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Basecamp wants to help you to organize what's important for your team in a-sync and remote environments with tasks, messages, schedules, files & lots more.

Managing Tasks in Basecamp, 37Signals

What is Basecamp?

Basecamp is an all-in-one project management platform. The interface of Basecamp projects gives a different approach and a unique workspace with its board view of everything you need at a glance.

Your messages, files, to-dos, schedule and more are right in front of you, also creating a faster and simpler experience. Use threads to chat about projects by quickly zooming into chats, and see the activity of other members of the team.

There are lots of useful features inside Basecamp to support all-in-one project management from sharing files to communication. You can integrate with other popular productivity apps too.

Document and files boards in Basecamp Projects async work.

Basecamp Features

These are the key features of the Basecamp projects app.

  • One-page dashboard to see all projects, files, communication and more.
  • A centralised place for all communication and messages with the team.
  • To-do list built in for tracking tasks and getting things done.
  • An organised place to store all files, documents, images, and links. Accessible to the team.
  • Real-time Basecamp chats to quickly talk about current issues or tasks.

  • Built-in calendar for scheduling and managing time, meetings, and events.
  • Use automatic polls to check in on the team.
  • Use cards, like Kanban, to manage tasks within an easy-to-view workspace.
  • The Lineup gives you a timeline view of everything that's going on, like a bird's eye view of all projects and happenings inside the workspace.
  • Doors is a feature that allows you to connect apps to Basecamp.
  • Multiple project tracking views to make sure everything is on the right track.

Basecamp Verdict

Basecamp is perfect for any team that wants to go a-sync or fully remote for managing their communication, workload and ideas in one location.

Basecamp projects app is great for those who are in async work. Teams can view and see everything in one place. You can chat with your team so there's no need for in-person meetings.


Offers features like message boards, real-time group chats, direct messaging, and automatic check-ins for seamless async work.

Project Organisation

Basecamp projects allow users to create multiple projects and divide them into separate sections or categories. Each project can have its own set of to-do lists, schedules, documents, and discussions.

File Sharing

Great for async work, users can upload and share files, documents, images, and other resources within projects.

How Basecamp Works?

Basecamp is different from other project management applications with its home screen. Everything is in one place and readily available within a board/card-type view.

About Basecamp Projects

Exploring Basecamp further.

What makes Basecamp good for async work?

Basecamp provides message boards, @mentions, and notifications, allowing team members to communicate and collaborate at their own pace. With features like document sharing, task management, and optional real-time chat.

How secure are Basecamp Projects?

Basecamp uses industry-standard encryption protocols, provides secure data storage, and employs measures to protect user information. Basecamp regularly undergoes security audits to ensure a safe and reliable platform.

Can I use Basecamp Projects with other apps?

Basecamp offers a variety of integrations with popular third-party tools such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Slack, and more. These integrations enhance the functionality and flexibility of Basecamp, allowing seamless data sharing between different platforms.

Can I track async work inside of Basecamp?

Yes, Basecamp offers task management features such as to-do lists and task assignments. You can assign tasks to team members, set due dates, and track their progress. Team members can update task statuses, leave comments, and mark tasks as completed, providing visibility and accountability even in an asynchronous work environment.

How effective is document collaboration in an asynchronous setting using Basecamp?

Basecamp allows you to upload and share documents within projects. Team members can access these documents, make comments, and suggest changes asynchronously. This enables collaborative document editing and feedback even when team members are not working at the same time.

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