Best Project Management Software For Small Teams

Project Management Software For Small Teams

Small teams are the bread and butter of our economy. If you're a member of small team and you're actively looking for a project management software, you're in the correct place.

Let's help you find the best project manager for you and your small team.

Best Project Management Software For Small Teams: Summary

Here's a quick peek at the eight project management apps we have chosen, perfect for small teams of around 5-20 members to manage tasks, to-dos and projects together.

  • Wrike - For project management and collaborative work
  • Taskade - Uses AI assistance to speed up processes
  • Trello - A Kanban board-style task management app
  • Asana - For managing large to small tasks with your team
  • Basecamp - A small team dashboard for communication
  • Todoist - A to-do and task management app, simple and easy
  • ClickUp - For creating an ideal workflow for your team
  • Notion - A customisable space to suit any business needs

These tools are not in order of best to worst, all project management apps may better suit the needs of different people and teams, you can decide for yourself.

So, let's get into the best of the breed for smaller teams.

Collaborative Project Management Software For Small Teams

The Basics of Wrike

Wrike is an all-in-one project management platform that is useful for small and growing teams. With Wrike, you can streamline your team's workflows, collaborate with team members in the app and execute tasks efficiently with the multiple views available.

Wrike gives you a 360 visualisation of your projects using different views and dashboards this helps you see what the team is doing and stay on track, grabbing any issues before they become an issue, and keeping a smooth process.

This app also allows for pre-configured templates for workflows, teams, tasks and collaboration, making it easy to start with and useful for almost any use case and team. Wrike now uses AI to help prioritise work, assist with tasks and track history.

Resource Management in Wrike, for Project Allocation

Is Wrike Helpful For Small Teams?

Wrike is a good place to start for small teams since it uses a lot of collaborative features and many different views. You can also access a lot of unlimited features with the less expensive price package too, useful for growing teams to learn how to use different functions and experience the software as a whole.

Features of Wrike

Here are some features of Wrike that small teams in project management might find useful.

  • Work Intelligence is Wrike's AI assistance for tasks.
  • Uses automation to spend time wisely and keep the flow.
  • Over 400 integrations are available.
  • Lots of different views and dashboards like Gantt and Kanban.
  • Spaces for project resource planning.

AI Powered Project Management App For Small Teams

What is Taskade?

Taskade provides a place to manage tasks and projects for yourself or within your team. It has a clean and simple interface offering a workspace for you to create whatever your team needs to manage projects and tasks together inside this database with AI assistance.

Taskade also uses the power of AI to assist with managing tasks, generating lists, collaborating with your team, writing meeting notes and more, all inside one workspace.

You can develop a workspace for your team using templates for different dashboards and views, or create your own to suit specific needs. This is helpful for any kind of small team.

Can Small Teams Use Taskade?

Small teams can use Taskade, it's a simple interface where teams can manage projects, share documents, see task lists and use AI to speed up processes and assist with work.

If your team is looking for automation, AI and an almost second-brain system for managing the business and team projects, Taskade might be a good choice to look into.

Features of Taskade

Here are some key features of Taskade that small teams may benefit from.

  • AI assistance for workflow automation.
  • Create and customise workflows and separate spaces.
  • Share everything with your team in one place.
  • Hold video chats inside Taskade and generate meeting notes.
  • Embed other tools like Dropbox, Google Drive and YouTube.

Simple Board View Project Management For Small Teams

How Does Trello Work?

Trello uses boards, lists and cards to manage projects in a clean visual space, just simply drag and drop when tasks are complete, assign others and have a clear overview.

You can create different boards for different aspects of the project or team, inside the boards you can make lists, for example, you could create doing and done lists, inside these lists you create cards that explain a task or a to-do, you can go into detail and assign others to these cards. When the task is done just drag it over to the done list.

Is Trello Suitable For Small Teams?

This is a popular project management app for small teams because it's free to get started with and easy to understand. It doesn't have many advanced features other project management apps have, but if you want something simple it's a good place to start.

You can assign others to boards and tasks and create a system for tracking projects by dragging and dropping tasks or moving them to different boards upon completion.

Features of Trello

Here are some key features of Trello, the simple to-do and project management app.

  • Boards for creating different workspaces.
  • Lists for creating areas to move tasks and projects into.
  • Cards for adding detail about tasks and assigning others.
  • Timeline view to check the project and task progress.
  • Calendar view for scheduling tasks and staying on top of reminders.

All Round Project Management For Small Teams

What is Asana Used For?

Asana is used to create a collaborative work management platform for teams to have everything organised in one place, to reduce stress and keep track of a project's progress.

With Asana you can chat with your team and link to projects and views to quickly manage and organise who is doing what when and where. You also have your own space to manage your to-dos, see your calendar and eliminate the need for emails and separate apps.

Asana automates actions so that when a task is complete it will move to the next stage, this speeds up processes for the whole team. You can also integrate other tools with Asana.

Would Asana Be Good For Small Teams?

Asana provides an all-in-one space for project management, so small teams will find this useful, especially with the collaborative features and the ability to have your own task and calendar in one place.

Asana Kanban Boards, Comments, To-Do, In-Progress and Ready

The use of automation, integration and progress reports also helps everyone create a workspace that works, keeps track of progress and uses existing tools in one place.

Features of Asana

Here are some key features of Asana for small teams to benefit from.

  • List view, timeline view and boards all offer visual project management.
  • Automation for workflows.
  • Real-time insights and reports for tracking time and progress.
  • A dedicated place for managing risks and dependencies.
  • Use templates to get started.

Beginners Dashboard Style Project Management For Small Teams

What is Basecamp?

Basecamp is what it says, a basecamp for everything a small team needs in one place, right in front of your face. When you open Basecamp you will see the following sections.

You have the message board for communication, the docs and files board for written documents, to-dos for smaller tasks, a schedule for things that are scheduled, a campfire for team collaboration and communication and a card table for viewing projects.

You can search for team members to see what they're up to, and you can quickly find message threads. It's basically a dashboard for everything a small team will need.

Is Basecamp Suitable For Small Teams?

Basecamp is great for small teams, it provides an easy-to-manage place for everything your team could need. Including a place to collaborate, a library of integrated tools, message threads, to-do lists and more.

Document and files boards in Basecamp Projects async work.

For small teams starting out and working together, Basecamp seems like the easier choice for getting started.

Features of Basecamp

Here are the key features of Basecamp, the small team's project management app.

  • Project pages have everything a single project needs including messages and to-dos.
  • Dashboard view makes it easier to see everything at a glance.
  • The timeline view shows the progress and what's happening.
  • Campfire creates a real-time chat for teammates, saving the need for other apps.
  • Document and file library for team members to view information.

Tasks And To-Do Project Management For Small Teams

Todoist, Board View, Item Moving Between Ideas to To-Do

The Basics of Todoist

Todoist is more of a task management and to-do list app that small teams can use to manage projects. You can assign tasks and see everything that needs to be done in one space.

Todoist uses Natural Language input to quickly add tasks and notes to not forget a thing. You can then choose to add these notes to a date to schedule them.

Todoist doesn't provide an in-depth advanced project management space, but more a space to manage smaller tasks and to-dos within smaller teams using a board view.

Can Small Teams Use Todoist?

Small teams can use Todoist as it provides a place for all tasks, communication and files in one place. You can easily assign tasks, set due dates and share files with team members with Todoist, also integrate other existing apps you use to enhance workflow.

Features of Todoist

The key feature of Todoist is the simpler way to manage projects and tasks.

  • Plan projects and assign team members.
  • Create lists for to-dos and projects with automation.
  • Chat with your team inside Todoist.
  • Use Quick Find to see what team members have been doing or completed projects.
  • Use Todoist boards to see an entire overview of progress and tasks.

Workflow Creation Project Management Software For Small Teams

Explaining the Basics of ClickUp

ClickUp is another all-in-one project management app which can be useful for small teams. With ClickUp you can create projects and tasks and view them in different ways such as board, timeline and list.

You can use ClickUp AI to help with writing, creating project briefs and estimating project timelines. ClickUp AI will speed up processes and create a more streamlined workflow.

Overall, ClickUp provides a clean and simple space for teams to work on projects, collaborate and communicate and track progress all inside one space.

Can ClickUp Be Useful For Small Teams?

ClickUp can be great for small teams since it provides a workspace for any need, from marketing teams, and sales to creative design teams. You can chat inside ClickUp, share documents and files and track progress.

ClickUp for beginners Spaces feature.

Your smaller team can also grow with ClickUp as it expands since ClickUp is suitable for super small teams all the way to super big teams.

Features of ClickUp

Here are some key features of ClickUp that small teams will benefit from.

  • Customisable views to manage tasks.
  • Use the real-time chat, assign tasks and mention others.
  • Add visual widgets for individuals to track their progress.
  • Automate processes such as assigning leads and triggering actions.
  • See real-time reports in the dashboard.

Customisable Project Management For Small Teams

Brief Overview of Notion

Notion is a fully customisable workspace that can be created to suit any small business need. You just have to learn how it works first or use ready-made templates. It has a simple interface with many options for adding pages, blocks, documents and more.

Notion uses linked databases to connect tasks, ideas, notes and more, this helps share and sync information with team members and assign tasks quickly. Databases can hold information such as completed projects, task overviews etc.

Notion also uses AI to help with writing, databases and more. AI just helps things move a bit quicker inside Notion and works as a good addition to your team, planning and progress.

Will Small Teams Benefit from Using Notion?

Small teams can benefit from using Notion. You can learn and adapt the workspace over time to work specifically for your team members using different blocks like tables, images, and databases, and you can always download templates to help get you started.

Notion, Create a New Block, Inside Notion Page

Features of Notion

Here are some of the main features of Notion small teams will enjoy.

  • Adding comments to tasks and sections of writing.
  • Creating a fully customisable space and adapting over time,
  • Use AI to help write or rewrite documents, or use AI to fill in databases.
  • Create team spaces to establish sections of the project or information.
  • Choose from different visual layouts such as list, Kanban, Board and more.

As you make your decision, here's some great advice we have pooled together for the picking the best project management software for your small team:

Which Should My Small Business Use?

Now you have taken a look through all the best project management software for small teams you can think about the four things we mentioned earlier.

  • How many people are in the team? - For smaller teams, apps like Basecamp can be a good place to start or ClickUp for potential team growth.
  • How does the team work best? - More visual Teams may like to use Asana's board view, or Notion to create a space that works for them.
  • Keep it simple or tackle a learning curve? - Apps like Notion and Taskade might require some learning to understand shortcuts and customisation.
  • How much do I have in my budget? - Start off using the free version of apps like Wrike before spending money. You can use Notion, Trello and Todoist for free to get started.

You can always test free trials and have a look around at reviews of how other small teams and businesses have gotten on with project management software.

Does My Small Team Need Project Management Software?

Small teams will benefit from using project management software, it doesn't matter how big or small your team is, you'll still need to manage projects, tasks and other people. Project management software can help marketing teams, sales teams, product development teams, and any team that needs to manage people, tasks and customers.

Project management apps for small teams help members stay aligned with the process, meaning users can easily understand the values of the team and what to do next. This helps keep a continuous flow of work so there are no issues or hiccups along the way.

Lots of information can get lost within separate chat applications such as details about projects, meeting times and notes and so on. With project management apps you can keep all important information in one place, accessible at any time to whoever needs it.

And finally, project management software helps teams stay on track. You can use a range of different dashboards and views to track the progress of each step of the project, this helps with amending any issues, or working out how to better manage the project.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Project Management App For Small Teams

Before we dive into the list of best project management software for small teams, let's just cover what you should consider before choosing an app for your team and business to use.

Four main qualities to consider when choosing an app:

  • How many people are in the team? - This can help you wisely spend your money, if you haven't got a super large team just yet, there's no need to fork out for enterprise prices.
  • How does the team work best? - Maybe you're more of a traditional team that uses notes, lots of words and spaces, or a creative team that require more visual input.
  • Keep it simple or tackle a learning curve? - Some apps can be easier to use with simple interfaces, and some may have a larger learning curve with AI and customisation.
  • How much do I have in my budget? - Think about how much you would like to spend on a project management app without breaking the bank before your business starts.

Once you have an idea in your mind of what kind of project management software you need, you will be able to choose a well-suited application for your small and growing team.