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Tettra is a team's knowledge base and wants to be the hub for your information as a collective group, but does it live up to the standards of other wiki apps, let's see:

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What is Tettra?

Tettra is an AI-powered knowledge management system designed to help companies organize their knowledge as a team.

What does Tettra do?

Tettra excels in curating company information into a centralized 'second brain' for your team, enhanced by AI to instantly answer questions within Slack or the Tettra application.

It's ideal for ensuring new hires and various departments like marketing have all the relevant information. The platform allows for saving reusable answers and keeping them updated through automation. The AI chatbot (called KIA - cute) within Tettra is a noteworthy feature for maintaining up-to-date information in your account.

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There's a growing rise in these types of tools for teams to make sure to capture the important stuff in one location.

Tettra Best Features

Here's what we liked about Tettra in our deep dive:

1. Internal Knowledge Base

Within Tettra, you can create and manage both new and existing knowledge. It addresses the issue of knowledge being trapped in silos like Slack, WhatsApp, emails, and other messaging apps.

With Tettra, you can centralize your internal knowledge base, making everything you need - existing content from Google Docs, Notion, or Local Files, as well as new questions, blank pages, and links - easily accessible.

This setup is particularly useful for linking related pages, such as those needed for new hire onboarding, support documentation, product release notes, and more, all accessible through Tettra.

2. Instant AI-Powered Answers

Tettra's integration with an AI called KIA, connectable to both Slack and Tettra, allows for instant answers from your existing documents. If there's a company policy update, for instance, KIA can search and provide the relevant information.

AI in Tettra

If an answer isn’t found in the internal knowledge base, KIA will identify the best person to contact, pinging them on Slack, which aids in effective communication and information tracking.

3. Knowledge Management System

Verification of documentation accuracy is a key feature in Tettra. This system helps identify knowledge gaps and ensures information is up-to-date.

For instance, if a document hasn’t been updated in a while, it signals a need for review and verification. This feature is beneficial for teams to maintain trusted, reliable content, and it includes the ability for team members to suggest edits.

Teams are definetly turning to tools like this as well as smaller project management solutions when it comes to lightening their comprehension load as a team.

How much does Tettra cost?

Tettra is priced at $5 per user per month, with a minimum of 10 users.

Tettra Pricing, How much does Tettra cost?

This basic plan includes knowledge sharing, Slack integration, Q&A, Google Workspace integration, and web publishing. The more advanced Scaling Plan is $10 per user per month and offers additional features like AI functionalities, automations, smart reporting, and API access.

For larger companies, the Professional Plan caters to up to 50 users at $7200, offering hands-on onboarding and top-tier support, among other benefits. There's also an annual billing option that offers a 20% discount.

Verdict: Is Tettra worth it?

Tettra is a compelling application with an easy-to-use interface and straightforward page publishing. Recent AI developments enhance its knowledge base capabilities, such as the Q&A AI function and KIA, your AI assistant, which make it extremely user-friendly.

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Features like tagging, organized structures, automations, and a detailed profile system, coupled with the ability to integrate the AI system with Slack, are significant advantages.

Tettra is particularly recommended for those seeking a structured knowledge base with the ease of AI integration, making it more approachable than alternatives like Notion and Coda, especially for those overwhelmed by no-code building experiences. Its knowledge management verification and automation systems further assist in keeping information accurate and updated.

This isn't as fully fledged as something like Notion, but does compare more with these alternatives below.

Best Tettra Alternatives

Slab is a notable alternative to Tetra, offering similar functionalities in knowledge management and organization. Slite is another really good one too.


The app provides a centralised location for teams to store and organise information, making it easy to find what they need quickly.


Tettra allows team members to collaborate in real-time on wiki-style pages, making it easy to work together to create and refine content.


Features like page templates, team-specific categories, and powerful search functionality, allow teams to create and find information quickly and easily.

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Understanding Tettra Further

Does Tettra use AI?

Tettra has recently, as of 2023, introduced AI abilities. This helps to dig into the knowledge management better for re-surfacing of relevant Q&A or information added.

What is a Team Wiki Application?

A team wiki application is designed to help you and your team built their own wikipedia of sorts and help you to manage your team's knowledge that could potentially be trapped in silos, in one team knowledge management base.

Who would use Tettra?

Tettra works best for companies, especially agencies and sales & support management where knowledge capture and re-surfacing is key.

What does Tettra lack?

Tettra provides a good, quality base for team knowledge management. But it does not have the abilities like Notion for managing projects or building databases. This is much more of a specialist tool for many capturing and co-ordinating team knowledge.

Alternatives to Tettra?

Alternative tools to Tettra are Slab, Slite, Confluence and Notion.

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