Tettra Review

Tettra is a team knowledge management and collaboration tool that helps teams capture, organize, and share internal knowledge.

What is Tettra?

The app is designed to help organisations create a central repository of information that can be easily accessed and shared by all team members.

Tettra provides a simple and intuitive interface for creating and editing wiki-style pages, where teams can document important information related to their company, projects, and workflows. It also provides tools for organising and categorising information, as well as advanced search functionality to help teams find the information they need quickly.

Additionally, Tettra provides integrations with other productivity tools like Slack, Google Drive, and Trello, to help teams streamline their workflows and increase productivity.

Key Features of Tettra for Team Knowledge Management

These are some key features of Tettra.

  • Wiki-style pages for capturing and sharing knowledge
  • Simple and intuitive page editor
  • Advanced search function to find information quickly
  • Organise pages by team, project, or topic
  • Commenting and discussion threads for pages
  • Page templates for consistency and efficiency
  • Integrations with other productivity tools like Slack, Google Drive, and Trello
  • Customisable categories to organize information
  • Analytics to track page views and user engagement
  • Custom branding options for enterprise customers

Best Suited For

Tettra is a valuable tool for any team looking to improve knowledge management and collaboration. It provides a centralised location for important information for you and your team, saving time asking questions.

Other alternatives include Slab and Slite.


The app provides a centralised location for teams to store and organise information, making it easy to find what they need quickly.


Tettra allows team members to collaborate in real-time on wiki-style pages, making it easy to work together to create and refine content.


Features like page templates, team-specific categories, and powerful search functionality, allow teams to create and find information quickly and easily.

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Understanding Tettra Further

Does Tettra use AI?

Tettra has recently, as of 2023, introduced AI abilities. This helps to dig into the knowledge management better for re-surfacing of relevant Q&A or information added.

What is a Team Wiki Application?

A team wiki application is designed to help you and your team built their own wikipedia of sorts and help you to manage your team's knowledge that could potentially be trapped in silos, in one team knowledge management base.

Who would use Tettra?

Tettra works best for companies, especially agencies and sales & support management where knowledge capture and re-surfacing is key.

What does Tettra lack?

Tettra provides a good, quality base for team knowledge management. But it does not have the abilities like Notion for managing projects or building databases. This is much more of a specialist tool for many capturing and co-ordinating team knowledge.

Alternatives to Tettra?

Alternative tools to Tettra are Slab, Slite, Confluence and Notion.

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