5 Best Productivity Apps for Remote Teams in 2024

Best Productivity Apps for Remote Teams

What is Remote Working?

Remote working is when teams are not based inside a building together, or close together in order to work in person. Remote working has become more and more popular, giving people the ability to work from home or wherever they like.

Productivity applications make it possible to work together and collaborate even if you are not next to each other. There are applications that give access to asynchronous communication, collaborative project planning, new ways to communicate with each other and much more.

We have gathered some great productivity apps for remote teams to use in order to collaborate and work together effectively and efficiently wherever they are.

5 Best Productivity Apps for Remote Teams in 2024

Here's our list of the best productivity apps for remote teams.

  • 1. Twist - Great for remote teams to chat collaboratively in spaces.
  • 2. Basecamp - An all-in-one visual project management tool.
  • 3. Threads - A Slack alternative for remote communication.
  • 4. Loom - For sharing quick informational videos, replacing the need for meetings.
  • 5. Missive - For collaborative emailing and keeping a tidy inbox.

1. Twist

Doist, Twist, Inbox Zero View for A-Sync Messaging

Twist is a communication tool great for remote teams. It makes a change from back-and-forth emailing by creating a chat-based workspace instead. Teams can chat together, send attachments and more inside this calm and easy-to-use workspace.

You can create channels to differentiate between roles, teams and projects. For example, you can create a channel to talk about planning projects and a different channel for end-of-day reviews.

How Twist Helps Remote Teams

Here are a few features that make Twist great for remote teams.

  • Organisation - Twist helps teams keep an organised space to chat about specific things within the business, project or tasks. This saves confusion and keeps things simple.
  • Async - Twist is an asynchronous tool, meaning teams can send messages whenever it works for them. There is no demand to chat all day every day. This also then allows teams to get on with more important work rather than answering emails all day.
  • Channels and Threads - Create multiple channels and threads to narrow down conversations and create different spaces for specific team members to talk about their projects.

2. Basecamp

Document and files boards in Basecamp Projects async work.

Basecamp is a really neat all-in-one project management tool perfect for remote teams. It provides a different kind of interface, showing everything you need on one dashboard. For example, you can see tasks, projects, notes, contacts, data, analytics and much more.

You can customise and create a dashboard that works for your team or specific individuals. Basecamp is also great for collaboration thanks to features such as a message board, chat and automatic check-ins.

Why Basecamp is Good For Remote Teams

Here are a few features that make Basecamp a good tool for remote teams.

  • One-page dashboard - Everything the team needs is inside one visual dashboard, this helps with managing schedules, notifications and tasks.
  • Centralised messages - Send messages back and forth with your team with the messages and chat tool. You can also chat around the campfire to quickly discuss things.
  • Files - Store, share and discuss files all in one place and keep them inside Basecamp for future use or reference, like a personal knowledge base.

3. Threads

Threads App, Chat Window, Twist and Slack Alternative

Threads is a Slack replacement. It's a really neat tool for communicating with teams in one place. You can integrate your calendar to help schedule meetings and events, create different chat channels, send voice notes and much more.

Threads is kind of like another remote chat tool like Twist but with a few different features and a fun and interesting interface. You can also have private threads within a chat to discuss projects or topics with certain team members. You can also see everything you need to follow up, done or unread.

Why is Threads good for Remote Teams?

Here are some features of Threads remote teams will enjoy.

  • Share your work - Teams can share work by sending files, images, videos and more to get feedback from others inside threads.
  • Simplified chat - Have quick conversations with your team in one chat space. Team members can also choose their own avatar.
  • Inbox - See all unread messages or things you need to catch up on in the inbox. No message can be missed and you can also use the bar across the top of the chat to see unread messages or messages to follow up on.
  • Integrate - Integrate with other productivity tools to enhance your workflow, including adding calendars to create tasks and events from inside Threads.

4. Loom

Managing Loom Videos Across All Devices

Loom is a video message tool that replaces the need for scheduling meetings that can waste time. Also, not everyone in the team may be able to attend meetings due to working remotely or even working in different time zones.

Loom creates a space where you can quickly create a video to share your screen, or just send a video of yourself asking a question, talking about a project or sharing any ideas or concerns. You can replace the need for meetings by recording what you need to say, and then a chat conversation or a thread of Looms can be had underneath.

How Loom Helps Remote Teams

Here are some features remote teams can benefit from inside of Loom.

  • Video messages - Team members, bosses, project management leads and so on can create a single video explaining an entire project without having to struggle to arrange a meeting for an entire team.
  • Less emails - You dont need to send tons of emails now to figure out a meeting time. This wastes time and some aspects of the meeting might not be relevant to every team member. Instead, you can create one video, create timestamps and send the clips to relevant people.
  • Chat - Discuss videos in a chat underneath the Loom, this gives teams the opportunity to remotely chat about projects and tasks.

5. Missive

Missive, Mac, Comment in Email, PDF - Sharing Email with Team

Missive is a team inbox and chat application that creates a better more management space for remote teams to communicate easily, rather than creating a cluttered mailbox, chat inside Missive instead.

With Missive you can create team inboxes to chat with the right people for the job, you can also create different pins for conversations with certain members and see when they are online. You can see which messages you need to focus on within the Today tab and even collaborate on emails.

Missive for Remote Teams?

Here are a few features of Missive for remote teams.

  • Team inboxes - Create different inboxes for each team to chat inside, this way you can see what everyone is doing and what they are working on without their messages clogging up any inboxes.
  • Collaborative writing - teams can compose emails together, share attachments and have reviews in real-time.
  • Canned responses - Create canned responses for the team to quickly respond to customer emails, this saves time with generic replies.

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