! With the Missive team email app, multiple team members can collaborate on the same email simultaneously. You can work together to draft, review, and refine responses, fostering a collaborative approach to email management.

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