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What is Twist?

Twist is unlike the traditional team communication tools available. It is an async chat app for remote work communication. Throw what you know out about chat apps for work, Twist flips that on its head. Twist is focused on async workload and making team communication easy and seamless.

Think threads first, not messages...


The role of threads allows you to create a message with a header and a focused chat around that specific conversation. This threads-first way of thinking has been adopted by other tools, like Threads.

You can use messages, save messages, and create channels but the focus is contrary to Slack offering a more asynchronous approach to workplace communication.

Key Features of Twist

Major features of the async chat app - Twist include the following:

  • Conversations are organized by topic using threads
  • Real-time collaboration with @mentions and reactions
  • Integrations with Todoist (owned by the same company)
  • Customizable notifications and emphasis on asynchronous communication
  • User-friendly design and cross-platform compatibility
  • Security features like two-factor authentication and end-to-end encryption
  • Search function and archiving for long-term storage.

Here's how to use Twist threads:

Remote Work Communication Tips

Do you and your team need to move over to using an async chat app like Twist? Here are some tips for getting started with remote work communication.

  • Set expectations for channels, response times, and check-ins.
  • Facilitate face-to-face interactions and better communication.
  • Consider time differences when scheduling meetings or sending messages.
  • Give full attention, ask clarifying questions, and summarize key points.
  • Foster a culture of continuous improvement within the team.
  • Be clear, and concise, and use formatting for easy understanding.
  • Set up channels for non-work conversations and team-building activities.
  • Respect communication preferences and cultural sensitivities.

Is Twist A Good Async Chat App For Me?

You need to be on the async bandwagon to be looking at Twist.

You almost need to fully comprehend the asynchronous communication system, and how it works and then Twist will fall into place. If you're still using real-time tools like Slack, this is a big shift in your thinking, but something that those who use Twist feel happy with.

Compared to Slack, you will not get all the power features like Huddles, integrations and more - but this is what Twist is actively marketing itself against, naturally.

It is particularly useful for remote teams or teams working across different time zones.


A change of thinking, but thread-based communication changes the goal of each of your lines of communication - one of Twist's geniuses.


Twist is an async chat app. You need to be collaborating a-sync for Twist to be fully optimised, this makes it great for remote teams and those transitioning.


This offers one of the best Todoist integrations for capturing tasks into your team's Todoist account with simple capture.

Twist: Doist's Team Chat App

Exploring Twist further

Is Twist good for remote work communication?

Yes, Twist is built on a-sync and remote teams - their company Doist lives and breathes thinking around this policy for teams, therefore making it perfect for remote work communication.

How does Twist ensure the security and privacy of remote work communication?

Twist uses end-to-end encryption to secure communication, ensuring only intended recipients can access messages.

How does Twist stand out as an async chat app for remote communication?

Twist stands out as an async chat app for remote communication with its threaded conversations, distraction-free environment, contextual collaboration, enhanced collaboration features, emphasis on privacy and security, mobile and desktop accessibility, and thoughtful design.

It allows teams to communicate effectively, maintain context, and boost productivity in a user-friendly and secure platform.

Can Twist integrate with other productivity tools or platforms commonly used in remote work environments?

Twist integrates with popular tools such as Trello, Asana, GitHub, Zapier, Google Drive, and many others.

These integrations allow users to connect their favorite tools to Twist, facilitating seamless information sharing, task synchronization, and enhanced collaboration across different platforms.

Does Twist support file attachments and sharing?

Absolutely, Twist supports file attachments and sharing. You can attach files from your computer, Google Drive, or other storage services. This allows for seamless collaboration for remote work communication and easy access to important files within Twist.

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